Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We had another great day.  Jami took the day off to spend time with us, so we went to ride the water taxi all day.  We had a nice leisurely ride up and down the river and a wonderfully laid-back lunch at Mango's on Los Olas.  On the taxi I made friends with Annamaria and her family from Sweden.  Her daughter had a Canon EOS and we got to talking about her camera.  Next thing you know Annamaria and I were talking like old friends!  They even went to lunch at Mango's and then they were at the dock when we boarded our taxi back down river.

We picked Danny up from school on our way back to Jami's and the girls were already home.  After a little while, Dave and I decided to come back to our condo to rest and the next thing you know it's dark!  So we just hung out last night here in the condo.

More later...

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