Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hot Wednesday

When I went up for coffee this morning, I was struck by how hot and humid it already was at 9:00.  After coffee we played 4 games of shuffleboard.  I only got to play 2 games...I let other people play when it comes down to me or them...darn it, anyway.  I won both of my games, but the rest of the redbirds didn't hold up their end of the bargain.  The bluebirds went up 2 more games so now they lead us by 6 games.

Tonight Lulu and I were partners but we got beat...:(.

More later...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

B & B

I didn't bowl again today.  I'm still resting my hip and my knee.  I'm pretty sure I could have bowled, but I didn't have anyone to do the money when we got there, so I just sat out and took care of the business end of bowling.  This afternoon while Dave went to the dentist, I just played games!

I had a good night at bingo!  I bingo'd 3 times - $10, $12, and $37.50!  Pretty good night!

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Monday, December 28, 2015


I got lots done today, even if I didn't hardly move from my chair!  I finished the newsletter and the calendar for January and got them sent to the Office.  I also got caught up on all of the recipes I have on hand.  I went through the Christmas card list and updated addresses.  By the time I got up (at 9:30), Dave had taken down all of the Christmas lights.  So we got all of Christmas put away for the year!  I also got all of my bowling records updated and I got the receipts turned in for the Christmas dinner.  I also swept all of the floors and resized pictures that I sent to Jami and to Tammy for the directory.  Whew!!

Tonight I went up to play cards, but there was 1 person too many so I drew the high card and went home.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015


At church this morning, I learned some things that I'd never thought of before.  I love that we get challenged in our thinking.  When you read the story of Jesus' birth, you are led to believe that the wise men followed the star and found a baby, when in reality it says they found the child.  It would have taken then about 2 years to get to where Jesus was.  Joseph & Mary went to Egypt after Jesus was born...he would have written in the Egyptian language.  We also learned about our spiritual journey being in 4 steps...with the bottom one being unconscious incompetency. The next step up is conscious incompetency.  Most all of us are in those 2 steps.  Very good sermon.

After church we met Sudi & Howard at JD's for breakfast/brunch.  Good food and great company.  There's nothing like good friends!  This afternoon I worked on the January newsletter.  I'm pretty much done - I just need to get some input from Sandy before wrapping it up.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ho Ho Ho

Today was a fritter-the-day away kind of day!  I didn't sleep last night until about 4:00 am so I took a nap today.  I actually wanted to just stay in my jammies and do nothing all day, but instead I called and got an appointment to have a pedicure.  I was long overdue for one, so that was good!  The rest of the day was pretty much wasted!  I'll make up for it another day.

Tonight my family was having Christmas so I called and got to talk to Bob, Linda, Rhonda, Vicki, Kaylee, Kyle, Cheyenne, and Allison - glad I got to do that!!

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Whew!  We made it through the last 48 hours!  Yesterday we picked up all of the"ingredients" for our big Christmas dinner.  I fixed all of the chicken breasts by rolling them in alfredo sauce and then in bread crumbs.  We had 60 chicken breasts in our refrigerator...yum!!  We delivered the potatoes and veggies to everyone who was helping cook.  Then we put a meatloaf in the oven for Christmas Eve dinner with a select group of friends...30 to be exact!  We ate a wonderful meal (lots of Italian dishes) and then we played a combination of Pictionary and Charades!  Lots of fun!  Then we had a Yankee Swap gift exchange!  When we finished all of that we finished setting up for tonight's event!

I love the saying of 7 P's...Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance...and that's exactly how I feel about our Christmas dinner.  It was properly planned so it went of without a hitch.  Everyone loved the meal and lots of people stayed around to help us clean up afterwards.  Lots of fun!

More later...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I guess I missed a couple of days of blogging!  I didn't realize it at all.  Monday we rode bikes and also sorted all of the Christmas cards for the park residents and delivered them.

We also played dominoes - Danny won!  Jami dreamed on Sunday night about beef and noodles, so that's what we had for supper that night.  After supper we went to the park so the kids could play on the playground equipment.  When they finished, we walked around the park looking at the Christmas lights.

Tuesday morning after breakfast we went to Sarasota to see Roberta.  We ate lunch up at her pool while Jami had a conference call in her car!  Then we went back to Roberta's and helped her make peanut clusters and clean our her shed.  After that Jami and the kids went back to Ft Lauderdale and we came back home.  I went to bingo where I won $10...I spend $9.50 so I actually only won 50 cents!  But I'm still ahead for the year!

Tomorrow we  pick up all of the food stuff for Christmas day, then we'll deliver it to the people who are going to cook the various dishes.  We also do the set up of the hall and then tomorrow night we're going to the clubhouse for a Christmas Eve party hosted by Rich and Sandy.  I'm making a meatloaf for that and Dave picked up a couple of gifts for the gift exchange.

More later...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sat & Sunday

We've had a fun weekend.  Since it was pretty cold yesterday, we did a bunch of inside activities.  We did go outside to ride bikes, but since we about froze, we read, tried to put together a puzzle (we failed), and then last night after the kids' favorite meals we taught them how to play Farkle!  Kelly was unconscious!  She won big time.  Today we went to church, then went to the Legion for lunch out on the water.  It was remarkably nice there today!  We even got to see dolphins!  This afternoon, we took naps, read, ate, and then this evening after s'mores we played Farkle again.  That Kelly is undefeated.  She's getting a little cocky!

Now we're watching Elf!  What a funny movie!  Two of the kids have crashed, but the rest of us are going strong!

More later...

Friday, December 18, 2015


It's Friday already and today it rained most of the morning...we had an inch of rain!  We really needed the rain, though.  Jami and the kids are here for a few days.  We'll be doing some fun things so I may not always be able to blog.

More later...

Thursday, December 17, 2015


We got lots done today.  I even got to sleep in because Dave went to church to help the grounds crew mow and clean up...they do this every Thursday!  Dave and I then went in search of groceries for our Christmas dinner.  We have a budget of $400 and we've got almost everything except for dinner rolls, tomatoes for the salads, and a cheese sauce for the broccoli/cauliflower.  We even got wine, tablecloths, napkins, and placemats.  We'll pick most of it up on Christmas eve day, which is good because Jami and the kids are coming here tomorrow night until Tuesday when we go to Sarasota with them to see Roberta.

Tomorrow we sweep the floors and dust and then we're ready for guests.

More later...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Big day!

This morning, after coffee, we had our annual cookie exchange.  Anyone who wants to can make cookies then you pay $3/pound to buy's a great way to get a variety of cookies for the holidays.  This afternoon we shuffled two games.  It was really hot.  I had sweat going down my face into my eyes, but I won my game!  In the first set of games, the bluebirds won all but one game and in the second set, the redbirds won all of the games.  Redbirds made up 2 games, but we're still behind.

Also this afternoon, a funny thing happened.  A tree frog had decided to sit on my bike, so I tried to get him to move.  He moved all right, to another place on my bike.  In fact, he just kept jumping from one place to another.  So Dave came to help me get rid of him.  Dave tried to grab him and he peed on Dave...twice!!  So Dave had to go wash his hands before we could take our bike ride!

Tonight Lorraine and I beat Marilyn and Pat at cards.

More later...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Because my hip still hurts, I didn't bowl today.  I went and did the money, etc....which was a first for me.  I have never just sat and watched.  It's much more fun to actually bowl than to watch.  We only had 12 bowlers today.  After bowling, we went to PJ's for lunch.

After lunch, we came home and baked chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow's cookie walk.  The house smells really, really good!!

I didn't win anything at bingo tonight...:(.  Bummer!  I was close...double bummer!

More later...

Monday, December 14, 2015


Today we saw another beautiful day.  We finished all of our Christmas cards for residents here in the park.  We'll gather everyone's cards and play mailmen on the 22nd.  Hope the kids can help us before they leave...they had fun doing this last year!  Since we got this job done, we now have our kitchen table cleaned off again so the house looks better!  The only problem is all of the glitter on the floor and on the furniture!  Our cards didn't have much glitter on them, but there sure seems to be a ton of it on the floor.

My team won tonight at cards!

More later...

Sunday, December 13, 2015


This was another beautiful day in the 'hood!  We went to the traditional service at church because we wanted to hear the choir's cantata.  It was beautiful!  The whole message was the music - very powerful...they even have an orchestra!

We came home after church, ate lunch, and then worked on Christmas cards for the park residents.  Since we were having a ham & bean dinner tonight, we soaked and slow cooked soup beans all day.  Then late this afternoon, we made 2 pans of cornbread too.  The residents from the midwest were excited to see "our" kind of ham & beans...the east coast people hadn't ever had Great Northern beans the way we do them.  Interesting,,,

More later...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Christmas time

In between riding bikes and spending time with my brother, we worked on Christmas cards.  We got them addressed and got them stuffed.  There are 2 or 3 left to write a note in, but other than that they're reading to mail out on Monday.  Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll get the ones for the park ready, too.  That's a huge undertaking because we know a bunch of people here!  Ann gave me hers tonight so we'll get theirs and ours sorted into streets and we'll have a great start!

We said goodbye to Bob & Ann for about 3 weeks.  They fly out early in the morning for Iowa.  We'll miss them.  Dave and Bob spend a lot of time together.

More later...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Fun day!

We went to the beach early this morning to board the Tropics Dolphin Tour boat.  We were supposed to be a part of a photo shoot for their new advertising campaign.  Dave saw this online somewhere and thought it would be something we would enjoy.  As it turned out we were in the wrong place, so we hurried downtown Clearwater to the Harborview area.  We boarded the Clearwater Ferry for several hours of a photo shoot.  The side advantage was we got to ride a boat all morning and into the afternoon.  It was a perfect day for being on the water.  Not only that, but we're getting free tickets for the Tropics Dolphin Tour boat just for helping them out.  Fun time!

Cards weren't so much fun tonight.  We got beat by about 2300 pts!  Oh well.

More later...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh my goodness!

I knew that tonight's Iowa-Iowa State basketball game would be a good one...I just didn't have the script written quite the way it happened.  I figured it would be a close ball game, not a blowout by Iowa.  I planned on Hilton Magic, but I didn't know how it could erase a 20 point deficit.  Now I'm a real believer...and so proud of that basketball team.  It would have been so easy to just roll over and play dead down 20 points, but they never gave up.  They just kept on fighting.  Way to go Cyclones!

Our day was kind of uneventful before the game.  We did take Bob & Ann down to the Post Corner.  Ann thought we should have one more Post Corner pizza before they went back to Iowa.  The sunset had beautiful colors...too bad that new hotel/condo building blocks the view from the Post Corner.  It'll be better viewed later in the winter when the sun moves farther north or the earth moves farther south, or whatever!

More later...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Good day

This was another beautiful day in Florida...the weather was perfect!  I love these days - cool (upper 70's), low humidity, and abundant sunshine!

We started our day off with coffee and our monthly HOA meeting.  Then we had the rest of the day free because League Shuffle was here so we couldn't have fun shuffle.  So I took off and got my hair cut.  Dave and Bob worked on putting down blocks around their house.  Later this afternoon, I fixed a wonderful dish for supper.  It was chicken mozzarella with penne pasta and sun dried tomatoes...delicious!  We invited Bob & Ann over to share it with us and they really liked it, too.  It's a keeper recipe!

Lulu and I beat Ann & Lorraine tonight at 7s.

More later...

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Had a good day, or relatively good any way.  I tried to bowl, but I just hurt so badly that I only bowled one and a half games and then dropped out.  I even wore my Tens Unit but I couldn't deliver the ball correctly so I said I'd had enough.

Tonight at bingo, I only won $5 and I spent $10, so not so good...but I still won!  I was close in several games but no cigar!

More later...

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  We went to church this morning...sermon was great.  The music today was great, too.  Mostly all carols that we knew!

This afternoon we had massages and now we're both fighting to stay awake!

More later...

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Oh my...we just got home from a West Coast Players production called "Every Christmas Story Ever Told" or something to that effect.  It was so funny!  It was a parody of every Christmas movie, book, song ever told!!  There were only 3 actors who played a multitude of characters!  I'm still smiling!

We got the front windows washed outside today and then Dave put our screens on.  We had the windows open all day with a beautiful breeze coming in.  When I got home I turned on the air cause it's up to 78 in here.

More later...

Friday, December 4, 2015


It was cool here today - finally got a bit of a break from the heat.  Even with the cool air, it was still 75 degrees...which is perfect for me!  Bob & Ann & us went to The Legion for lunch.  It was a bit windy, but not uncomfortable...none of us wore jackets and Dave was the only one with long sleeves.  Dave's cousin and her husband (Nancy & Charlie) joined us.  Fun times.

Tonight at cards, Ann and I were partners and we just couldn't get the cards.  We ended up about 1500 points short!

More later...

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Dave and I are both exhausted.  In fact, tonight we've just sat in our chairs - no tv, no noise, nothing!  Bryan, Erin, and Aidan left here at 5:20 AM to go to the airport.  They're back in Iowa after about a week here in the warmth!  They had a great time at Disney.  Aidan loved the rides they took him on...of course, he's not big enough for many of the rides, but Dumbo was his favorite.  Bryan said he loved the "characters" too.  I miss his cute little face!

Speaking of cute are all 4 of our grandchildren and their cute faces!
We put up most of our Christmas decorations today.  Tomorrow we'll have to finish and get some pix tomorrow night!

More later...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I fixed tenderloins for the family on Monday night...they are always a big hit!  The kids love them the way Grandma Peg makes them!  We had picked up Danny at school at 2:00 and then picked up Megan because she needed to go to the orthodontist for some repair on her braces.  By the time Jami got home about 5:45 the tenderloins were cooking and dinner was about ready to serve.  The kids then went kind of bonkers!  You'd have thought there was a full moon out!

Today we got up early and headed across Alligator Alley to go to Sanibel Island and to Captiva Island.  What a beautiful area.  We went to the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuse and drove around the islands just seeing the sights.  We bought $1,96 gas on the way out of Ft Myers and then got on the road to Clearwater.  It was not to be a quick trip, however, as there was congestion before we got to Sarasota and just after Sarasota.  Both incidences caused us to be stopped for several minutes and slowed down immensely.  Then when we got on 19 at Ulmerton, we were stopped again!  This congestion caused us to do stop-and-go traffic for a long time.  It took us an hour to go what normally takes 15 minutes!  Our traffic didn't get better until we got to The Ranch!  It's been a long day!

More later...

Monday, November 30, 2015


We had a lovely day.  We didn't bring church clothes with us - should have known better!  We didn't go to church so we drove down A1A to see God's beauty of the beach instead.  Then we went to Bru's Room for lunch and to SteinMart to get us some long pants for church!  You see, we forgot that we had tickets to go to the Christmas Pageant at First Baptist Church.  Thank goodness we found something because we would have been underdressed definitely.  The pageant was wonderful as usual (this is our 3rd time of seeing it but each year has been different.)  I think that year's was the best one we've seen.  This pageant utilizes about 1,000 people including an ice skater, dancers, choir members, orchestra, stage hands, etc.  Then there are horses, camels, sheep, goats, a donkey, and even chickens!  What a production!!

Pizza was on the menu for supper and then back here to the condo for bed.  Whew!

More later...

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Last night I couldn't get the internet to work here at Sea Gardens, so no blog.  We've been in Ft Lauderdale for a day and a half and Dave's already asleep...I took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon, but I'm still tired.  Being around a toddler who is walking tentatively and 3 older grandchildren is tiring!  We've been having a bunch of fun, though.  Bryan, Erin, and Aidan go to Disney tomorrow for a couple of days and Jami's family and us are going to the Christmas pageant at 1st Baptist Church tomorrow afternoon.  We didn't bring anything but shorts, so hope we can get in.

More later...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I know that we did!  Sudi & Howard joined Bob, Ann, Dave, and I and another 74 of our friends.  It was a great afternoon and  wonderful food.  Everyone seemed happy and thankful.  We had way too much food, but that happens sometimes.  We brought home extra mashed potatoes - those will supplement what Jami has left over.

We leave in the morning for Jami's for a few days.  We'll be home Wednesday some time unless we just decide to come home earlier.  If everyone is at work, we may come home early - you just never know.

More later...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This was a whirlwind of a day!  We had coffee this morning, then shuffleboard...but we didn't shuffle.  Instead, we came home and started cooking dinner.  I made another Pinterest recipe today...that's two experiments in cooking in 2 weeks!  This one was definitely a keeper.  It was Oven Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken with green beans and potatoes!  It was delicious!!

Bryan, Erin, and Aidan got here about 1:00 so we had a late lunch with them.  Aidan was so cute and had so much fun exploring that I forgot to take any pictures of him!  He's trying to walk and here with no carpeting, he walked a bunch.  He's a little unsteady, but he tried a bunch anyway.  I carried him down to the shuffleboard courts so he could meet his great uncle and aunt!  He held onto me tightly because all of these people kept talking to him and he was afraid someone else would want to hold him!!  I loved having all of his attention!  Then they took off for Ft Lauderdale and we got busy making two pecan pies and a banana dessert that my mom used to make!  I hope it's good. Bob and I both loved it when we were kids.

Tonight I played cards...or tried to play.  Marilyn and I got beat by 10k points.  At the other table, Ann and Sue got beat by about 8k points.  Not a good night for the home team!

More later...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Bowling was so-so today.  Well, actually it was worse than so-so.  I'm wondering if I should even be bowling.  My hip hurts so bad when I bowl,,,grrrr.  I bowled a 112, a 144, and 121.  Not too bad, but the worst part was that Bob beat me!  He had a nice 162 in the middle game.  I beat him the other two games, though!

I won again at bingo - $12 this time.  I was close numerous times, but just couldn't get there.  I only needed 1 number on 2 different cards to win $28, but my numbers weren't called, darn it.  Tomorrow, Bryan, Erin, and Aidan fly into here, have lunch with us, and then drive to Ft Lauderdale.  We'll be there Friday thru Tuesday and come home on Weds.  They fly out of here Thursday.

Now we're watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars!

More later...

Monday, November 23, 2015


Again I got beat at cards(12-4)!  My partners and I couldn't get such good cards.  Today was a lazy day...and a cool one.  It got up to 72 I think, but it was only 47 this morning!  I almost wished I had another cover on when I started to wake up!  Oh well, one nice thing about Florida...the cold weather doesn't usually last long....and tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer.

I had a chiropractor's appointment today, and I tried to get my hair cut but they were too busy.

More later...

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Well, I had another sleepless night last night.  Thank God, they're few and far between!  I did finally go to bed about 2:30.  I think that football game and thinking about Coach getting fired kept me up.  My muscles were so tight that I just couldn't relax.

This morning we went to church and then came home for lunch.  After lunch we picked up Bob and went to the Wagon Wheel flea market.  We walked around a bunch and even sampled the tomatoes and plums.  Mmmmm - good!  If we weren't heading to Ft Lauderdale this next weekend, we'd have bought some!  It was a fun time.

This evening we watched the Nascar championship race.  We were hoping that Jeff would win it all, but it wasn't to be.  He ended up 6th - not bad for his final race.  Since he's now retired, I don't know who I'll cheer for next year.  Maybe I won't even watch!  I know it won't be the same without #24!  I was able to finish the newsletter and calendar for December - yahoo!

More later...

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Today was one of the most boring days I've spent here in Florida!  It was rainy, drizzly, cloudy - generally yucky!  Yesterday we had a good day, though.  We went to the Legion and met Bob & Ann there.  It was cloudy when we first arrived, but it turned beautiful within about 30 minutes.  We didn't see any dolphins, darn it!  After eating, we dropped by Sudi & Howard's place.  Dave is putting their car top carrier on Craiglist for them.  So he took some pictures and got some information.  We chatted a bit and then came back home.  Won at cards last night and ate B&M brown bread from a can...interesting.

This morning was our monthly breakfast - that was good again as usual.  Then the boring started...and stayed!  We watched my Cyclones lost another one at the end of the game...grrrrr.  So now, I'm not only bored, I'm also sad and frustrated!

More later...

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I sure enjoyed watching "Good Morning America" this morning.  They had most all of the past crews on this morning.  It's their 40th birthday on air.  What fun!!  Since it was going to be rainy and cloudy, we chose to do some inside activities today.  After Dave's check-up with the oral surgeon, we took off to check on some cabinets that Dave found on Craig's List.  They were beautiful cabinets, but a little more $$ than we want to spend.  We'd have almost as much in our cabinets as we have in our home!

The cabinet place was south, so after we left there we went to St Pete to find Trader Joe's.  What a fun place!!  So many unique items!!  That was worth finding.  We then headed off to see the progress on The Pier.  The Pier as we knew it, is gone.  It's just a flat drive out to the end where the building used to  I wonder what their timetable is for the new one.  After having lunch at Fresco's, we headed home for a nap!  Dave's nap was short.  He wanted to get Doreen's gutter brushes in this afternoon.

Tonight we've been watching "Building Alaska" and just hanging out.  The rain on the roof is so soothing!

More later...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We had an interesting day today.  We started with coffee and then we had a meeting with the park manager which lasted a good hour!  Unfortunately, we didn't learn anything more than we already knew!  We're at the mercy of ELS!

Tonight at cards, my team got clobbered!  We got slaughtered in both the first and 2nd hands.  We held our own on the 3rd and even won the 4th, but by that time we were like 8,000 points behind!  Oh well, 11-3 isn't bad!

More later...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

B & B

I was terrible at B & B today!  I couldn't do anything at bowling.  I didn't even have a 400 series.  I did, however, win poker during one game...that was $5.00.  After bowling, we went to Quaker Steak & Lube for lunch.  Good place to eat.

When I got hoome, the  guys were here working on putting insulation and a vapor barrier under our mobile home.  They got done mid afternoon and then we went for a bike ride.  The weather was lovely again today.  I sure am glad we get to come here!

Tonight at bingo, I was close...I won one game, but had to split with another lady.  So I won $6!!  Whoohoo!

More later...

Monday, November 16, 2015


It was another beautiful day here!  Love, love these low humidity days!  We rode 2 laps today and even found time for a nap!  At cards I'm 11-2!  I had good partners tonight and it seemed that my cards coincided with my partners!

I'm watching DWTS and I was about to get angry.  But then they redeemed themselves!  What good dancers this season!

More later...

Sunday, November 15, 2015


It was absolutely beautiful here today!  It was around 75 with a wonderful breeze.  Perfect.  We went to church this morning and then went to JD's for breakfast.  We sat outside and actually had to put on our jackets because of the breeze.

This afternoon was just a lazy one.  I sat out with Bob for quite a while and Dave and I took two laps around the streets in the park.

More later...

Saturday, November 14, 2015


We had our craft and bake sale this morning.  I took my cards and sold several...I think I made $35 at $2.50 a card!  I then bought a couple of kitchen towels that fasten to the oven handle and a faux Tervis Tumbler with the Holiday Ranch logo on it.  In essence, I spent most of what I made.  I left at noon - we just didn't have any customers after about 11:00.

This afternoon I helped Bob take the little white lights off of their fake palm trees.  Now he can string some new lights into the fronds and put Ann's trees back in their lanai, When Ann got home from church, the four of us went to Post Corner for pizza...mmmm, was it ever good!  It was a nice night to sit outside, too.  That's the first time we've been there this season.

My Cyclones were playing Oklahoma State this afternoon/evening.  We were ahead until late in the 4th quarter and then ended up getting beat by 4.  We played really well, but just couldn't get it done.

More later...

Friday, November 13, 2015


This afternoon, our weather finally cooled down a bit!  It is beautiful here this evening!  At noon, however, it was another hot one!  We went to the Legion today.  Unfortunately, Dave's temporary crown come off this morning so he could eat lunch.  He couldn't get into the dentist to have it re-seated until 3:00.  So he drank a pitcher of iced tea while I had a BLT.  It was absolutely beautiful there today.  There was a good crowd and almost all of the tables were full.  I guess the snowbirds are back!  We'll have to start getting there earlier.

I found out today that a dear friend of mine from Gilbert passed away last night.  He was a special man who helped me get my house in Gilbert.  He was also a big Cyclone fan and owned a couple of classic cars.  I can't even imagine a world without Lindsay.  He will truly be missed by many, including me.

Cards tonight ended up good.  I'm 10-2.  I thought it was going to be awful - we were down 7k points after the first hand.  We made that up and went ahead by 600 points on the 2nd hand.  By the end of the 3rd hand we were only ahead 150 points, but we got them by 2k points by the end of the game!

More later...

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Tonight was the first official activity of the season here at The Ranch.  We had our welcome back wine and cheese party.  There were 50 tickets sold, so we had a nice crowd.  I think there were 5 new people at the party.  So that was good.  Dave and I went up at noon today to help get things set up and get the cheese cut.  Someone made sangria - boy was it good!  I even had 2 glasses of it.  At Thanksgiving, we're going to have white wine sangria...I've never had that.

Didn't do much else today.  I guess it was a lazy day!

More later...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another hot one!

We had coffee this morning, followed by our monthly home owners meeting.  After the meeting, we started our fun shuffleboard.  I didn't do so well.  I actually went 0-2 today.  I woke up dizzy this morning and hurting something awful.  My muscles hurt so bad from bowling yesterday that I'm even having a hard time standing up after sitting!  I am really, really out of shape!  I guess I'd better get to riding my bike.

Cards were good tonight.  I'm 9-2 there!

More later...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

B & B Tuesday

We had 14 people at bowling this morning...we were missing several.  It was fun, though.  I bowled pretty well for 2 games.  The 3rd game wasn't very good.  I had a 157, a 159, and a 111.  I was lucky to get a 111 the last game.  My hip was killing me and so was my hand.  Tonight my hand feels like it's got cramps in it.  Guess I wasn't ready to bowl!!  I split one of the cribbage pots...whoopeee!  I won a whole $1.75!

Tonight at bingo, I won $24...I'm probably done for the year!  I've won 3 weeks in a row, so can't imagine this will last!

More later...

Monday, November 9, 2015


Beautiful rainy day!  We needed the rain!  Dave and I got lots done today!  We went to the Tax Collector and became Florida residents.  We got our license plate and our Florida drivers' licenses.  We also got our voter registration completed and went to the chiropractor.  Oh, we also went to the bowling alley and had our bowling balls cleaned.  They were really gross!  Tomorrow is the first B & B.  I hope I can hold that heavy bowling ball!

I'm now 8-2 in cards!

More later...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lazy Sunday

We had a very lazy day today.  It wasn't quite as hot...just 88 today!  We tied the record set in 1990.  We've had about a week of record breaking heat, but it's supposed to break this week.  We're ready for just a little cooler!

We went to church this morning and then went to Maggie Mae's for breakfast/lunch.  We had to wait for about 30-40 minutes to get in, but it was good!  When we got home, we just hung out.  Dave did go out and put some stuff on the yard to kill some bugs around us.  At 3:00 we had appointments at Massage Envy.  Boy, did that massage feel good.  I haven't had a massage since June!  We came home and again just hung out.  Just a lazy day!

More later...

Saturday, November 7, 2015


It was sure hot here this morning, but this afternoon it cooled down a bit.  We were able to ride two laps today and we felt good as long as we were riding.  When we quit, there didn't seem to be any air movement at all.  Dave & my brother worked outside all morning.  When Dave got in around 1:00 he was completely drenched with sweat.

This evening we went to dinner with Bob & Ann for Ann's birthday.  We had a good time and great meals.  We love Cheddars!

More later...

Friday, November 6, 2015


Have you ever watched Tiny Houses on HGTV?  What a hoot!  These little houses are really tiny.  One that this couple (with 2 little kids) was considering was 124 square feet!  I can't even imagine!  They ended up getting one that was around 325 sq feet!  Oh my!  I would go crazy!

We had another hot day here...I'm pretty sure we broke the record again today.  Record was 87 and it had to be 90 today!  Fall has not come to Florida yet.  We went to The Legion for lunch today.  Sudi & Howard joined us.  It was fun to see them.  We also saw bunches of dolphins today so it was a successful day!

We had 8 card players tonight.  I'm now 7-2!!

More later...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Interesting day

To say today was interesting is an understatement!  Dave and I went to the oral surgeon this morning for an 8:30 appointment.  Two and a half hours later, we headed home.  They got the root of the tooth out, but they also had to do a bone graft.  Poor Dave is on a soft diet and is on pain meds.  He's not in any pain...just pressure.  We'll see how he feels in the morning.  We're planning to go to lunch at the Legion, but that may be in jeopardy if he doesn't feel well.  We think he can eat fish as long as it is soft.  The biggest problem is that he is hungry!

More later...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We had another hot, humid day here.  I think they said it hit 92.  This morning was especially oppressing.  By the afternoon, we had a little breeze so it wasn't so bad.  Dave and I got our Florida car insurance this morning and afterwards we stopped by Beall's.  Dave's sister gave me $80 in Beall's Bucks and I had another $20 so I needed to spend $100!  We got Dave 2 shirts, me a shirt and a nightgown, and a couple of things for the kitchen!  Pretty good shopping.

I sat out and talked to Bob for a while this afternoon, cause Dave had a dental appointment.  He was having a tooth pulled and two teeth prepared for a bridge.  The tooth fell apart into at least 14 pieces, so tomorrow morning we take Dave to an oral surgeon to get the rest of the tooth out.  Yuck!  They did the crown preps anyway, so now he'll have 8 weeks of no chewing anything hard!  The worst part is that his surgeon appointment is at 8:30 AM!!  That means I have to get up early, too!

More later...

PS:  I'm 6-2 in cards and I was the big winner at bingo last night.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This was our last Tuesday before bowling begins next week!  So we cleaned house today and moved furniture around.  We found out that we like the furniture where it is for the most we moved it back!  Since it was so hot out, we didn't go outside much.  We just stayed in the a/c!

Tonight at bingo...I won again!  This time I only won $54, but it was fun.  I was close on other games, but no cigar!

More later...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Oh my - another hot one!

It was really hot and humid today, but I guess that's why we come to Florida.  Bob & Ann's air conditioner quit when they got back, but today they were able to get cooled down.  I'm sure they'll sleep better tonight.  Dave and Bob worked outside getting ready for the new unit to be installed and Bob only saw 1 snake!  Thank goodness it didn't freak him out...he actually got along fine.

This afternoon Dave and I had chiropractor appointments and then tonight I played cards.  Ann and I were partners and we won!  I think I'm 5-2!

More later...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

We're home!

We had such a good week!  The reunion with my guys was wonderful!  The grand children were fun.  Jami is always a delight, and the weather was hot and humid!  Once the reunion started, I didn't get much sleep...I was either out late or I had been standing so much that my hip killed me and I couldn't sleep!  Oh well...we're home now and all is well.  We stopped on our drive back to have a late lunch with Dave's sister and her hubby.  Then when we got to the Ranch, my brother was here!

More later...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Couple of days

To say I have had a blast from the past is an understatement.  We have had a great time reminiscing, taking pictures, and looking at old team pictures.  We've got a good group of guys here who are excited about staying in touch in the future.  Fun times!

As for our family, we're seeing them too.  Unfortunately the kids are all scattered, so I haven't gotten any group pix of them.

More later...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Very pretty day

It was beautiful here today!  We had our meeting  with Wyndham this morning and again we hear different things than we've heard before.  Good thing we like using our Wyndham points to stay down here!

For lunch we went down south to the pretty beaches and ate outside at Del Mar...we both had pasta and chicken dishes - both were wonderful and both were 50% off!  Unfortunately the iced tea cost $6 each, but our meals were only $9!!  It was gorgeous on the beach!

Now I'm watching the World Series while Dave snores beside me!

More later...


We had another great day.  Jami took the day off to spend time with us, so we went to ride the water taxi all day.  We had a nice leisurely ride up and down the river and a wonderfully laid-back lunch at Mango's on Los Olas.  On the taxi I made friends with Annamaria and her family from Sweden.  Her daughter had a Canon EOS and we got to talking about her camera.  Next thing you know Annamaria and I were talking like old friends!  They even went to lunch at Mango's and then they were at the dock when we boarded our taxi back down river.

We picked Danny up from school on our way back to Jami's and the girls were already home.  After a little while, Dave and I decided to come back to our condo to rest and the next thing you know it's dark!  So we just hung out last night here in the condo.

More later...

Sunday, October 25, 2015


It was a great day for a drive across the state!  We arrived here about 1:00 and met the family at Sweet Tomatoes!  We all love that place.  The girls are growing up and Danny is being a typical ornery little brother!  #2 is finally sleeping in her own room - hallelujah!  Only took 11 years and 10 months!

Internet connection here isn't very reliable, so I may not post every day.  Just know that we're enjoying ourselves with the kids!

More later...

Saturday, October 24, 2015


It was hot here today!  We went to the Largo Preserve today and did our walk around the lake.  I had sweat dripping when we got done!  It was fun, though.  We didn't see any alligators today...just some birds...a limpkin, some gallinules, and an ibis with beautiful blue eyes!  We also some some yellow crowned night herons, but they're sort of reclusive so they were hiding from us!


The rest of the day was spent packing and cooking for our supper!  In the morning (early) we're leaving for a week in Pompano Beach.  Hope I've got wifi when we get there!

More later...

Friday, October 23, 2015


We spent another beautiful day here in this little bit of Paradise!  We went to the Legion for lunch.  There were 19 of us from the Ranch there.  We saw several dolphins, so the day was perfect! We came home and I finished my newsletter and calendar and got them sent off.  I also got my Cyclones data base all set up and all of the recipes typed!  I'm feeling pretty good.  

Tonight at cards, we had two tables of 4.  Doris and I won so now I'm 4-2!!  

More later... 

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Today was an appointment day!  Dave got his teeth cleaned.  I got a haircut and a pedi.  I didn't particularly like my stylist...the guy who usually cuts my hair had the day  off today.  Guess I won't go on Thursday again!

We had lunch and dinner out in the lanai.  It was a little warm here this evening, but the weather is gorgeous right now.

More later...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Poor Cubs!

I think the youth of the Cubs came into play in this series.  The Mets just seem to be calm and the Cubs seem to be trying too hard.  Too bad this "slump" came at the end of the season!  They should be fun to watch for the next few years if the Cubs don't trade everyone away.  Baseball was fun this summer thanks to these "kids"!

We had a great day.  We went to  the chiropractor and both got adjusted.  I had my teeth cleaned and we had a meeting with the manager here at the park.

Cards were fun.  We were behind by 1,800 points going into the last hand.  We went out before they had any canastas so none of them were in their feet yet.  That meant we won and now I'm 3-2!

More later...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Dave went to the dentist this morning and found out that he needs a tooth pulled and then a bridge made.  Oh boy....more dental bills!  When he got home, he wanted to go to the water to eat.  So we went to John's Pass and ate at Scully's.  We saw 2 dolphins the minute we started walking on the boardwalk and never saw another one the whole time we were there.  It was beautiful there today, though.  I think it was 84 and a bit breezy, but beautiful!

Tonight at bingo...I WON!!!  I was the high winner, I think!  I won $78!!  I can play for several more weeks, now!  Woohoo!  Now, if our Cubs would just start hitting, it would be a great night.  I'm afraid the youth on this team is proving to be a downfall this series.

More later...

Monday, October 19, 2015


This was kind of a lazy day.  Dave and I both slept a little later today and that was good.  I, in fact, slept until 9:30 and Dave said he got up at 7:45 - that is unheard of!  I tried a new recipe for the crock pot today and it was delicious!  It was called Italian Chicken and we loved it.  It is definitely a keeper!

We also went to the bank and opened an account here.  So we're on the road to becoming Florida residents!

Tonight's card playing wasn't so good.  But if it were baseball, I'm still batting .500!

More later...

Sunday, October 18, 2015


We went to church this morning - good service, but Pastor Jack was on vacation.  The youth minister gave the message from Nehemiah.  He challenged us big time.  I didn't sleep last night...I had iced tea for lunch...I should have known better!  So when we got home from church I tried to take a nap.  That didn't work, either!  Dave was helping some of the people in the park by cleaning their gutters for them.  I took a bike ride - I rode two laps by myself and then Dave and I rode a lap this evening...almost 3 miles!  A cold front has moved in here - the wind is blowing quite a bit so our last lap was a chilly one.

I'm watching the Cubs-Mets game and I'm starting to get a bit discouraged.  Come on, Cubs!

More later...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

One week down!

We've been here a week already...hard to believe!  Today we went to breakfast at Bob Evans' for our monthly breakfast.  There were 13 of us there.  We had a good breakfast and a fun time talking.  After that we took off for Sarasota for Bealls and the beach.  I was able to get 5 shirts for $102 with the use of coupons...and I've got $15 in Bealls bucks to use the 25th and 26th.  Unfortunately I'll be in Ft Lauderdale on the 25th and 26th...and they don't have a Bealls!!  Just my luck!

When we got done there, we headed for the water.  We ate lunch at The Beachhouse Restaurant.  We both had salads, which were huge!  We had planned to go to  the Red Barn, but Dave decided to just come home.  We saw some beautiful scenery - the water was gorgeous today!

Tonight we're watching both the Cubs and the Cyclones and both are losing.  Poop!!

More later...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Day

This was a fun day.  Since it's Friday, we went to the Legion for the first time this season!  We didn't see any dolphins, but shortly after we left there were several of them, according to our old neighbors.  Oh well...a day late and a dollar short!  When we got home, Dave worked on cleaning out gutters and I didn't do anything!

Bryan went to our condo and took pictures for us of our new backsplash.  He said it really looked nice!

I'm thinking it looks pretty darn good!  We'll think we live in a swanky place now!!

Tonight at 7s from Hell, my partners and I won.  Can't believe it...I'm 2-1 so far!

More later...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Good day!

Dave and I both worked around here today.  I typed up some of the recipes that I've received here at the Ranch.  The cookbook is to be our fundraiser for this year.  I've gotten quite a few recipes, but I need a bunch more to make a good cookbook.  Guess I'll have to get on everyone...including myself!

This evening 7 of us ladies went to Hamburger Mary's for dinner and a show.  The food was wonderful and the show was very entertaining!  We all had a good time!

More later...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We had a good day today.  We went up to coffee this morning - there sure aren't many people here right now!  There were only 17 at coffee!  After coffee, we drove to Temple Terrace to see a table and chairs to replace our existing dinette set.  We loved it and brought it home with us.  It looks really nice in our dining area and now the chairs match the table!

It's also much more comfortable.

Slowly but surely we're getting the place cleaned up and put away!  Tonight, I went to play cards and Dave went out socializing!  When I got home, we had ice cream to celebrate National Dessert Day!  My team won at cards tonight, so I'm 1-1!

More later...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cubs WIN!!

It's wonderful that the Cubs won their Division, but it's too bad one of those teams had to lose.  The Cardinals are a good team!  We'll take the win, though.

Today we cleaned the other half of the house and then proceeded to mess it up again!  We (Dave) put in a new faucet for us.  Ours was so low (neck size) that you couldn't even rinse dishes under it.  Now we've got a tall faucet and it works great!  We also got the TV working.  I called Bright House and she walked me through the fix!  Yay!!

Bingo tonight was just like usual.  I did get to yell bingo...unfortunately 2 others yelled it after me, so we each won $2.00.  Woopee!

More later...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday at The Ranch

Dave and I both slept like babies last night.  It was good being home!  Today we worked on cleaning house and putting things away.  We also went looking for a new dinette set (at least new to us) but didn't find anything that we really liked.

Tonight I played cards and got clobbered!  But the Cubs won, so all is well.  We can't get the big tv to come on, so we sat out in the lanai watching the end of the game.

More later...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Home in Florida!

We finally made it!  It was a long trip, but a fun time nonetheless.  This morning we were going to leave at 7:00, but it was still dark out and we had an hour of mountain roads.  So we left at 7:30 when the sky got lighter.  We saw 7 deer in our hairpin turns, and lots of fog, so I'm glad we waited to leave.  We made it thru Atlanta with no problem - just straight thru on 75!  Then after we got into Florida, we hit tons of traffic about 85-90 miles out of Clearwater.  I drove in it for 15 miles or so - bumper to bumper and stop/go.  Not much fun with idiots trying to pass and slamming on brakes, changing lanes.  Stupid people.  So we got off of 75 and angled over to Homosassa Springs and got onto the toll road.   It caused us to be about 30 minutes later than we wanted to be, but we made it without incident.  Then we got caught in a complete stoppage on the Courtney Campbell Causeway but still got to The Ranch around 6:00...just in time for our Oktoberfest dinner at the clubhouse!  Fun times and lots of hugs.

The car is unloaded and the clothes put away.  Now we're exhausted and ready to go to bed!

More later...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rainy and lazy

It rained here last night and all day today, off and on.  We never did see the sun.  The clouds were stuck on the mountains and just wouldn't leave.  The kind of day it was allowed us to watch football all day, baseball this evening, and more football tonight.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but my butt is tired of sitting.  Maybe I'm just practicing for tomorrow's 10 hour day!

More later...

Friday, October 9, 2015

We're in Georgia!

We had an absolutely beautiful drive today...we drove from Paducah to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Mark was here and Diane got here about 5:30 or so.  We had a lovely supper of rotisserie chicken, corn, french fries, and green beans.  Unfortunately I choked on some corn when Diane and Mark made me laugh.  I have never been so scared in my life..I was getting a very, very small amount of air in...the corn just went down the wrong place.  I kept coaching myself to relax and about 4 minutes later, I was able to get a pretty decent breath.  We're a half hour away from any hospital, but Mark is an OR nurse and Diane is an anesthesiology nurse, so I felt I was in good hands.  The first thing I did when I could breathe, was thank God.

I'm watching the Cubs/Cardinals, but things are not going well for my guys.

More later...

Thursday, October 8, 2015


We didn't leave this morning until about 9:10, but we made it to Paducah by 6:00.  We're at the Drury Inn where we get a free meal for supper and a free breakfast.  Hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night.  I am having allergy issues from all of the harvest dust in the air, so my eyes are on fire...being tired on top of the dust, doesn't help that problem.  Tomorrow's another day, and we're about to run out of corn and soybeans.  I don't think cotton and peanuts have as much dust!!

Tomorrow, we've got about 7 hours of driving to get to the north side of Atlanta where Dave's cousin lives.  We'll stay there until Sunday morning and then we'll take off for The Ranch.  I'm so ready to be there!

More later...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The car is packed and in the morning, we'll take off.  We're just planning to go to Paducah tomorrow and then into Dave's cousin's on Friday night.  Hope to be in our southern home Sunday!  Prayers for a safe trip.

We went to Bryan's tonight to say goodbye to the kids and Aidan.  He was so fun tonight.  He loves to play peek-a-boo with me...and tonight he also blew air out of his lip and then waited for me to do it too.  Smiles all around.  He even let me hold him for about 15 minutes tonight.  Now that he's getting used to me, we're leaving and won't see him until Thanksgiving.  He'll have to learn who I am all over again.

More later...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

 I thought I'd share a picture of two of the sweetest little guys you've ever seen.  The first one is Aidan, our grandson.  He just is so fascinating.  I'm not sure I've ever seen him cry..  I've seen him fake cry, but not a real cry!  Isn't he cute?  He'll be 1 on the 13th - 1 week from now.  Right now he's pretty much a mommy's boy.  He's finally warming up to me.  Dave has no problem with him, but he still is a little leery of me.

The second little guy is Kyle & Cassie's little guy, Blaise.  He's my great, great nephew.  He is 17  months and he's a little dynamo.  He's like the Energizer Bunny...he just keeps going and going!  He likes football and likes to read and does several animal sounds.  He also knows where his nose is, where his eyes are, etc. and he showws you his muscles!  He doesn't just walk, he runs!  He's also fearless and isn't a bit bashful.

We had a fun day.  We went to Iowa City to have lunch with Chris, Sudi & Howard before we take off for Florida.  Then this evening, Bryan's handyman came by to give us a bid for our backsplash..  He's going to do it the 15th of this month!  I guess Bryan will have to send us a picture!

More later...

Sunday, October 4, 2015


This was one gray day!  Gray and cold!  Okay, I'm definitely ready to go to Florida after today.  I didn't get have on long pants, I even had to dig out a pair of socks for sitting around tonight.  We've got the heater going, but refuse to turn on the furnace.

After church today, we tried a new restaurant...Morg's.  I'd read the reviews and it sounded really, really good.  Guess what?  It WAS really, really good!  Our friend Howard would love this place.  I ordered a pancake.  It was at least 12" across and it was the best pancake I'd ever eaten.  Dave took a big chunk out of it and I still brought home about half of it.  Dave ordered 2 eggs, hash browns with the works, and bacon.  The bacon was perfect and the hash browns were fabulous!  We'll definitely go back when we return in the spring.

This afternoon we took the boat out to Kyle's for the winter.  I got to play with Blaise for a while and when we picked the boat up from Bryan's, I even got to hold Aidan for a couple of minutes before he reached for his daddy.  Successful day!

More later...

Saturday, October 3, 2015


I have on jeans!  Can you believe's only October 3rd and I'm wearing jeans!!  I wore my Cyclone football shirt today and my Cyclones won!!  Cubs also won, so it was a good day for my teams.

Bob & Ann and Linda came by this morning and then we (without Dave) went to the Happy Barn for lunch.  Interesting place.  Good lunch in an old dairy barn with tons of "stuff" made in Iowa by Iowans.  I bought Dave a coffee scoop - one that he can't lose hopefully and I bought me a Cyclone key ribbon thingy.

Tonight we took Erin, Aidan, and Bryan out to Jack & Arnie's (a steakhouse where you cook your own meat) in Janesville.  Today is Bryan's birthday - he's 38!  Aidan ate a bunch - he's so cute!

More later...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Frigid Friday

It's cold up here!  Actually I had the window open in my craft area today - I'd been dusting and vacuuming and I got hot.  Unfortunately I didn't close the window quickly enough, so it got pretty cold in here!

Dave went out to Bryan's after lunch to help him haul some stuff to the landfill.  This evening we're watching the Cubs play.  Hope they win again.  They're ahead 5-0 in the 7th!  It's been so much fun watching this team.  They look like they're having fun!  We've got our Eden Pure heater on - or did have.  It's off now.  It's plenty warm in here.

More later...

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dave and Al went fishing this morning, so I was left to my do my own thing.  I worked on cards and paid bills.  Then I stumbled onto the fact that the Cubs were playing, so I watched them from the 6th inning on.  Cubs win!!

Dave and Al caught 7 fish today - yay!  Dave was getting so discouraged that he couldn't catch any fish.  Now he can put the boat away for the winter and not feel badly.

More later...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It was sure cool today.  Fall is definitely in the air.  After breakfast and showers, etc., we went out to go bike riding.  The wind was pretty brisk as we went around the bike trail.  My sinuses were killing me!  The good part of riding, though, was that we didn't get hot!  We also had some errands to run.  It was 11:30 when we were about to head home, but Dave suggested we go surprise Kaylee at the Wild Carrot and eat lunch there!  We had a good time with her and her between customers!  We turned down dessert and then Dave suggested we head to Cedar Falls to Scratch Cupcakery to see if Sami Allison was working.  As it turned out, she was in W Des we each had a cupcake in her honor!  Dave had a turtle cupcake and I had a cookies n'cream one.  Delicious!  Good thing we rode two complete laps around the trail!

Tonight Dave went out to help Bryan with a project and I stayed home to watch the Cubs annihilate the Reds!

More later...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Dave went to put gutter guards on a lady's gutters (on 3rd floor).  While he was gone, I worked on my "list".  I also made another 6 Christmas cards and now I've lost count of how many I have.  I guess I'll have to count them again tomorrow.

I got some more email addresses for my Cyclone football players from 1975 or so.  I was able to send out invitations to the reunion to them.  I sure hope we have a good turnout.  I guess the only one who knows who all is coming is the guy who is collecting the cash.  I'll be anxious to see a list.

More later...

Monday, September 28, 2015


I got my tooth fixed this morning with very little pain involved.  The hygenist gave me my shots to numb me...never had that happen before.  I liked the dentist, too.  He came in and talked to me about my options and then when I decided to have it filled today, it only took him about 5 minutes of drilling and finishing up!  I like that much better than having to sit in a chair for 5 hours!!

I took a nap this afternoon - I think the numbing went to my brain!!  This evening, Dave and I watched DWTS and then the end of the Cubs game.  Cubs win 1-0 in 11 innings!!

More later...

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Church was good again today.  The message today was about Jacob from Genesis.  After church we stopped at HyVee to get me some soft food.  I don't want to take a chance on breaking that tooth before I get it fixed.  Tomorrow I'll try to get a dental appointment.  I've got a PEO meeting tomorrow and if I can get an appointment at the dentist I may have to miss the PEO meeting.

Tonight we went to Bryan's for dinner.  I took Aidan some strawberry shortcake Goldfish!  He liked me, tonight.  He even let me help him walk around the house.  He'd really like to walk, but no one seems to work with him.  His other grandma tends to monopolize him, so I have to grab him when I can.  Don't get me started on that subject!

I hope you all saw the lunar eclipse tonight.  It was beautiful!

More later...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family day

Dave went out to help Bryan this morning.  They only had a few hours before Bryan and Erin were leaving for a wedding.  I made some more Christmas cards and tried to call my cousin, Alma Dell.  I've called numerous times with no answer.  So I decided I'd try to find her brother, Paul.  I found that he died in 2011...I think maybe I knew that, but I'm not positive.  I'll have to ask Bob if he knew that Paul had died.  If he knows, then I probably just forgot.  Anyway, I've got some pictures of Alma Dell's family that I want her to have.  So I guess I'll just mail them to her.  Her older brother lives in Fairfield (or used to anyway), but I can't find him...his phone is unlisted and the phone number I had for him no longer works.

I went to Carlos O'Kelley's and bought lunch for all of us.  I took it out to Bryan's so I got to see Aidan.  He's still leery of me, but he likes to play peekaboo with me!  Sometime during lunch, I guess, I lost a filling on a tooth that will be prepped for a crown in January.  Unfortunately I'm afraid I can't wait to have it worked on.  It hasn't hurt yet, but I'll probably find a dentist Monday and see if I can get it fixed.  Grrr.....

Later this afternoon, Dave and I went out to see Kyle & Cassie's new acreage.  Nice house, but really dated.  They're working on it and it'll be nice some day.  Blaise was at Linda & Al's while his parents and other grandma were painting his room.  So on the way home from their house, we stopped by to see Blaise.  He's just a riot.  He just runs around, throwing balls at me, and generally being busy, busy.  When we left, he gave me a hug and a kiss!  It's nice having family near by!

More later...

Friday, September 25, 2015


I'm so easily pleased!  Our new countertops are in and the plumbing is hooked up...the water filter is working and now our ice doesn't taste funny!  We also went to Lowe's and picked up some samples of backsplash tiles.  I think we got 6-7 samples and I've narrowed my choices down to 3.  Actually I think I can get rid of one more...and it's the most expensive!!  Yay!

More later...

Thursday, September 24, 2015


We have new countertops!!  They are really pretty.  Now we have to go pick out backsplash samples so we can choose what we want for our kitchen.  Everything worked out for today!  The plumber came early, unhooked the old sink, etc.  Tomorrow he'll come back to hook up the sink and put in the faucet.  I sure hope he comes early so we have a usable kitchen sink.  Even if you don't wash dishes by hand, you still use your kitchen sink many, many times during a day!

Lunch with Marsha & Ron was good!  We met them at LJ's and after lunch they came back here to see our place.  Then Ron had a tee time, so they didn't stay long.  We'll see them in Florida the end of October. The second plumber rescheduled.  So it was a good day.

More later...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I had a good day today.  I was able to get another 5 cards done this morning while Dave was out running errands.  When he came home, he asked if I wanted to go to IHop for lunch.  We had a gift card for there.  It was really good!  After we got home, we cleaned out the cupboards because the new countertops are supposed to be installed tomorrow.  Sure hope so!  We've also got a guy coming to change out our copper water pipes (the condo assn arranged for this) and a plumber putting in an under the counter sink and a water filter system.  Then we have lunch with Ann's brother and sister-in-law tomorrow.  Again, I wonder why everything happens on one day!

Now we're watching the Cubs.  Unfortunately they're getting beat tonight.  They've only got 1 more inning to make up 3 runs.  Grrr...

More later...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Fall, Y'all

It was in the 80's here today and kind of humid...nothing like fall so far.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be a little cooler, but not a bunch cooler.  Gee, maybe we'll leave for Florida before we have to run the furnace.  Wouldn't that be nice!

Dave went fishing today and I worked on paperwork.  Tonight he tore off the backsplash and tomorrow he'll have to repair the walls to get ready for the new backsplash.  The countertops are to be here Thursday last we heard.  I hope so.

More later...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Beautiful Monday

Dave and I had an adventure this morning.  We went to the Lake and rode our bikes a mile first.  Then we got in the boat and took it for a spin around the lake.  It was beautiful on the water today.  I enjoyed it a bunch.  The worst part for me was walking out on the dock - there were no rails and it was a floating dock so it was very unsteady.  We pretty much had the lake to ourselves.  There were a couple of kayakers but no other boats that we saw.

This afternoon we made crockpot lasagna and then Dave went to Bryan's to chop down some more brush.  He's having a ball!

Dave said to tell you that we took the SS Minnow out for a tour - not a 3 hour one, either...and we didn't get stranded on an isle!

More later...

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I didn't post last night - we had a fun evening.  About 6:00 we went out to Bryan's for a bonfire.  Unfortunately, we had another engagement at 7:30 so we didn't get to stay long.  Why is it that you have two things to do one night, but nothing other nights?  Our other commitment was to me, et up with Linda and Al in Janesville to hear Clayton's family play and sing.  He, his dad, and brother, along with another guy played at this little dive bar in was a fun time.  The music was good and the company was better.  Kyle also came and brought Blaise.  Blaise is such a hoot!  He walked up to the stage, sat on the floor in front of the band, and looked up at Clayton watching him sing.  After every song, he would just smile and clap.  He's 16 mo old!!

It was a good day because I got to hold both Aidan and Blaise!!  Then we came home to catch the last quarter of the ISU game - double beat.  I'm starting to believe that our offensive coordinator shouldn't be in that position any more.  His offense can't do shirt-without-the-r!!  I still love my Cyclones, though.

Today was good, too.  We went to church and then met Bryan, Erin, and Aidan at Newton's for lunch.  Aidan is pretty much a mommy's boy right now.  He doesn't even want Bryan to hold him, so I don't feel quite so bad.  I did get lots of smiles, and he came to me after Bryan picked him up, but as soon as I had him he wanted Erin.  Little squirt!

More later...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Icky day

It was pretty icky here today.  It rained most of the day.  My poor little hummingbirds just sat on their feeders trying to stay dry.  There was one on each of our two feeders almost all day.

They just sit there all hunkered down...bless their hearts!

I was pretty bored today.  Dave went to help Kyle & Cassie move to their new acreage.  I stayed here and made some Christmas cards.  I also finished the Oct newsletter and calendar for Holiday Ranch.  Yay!  My desk looks really good, but my craft table is a MESS!  I've got 41 Christmas cards done and 4 more almost done.  I only have about 25 more to do!

Here's a picture of Aidan last week when we were out to dinner.  I finally got to hold him.  He's leery of me because he doesn't see me often.  He's a cutie!

More later...

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Yay!  Cubs win again and Anthony Rizzo hit another home run.  I'm glad he's out of his little slump!  Unfortunately the Sox didn't fare as well.

We cleaned our condo today.  I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the master bathroom.  Dave ran the swiffer and cleaned his bathroom.  He also had to run the vacuum in the main area of the house.  My back was killing me!  It was pouring down rain, so it was a good day to clean.

More later...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


One thing I'm not loving about retirement is that I often do not know what day it is!  As you noticed, I titled yesterday's post as Monday, when in fact it was Tuesday.  I guess I forgot to post on Monday.  Darn.

Today Dave made a quick trip to O-town to pick up his moving carts, etc.  Since he's going to help Kyle & Cassie move to their new acreage on Friday, he thought he'd like to have his moving carts!  They certainly helped make our move smooth.   I continued to work on paperwork today.  I paid bills and generally cleaned up my desk.

I made rice jambalaya for supper.  We love that!  We got some spicy salt from Tarpon Springs this spring and put some on our jambalaya...Dave put way too much on mine!  It was hot, hot, hot!!

Now we're watching the Cubs!

More later...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


If you weren't pulled down with gravity, you would blow away today!  It was really windy and I hear it's to be very windy again tomorrow.  I had the balcony door open this morning, but our chairs were blowing over one right after the other.  That noise made me jump, so I closed the door and it was much quieter!  The wind was blowing the cover on the grill so hard that it kept scaring off the hummingbirds.  Dave finally put a bungee cord over the cover so the hummers could eat again!

Dave went fishing this morning and I worked on paperwork.  I also finished 4 more Christmas cards. Since we didn't send out cards last year (I left them in Iowa), I thought I'd get the cards ready before we leave.  I'd better get busy, though.  I've still got about 40 more to do!

We were able to get a picture frame for our last 20x30 picture.  Got it at Michaels and had them cut us a couple of mats for it.  It really looks nice!  Then we were both able to get haircuts, too.

Tonight we're watching the Cubs.  I had to decide between them and DWTS.  Dancing was really good last night, but I'd rather watch the Cubs!!

More latwer...

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Church was good today.  Pastor Amy's sermon was titled, "When God was a little girl."  I wondered where she was going with this.  She actually showed a video of a child's book with the same title.  It was very good.  After church we came home, had a bowl of chili outside, and then Dave left to pick up a brush cutter for Bryan so I had the afternoon to watch the Cubs.  I'm thinking I'm going to stop watching my favorite teams, cause in the last two days my teams are 0-4!  Not such good odds!

This evening we watched The Express, a movie about Ernie Davis, the first African-American Heisman Trophy winner.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  It's very good!

More later...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Well, poop!

We had a fun day.  We went to Williamsburg to watch Vicki's team play softball.  They won two in a row, which put them in the championship game.  Unfortunately, they lost that game.  Allison pitched the second game and really pitched well.  She had a good day at bat, too.  I didn't hear how she did in the championship game.  We came home after two games.  I'm burned!  It was supposed to be cool today - wrong!  It was downright hot sitting in the sun.

When we got home, I watched the ISU-Iowa football game.  It was a good game, well played on both sides until the last 4 minutes of the game.  Actually I felt our guys came out of halftime a little conservative.  Oh well, the sun will come out tomorrow!

More later...

Friday, September 11, 2015


It sure turned chilly up here this afternoon!  I had to dig out a sweatshirt even.  We had a good day, though.  We were able to eat out on the balcony for lunch.  We went out for supper.  Met Bryan, Erin, and Aidan at Mulligan's Bar in Cedar Falls.  We had pizza while Aidan had peas, chicken, french fries, a few bites of pizza crust, and some bites of tomatoes off of our pizza.  He's such a doll!  I took some pix tonight, but I haven't uploaded them.  Maybe tomorrow.

More later...

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I think that fall has arrived!  Today was a perfect fall day.  You could almost smell fall! I opened all of the windows and the balcony door and let God's air in the was wonderful.  We ate our meals outside today and got up close and personal with the hummingbirds.  At first they were scared, but they ended up feeding from both of the feeders while we were out there.  As I got up to come in, one female or juvenile male came up to me like he was checking me out.  I wondered if he would land on my hand, but he/she didn't.  It was quite an experience.

I worked at my desk all day and I've still got at least another day of working there.

More later...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beautiful day!

This day was what I would call perfect - mid 70s and  no humidity!  The sun was plentiful - true football weather!

Dave and I got the bikes out today.  We only rode a mile, but that was good enough until I get my lung capacity back.  Maybe we can ride 2 miles tomorrow.  After a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden, Dave worked on his boat most of the afternoon.  I worked on paperwork but didn't get done.  I've got more to do tomorrow.

Tonight we ate on the balcony and were entertained by the hummers!  They're getting used to our being there with them.

More later...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I visited a PEO chapter today and enjoyed it very much.  It's a good thing the president picked me up.  I probably would have been lost!  The meeting was actually in Cedar Falls, but I don't have this town figured out yet!  The meeting went until about noon so Dave had lunch figured out and started cooking burgers as soon as I walked in.

There was some urgency for lunch because Dave and I both had dr's appointments to establish care.  Our Dr is of Indian descent but went to Michigan State to school.  She was very nice and very thorough.  Both of us liked her a lot!  We'll see her when we return in the spring.

Now we're watching the Cubs lead the Cardinals!  Yay!  I hope I didn't jinx the was 8-0 when I wrote this.  Now it's 8-5 with 1 out in the 9th...make that 2 out in the bottom of the 9th...Come on Cubs, finish this!

More later...

Monday, September 7, 2015


I guess I have this every day (if I want)!!  We had a nice day here...a little rain overnight, but not bad today.  Dave says we're to get more tomorrow.

Dave went out to Bryan's this afternoon.  Helped him put down a laminate floor in his office.  It really looks nice!  Tomorrow evening they're going to move the furniture into it.

As for me, I tried to make a couple of cards, but I was very shaky so I stopped.  I'm afraid I'm getting even shakier than I was.  Yuck.

I didn't do much other than watch the Cubs annihilate the Cardinals...yay!!  Great game!!

More later...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Another warm one!

We were busy today.  We went to church and didn't even go out to eat afterwards.  We came home so that I could make the pudding for homemade ice cream and chill it for a while.  I also needed to bake a pan of brownies.  While the pudding was chilling, I got the brownies made and then about 3:00 we froze the ice cream.  It only took about 45 minutes so we had to pack it and keep it frozen until after supper.  We went to Bryan's about 4:45 and enjoyed Erin's family and watching Aidan entertain!  He is a cutie!  I took a picture of him, but for some reason it didn't take.  It wasn't on my card when I got home.

On our way home, the sunset was GORGEOUS!  These pictures do not do it justice!

More later...

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I like days like this.  Not only did the Cubs win, but so did my Cyclones!  I like winning.  I'd like us to do more of it!

I'm watching Paul Rhoads' press conference.  He's a class act!  So much enthusiasm!  And the addition to the stadium is awesome.  Quite impressive!

More later...

Friday, September 4, 2015


I had another sleepless night last night.  I was still awake at 4:24, but I must have fallen asleep shortly after that.  Dave woke me at 8:00 so I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep!  I tried to nap this morning, but after 20 minutes some solicitor called and the phone woke me.  So, hopefully I'll sleep really well this afternoon.

Dave went to Bryan's to paint the boat trailer and mow Bryan's yard for him.  When he got home, he took a shower while I watched the Cubs game.  We went to 4 Queens after that and to HyVee.  I just needed to get out and I needed an ice cream cone.

It was a good day for my Cubbies!  The White Sox aren't looking too shabby either!  Hopefully they'll not lose their 7 run lead.

We don't have any plans for tomorrow.  But Sunday after church, we're making brownies and homemade ice cream to take to Bryan's for supper with them and Erin's folks.  Finally we're going to make homemade ice cream.  It's been almost 2 years since we've made any.  Bryan thought that sounded very good.

More later...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer is back!

Yes, summer is back.  It was 92 here today and only 91 in O-town.  Isn't it supposed to be warmer the farther south you go?  Something else to ponder!

Dave went fishing this morning and then when he got home, he worked with a couple of the men here to try to find a leak down in the basement.

Another thing I'm pondering...I have shorts where the zipper is sewn in as if they were men's shorts I think.  The ones I have on today are correct, but the ones I had on yesterday I have to zip with my left hand.  Weird!

More later...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We had a good day today.  Dave left here around 8:00 or so to go fishing in his little boat.  He actually left around 6:30 but it started raining on him so he came back home.  He said he enjoyed himself but didn't catch any fish.  He had a bite or two but no luck landing anything.  While he was gone, I went to Walmart for some picture frames and some groceries.  I found some boneless pork ribs that looked wonderful, so I put them in the slow cooker for us for tonight.  Mmm...mmmm - they were delicious!  I also bought some Rhodes frozen rolls and sat 9 of them out to rise.  Unfortunately they rose to past double and I had to cook them at 3:00 PM so we had a little snack in the afternoon!

Bryan sent us a video of Aidan last night...he's learned something new!

I sure hope you can see this - he's so cute!!

More later...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I felt better this morning, so Dave and I took the bikes and went to Big Woods Lake to ride.  We got to the back side of the lake, so about 1/2 mile when my bike blew a tire!  We've decided that there must be a nail sticking up on the bridge or something because there was a definite puncture in the tire!  So tomorrow Dave is going fishing early in the morning and while he's there he's going to check the bridge to see if there's a nail or something sticking out of one of the boards.  While I was waiting for Dave to come pick me up, I met a nice couple who winter in Dunedin, but used to have a place on Ulmerton.  Nice couple!

Now we're watching the Cubs.  Sure wish they'd get their bats to working!

More later...

Monday, August 31, 2015


I felt a bit better today..good enough that I went to the chiropractor AND to get my glasses adjusted AND to the mall to see about getting a couple of tops.  This afternoon, I felt a bunch better, but tonight I'm starting to tighten up again.  Must be time for more cough medicine.  I've still got 2.5 days of medicine left.  I said I went shopping, but I didn't really shop.  I went in and they'd put away all of their summer stuff and replaced it with winter and fall stuff already.  It's supposed to be 90 tomorrow!

Dave got his boat out today.  He took it out on the lake all by himself.and puttered around.  He said he had a good time.  On his way home, he got his fishing license.

More later...

Sunday, August 30, 2015


I went to church this morning, but probably shouldn't have.  I coughed through much of the service and then I felt worse after we got home.  We went to Newton's for lunch and when we got home I crashed.  I slept until the phone rang at 1:45.  We were supposed to go to Bryan's for supper tonight, but I just didn't feel well enough to go and not feel guilty.  I don't want Aidan to get whatever I have. So Dave went without me.  I'm not very happy with this medicine, I know that.  I've had this now for 2 weeks and I don't feel as good as I did when I went to the dr.  Something's wrong with that!

Right now I'm sitting here watching the Cubs and Dave is asleep in his chair.  Arrieta has a no-hitter going through 8 innings.  Hope he can hold on!

More later...

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Dave did some "honey-do's" around here this morning and then this afternoon he went to Bryan's where they chopped and split wood for winter.  In the meantime, I got caught up with some paperwork and even washed the sliding glass doors.  I also had a ball watching the hummingbirds frolicking out on our balcony.  We've got a feeder out there and the little hummers were really, really active this afternoon!

We're watching the Cubs now but we're almost pumpkins!

More later...

Friday, August 28, 2015


I could swear it was late October today.  I'm sure I have been trick or treating in weather just like this...cold and wet.  It was dark and rainy here all day and so far, all evening.  It was a poopy rotten day!

We had a guy come measure for our new countertops this morning.  Unfortunately Dave's measurements were off just a bit, but not too bad.

Dave is fast becoming the go-to guy around the condo association when anything needs fixed.  So he was off doing fix-it projects most of the day.  I got all of the pictures scanned again.  I sure hope I don't find any more!  I even went through Mom's cedar chest and only found 2 more pictures there.  There were some newspapers in there with obits in them, so I scanned them in also.  Now I've got some organizing to do.

More later...

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I'm still ailing, but getting better - I think!  Today Dave went to Bryan's to work then came home for lunch.  After lunch we went to Evansdale and made arrangement for new countertops for here at the we got a new sink and a new faucet!!  Can't wait!

More later...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Still ailing.

I sure hope this medicine kicks in tonight.  I cough so hard my heard hurts.  I also tend to sleep a lot, so I'm pretty boring right now.

I will tell you a couple of things:  1)  I found ANOTHER box of pictures!!  So I'm back at scanning them into the computer!  At least this box isn't very big.  Probably only has about 200 pictures total!

2)  Dave and I ate on the balcony today and kept seeing hummingbirds flitting about.  So Dave took down our American flag and moved the feeder over to the east side of our balcony.  This evening we had 2 little visitors!!  Yay - something to look forward to seeing!

More later...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I awoke this morning not feeling very well.  Good thing we got a headstart on that sinus infection because it's here in full force today.  I even went back to bed after breakfast and slep until 10:45.  I started feeling a bit better around 2:30 or so.  Mostly though, I just feel like doggy doodoo!  Bad cough and lots of drainage.  Hope tomorrow is a better day.

I had a PEO group contact me today so I'm going to visit them Sept. 14th.  I've heard from another chapter too, but haven't followed up with it yet.

More later...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nice day again

I finally went to the Clinic today to see if I had bronchitis or sinus infection, or what.  The doctor said I had clear lungs...yay!  So he's treating me for sinus infection.  He also gave me some yucky cough syrup with codeine in it.  It is gross, but hopefully I won't cough all night tonight like I did last night.
I slept most of the morning and haven't done much today at all.  While we were at the Convenient Care Clinic we went upstairs and made an appointment to establish care with a family practicioner.  She is new to the clinic and has a name I can't even begin to pronounce...but it will be okay.  Nothing like Dr Hill, though.

More later...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fun Sunday

We got up this morning expecting to go to church and then to Washington for Allison's game...that wasn't going to work.  So we instead took off for Washington after breakfast.  It was a beautiful day for softball.  The A's won the first game.  Unfortunately we got there just as that game finished.  In the second game, Alexa pitched and the A's were ahead 6-0.  We got beat 7-6.  They just couldn't get any outs at the end of that game.  I haven't heard about the 3rd game.  It didn't start until 5:30 or 6:00 and we decided to come home .  We got home about 4:45.  We sat just north of Iowa City waiting for a wrecker to come - I think that we waited almost 45 minutes to get past the "accident".  It was a mess.

Dave and I are both sunburned.  I wore a tank top and I'm really burned.  Dave's face and his neck are both bright red!  Didn't feel like we were getting too much sun, but we sure did.

More later...

Saturday, August 22, 2015


We had a good day today.  Dave got his boat delivered and he (and the seller) went out in the water in it.  He enjoyed it a great deal.  Then he went to Bryan's to help him today.  I stayed home and vacuumed and dusted.  Our house was kind of dusty after having carpenters here this week.  While I was working, Linda called and she and Kaylee came in to see our place.  I followed them into Cedar Falls for some browsing and lunch.  We had a good time - good conversations, good food, and good company.  When I finally left Main Street CF, I went out to Bryan's to see Dave's boat...and, of course, Aidan.  Aidan was just waking up from a nap, so he wasn't in a very smiley mood.

More later...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Beautiful day

Dave and I rode bikes this morning.  We only rode a mile because my new bike has a really, really HARD seat!  Dave will put my other seat on it before we go again.  I figured out about the gears right away.  I only used 1, 2, and 3 out of 6.  I wonder if I'll work my way up to 4-6!  I feel much better today.  I've had a bit of a sinus issue for a couple of days.  Today it's only a cough.  Hope it goes away soon.  My ribs hurt from coughing!

Dave bought himself a fishing boat today, so we went out and bought some life jackets for it.  Tomorrow it is being delivered, so I'm sure we'll take it for an inaugural "float"!  I hope it's as nice tomorrow as it was today!

More later...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nice day

Today was a beautiful day and I'm so glad.  The guys came to finish our balcony so we even ate lunch outside!  Yay!  Dave finished putting my trike together tonight so hoping to go for a bike ride tomorrow.  I finished the last box of pictures - double yay!  We also got the construction tools, drop cloths, etc., out of the house!  Now we can clean the floor and wash the patio door glass and the house will be back to normal.

Cubs seem to be back, too.  This has been a fun game to watch.

More later...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I'm sick of gray days!!  No sunshine today, unfortunately!  In fact it drizzled most of the day.  We did have construction guys here today, however.  They got the floor deck replaced on our balcony and sealed it.  Tomorrow the carpet will go down and the rails back up!  Then we'll be back in business.  Dave also got the guest bathroom painted and put back together.  As for me, I picked up my new glasses and worked on scanning pictures ALL DAY!

I woke up with a sore throat and a sinus headache, so I'm a little draggy anyway.  I hope the sun shines tomorrow.  Speaking of fall, which is still over a month away - it sure feels like it out there today.  The highest temperature I saw was 64...brrr.

More later...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Rainy, rainy Tuesday!  Yuck!  No work got done on our balcony today...and Phil didn't come get his tools out of our living room either...double yuck!  Hope he comes to work tomorrow.  I also hope it doesn't rain all day tomorrow!

My trike came today, so Dave starting putting it together.  He also started painting the guest bathroom.  I worked on the last box of pictures, scanning them into the computer.  Guess what...Dave found another box of pictures, too.  Oh my!

More later...

Monday, August 17, 2015


We had kind of a drizzly morning, but the rain stopped by early afternoon.  We had construction workers here this morning.  In fact, all of their tools are still in the living room and the paint cloths are still down on the floor (to keep some of the mess out!)  They are working on our balcony.  Most of the balconies on our building are 40+ years old and need some new wood.  So we're having ours fixed before there's a big problem with it.  They got the ceiling done today, along with pulling up the green indoor/outdoor carpet.  They're working elsewhere tomorrow and should be back to finish our job later in the week.

Kayla and her boys came by today.  Seems as though Dave left his baseball cap at her house last night!  We did laundry today and went to Dillards for a mattress pad.  Other than that, it was kind of a boring day!

More later...

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Another beautiful day!  We went to church with Bryan and his family today.  They go to a little country church with several young families.  Lots of little kids!  After church we met the kids downtown at Newton's for lunch.  Aidan was so good.  He was good at church, too.  At lunch, he ate all of his baby food plus he ate several french fries and a couple of bites of tenderloin.  Mostly he just was excited by all of the cars and motorcycles that went by!

This afternoon we went to Kayla (Kruckenberg's) in Cedar Falls for her son's birthday party.  Kruckenbergs were my neighbors in Gilbert and Cindy is one of my very best friends.  It was so good to see the family again...Joel's brother and his wife were there, as were Cindy's brother and his wife.  Plus various other relatives that I haven't seen for a while.  It was lots of fun!

More later...