Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Day for a boat ride!!

Since the weather was supposed to be wonderful today, we decided to take the Water Taxi and ride the entire route!!  We did and the weather cooperated.  In fact, it was pretty hot!!  The back of my neck got sunburned!!  We even rode the new loop - down to Hollywood and back!  That's a beautiful, scenic ride!  We didn't get off all day!  We left on the 10:30 taxi and got back to Shooters at 4:30!  We didn't eat or drink anything all day and by the time we got back to Shooters we were pretty hungry!  Supper was supposed to be about 6:30, so we stopped at Razzleberry's for a quick ice cream and then hurried off to pick up all 3 kids! 

The kids were wild tonight.  I think it's about time for us to leave!!  They all wanted to watch Survivor, so we left there about 8:00 so they could see the entire episode.  Now, Dave's reading and I'm trying to catch up on facebook and my email.  More later...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping Day

Since it was supposed to rain today, we decided this would be our shopping day.  Also, we slept a little later than normal because one of us...stayed up until after 1:00 watching the Daytona 500!  Wow - lots of action.  My guy (Jeff Gordon) went out with a blown engine.  Most of the rest of the Hendrick drivers had wrecks...Jimmie in the 2nd lap!  Junior ended up second!  Good job!  Needless to say, I was tired today!

We shopped at Steinmart today and also found Dave a pair of deck shoes at Brandy's...they carry his size, so we can always find shoes there!  Dave and I both found shorts at Steinmart, so now I'm set for a while! 

We let the girls be car riders again today.  I went over to pick them up while Dave finished Kelly's pocket door.  The kids were all in rare form today - lots of screaming at each other!  Not so much fun for us - we're not used to being around a bunch of kids!  We got supper ready before Jami got home - the kids were starving, so we started eating before she got there.  Tomorrow we're hoping to ride the water taxi and go places where I can take pictures!  Should be fun!!

More later...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Catch Up Time!

I'm sorry I didn't blog last night - we had no wireless here at the condo and that was very annoying!!  So I'll have to make up for it tonight!  Yesterday we had a great day.  The day started out very wet, but we went to church and when we came out, there was no more rain!  After church we went to Jami's and our plan was to go to Bru's Room for lunch.  But, since it rained and the wind was blowing 20-30 mph, we decided to stay home and make homemade subs.  Dave worked on his "daddy-do's" and I enjoyed the kids!  We didn't get back to our condo until about 9:45!

Today, Dave went to Jami's to do some painting of trim that he took off to repair a pocket door while I stayed here for a leisurely start of the day.  He came back about noon and we went to the beach for lunch.  This was what the Atlantic looked like this morning!  It was absolutely beautiful - very windy, though!  This afternoon we picked up the girls and Danny and got to enjoy them riding their bikes and playing soccer in the yard!  Tonight it was leftovers and our first Razzleberry's ice cream for this trip!  Mmm, mmmmmm! 
I finally got some of my pictures uploaded.  Here's one of the Indian Hills South reunion #II.  We enjoyed a gorgeous day at St. Pete Beach!

 This is a picture of an hibiscus in our park.  It is beautiful!  I really like taking pictures of flowers...that's our goal for later this week - finding flowers for me to shoot!  We're also hoping to ride the water taxi, just to enjoy the water! 
More later...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was a Saturday with Jami and the kids!  We met Jami & Danny at Walmart this morning...Danny has outgrown his little 10" bike!  We can't let that happen, can we?  So, we bought him a 16" bike today.  He was pretty excited!  He told me he was going to help Grandpa put it together!  When we got home, he went outside with Grandpa and every few minutes he'd come in and say, "Grandma Peg, it's not done yet."  He's just so darn cute!!  I left my camera in the trunk or I'd show you a picture of him on his bike...maybe tomorrow!  Anyway, he got on and started riding all by himself (it has training wheels)...but he oversteered and the bike fell over with him on it and he skinned up his leg.  So then, he didn't want to get back on.  Grandpa fixed his training wheels AND added a Lightning McQueen horn and off he went.  Jami walked with him a little ways, but he took of on his own.  When he came back down the street, he was really moving!!

We also went to Cardinal Gibbons HS today - Kelly had gone there with her dad (Megan was at a birthday party).  Kelly was climbing a rock wall that was probably 20 feet high (maybe more!).  She did it at least 15 times!  Some of the high school girls couldn't do it, but Kelly could with no problem!  Megan had a great time at her party - it was at Parrot Jungle in Miami.  She held 2 snakes and an alligator!  Brave child!!

Tonight, Kelly was writing a narrative story.  She let me read an expository story she had written yesterday.  I was really impressed.  I do writing assessment for the Ottumwa School District when I'm home, and I wish the 10th graders I assess would use the descriptive phrases she does.  She would get 5's all the way across the board if we were to assess her paper!  Her daddy also likes to write, so she's a natural already in 4th grade!  Megan, who's in 2nd grade, wrote a 3 paragraph paper that was also a 4-5 paper according to all the criteria we assess with.  Good job, girls!

Tomorrow is church, more shopping, and then....the first NASCAR race of the season!!  More later...

Friday, February 24, 2012

S Florida

We are safely ensconced in our S Florida condo and loving it!  It was 94 on the drive over here this afternoon.  We had a beautiful trip and a beautiful drive...the sugar cane was smoking and the oranges were being picked!  Gorgeous country!!

We went out to Sweet Tomatoes with Jami, Tom and the kids.  All 3 kids were great - they were so excited to see us...they came running and screaming!  Kelly is really growing up.  She's reading the 5th of the Harry Potter books - she LOVES to read!  Megan and Danny were a little wild when we got back to their house, but I think it was because they were getting tired and didn't want to fall asleep!  Anyway, it's great being back with them.  Sounds like we'll have a busy week!

More later...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Day!!

Today was a really fun day.  We slept in this morning...I didn't get up until almost 9:00 and that was just because the phone rang!  Dave even slept until 20 till 9!!  We stayed up late to watch the ISU game - we won!!!  We've now won 20 games in just the second year of Coach Hoiberg's tenure!!  Way to go, Fred!! 

This afternoon we went to St Petersburg Beach to visit with Bob & Maggie, Dick & Doris.  Bob, Ann, Keith & Barb came later.  It ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day on the beach for Indian Hills South II!  Then tonight we joined Sudi & Howard and went to a restaurant called Harold Selzer's Steakhouse for ribs - man, were they good!!  I ate a whole rack by myself!!  Dave had prime rib and his plate was licked clean!!  Thank you, Sudi & Howard!!! 

Tomorrow we leave for Fort Lauderdale for a week!!

More later...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a winner!!!

We went to Tampa Bay Downs today for the horse races...lots of fun!  I won the first race and picked the daily double.  Unfortunately, neither one of them paid much.  I did, however, come home $8.80 up!!  Not bad - at least I didn't come home in the hole!!  It was a day for gray horses, definitely!  The only gray horse I bet on got last, but another gray horse won that race...I just picked the wrong gray horse!! 

Dave got home at the same time we did.  He had a wonderful time at the Friends of Galveston reunion in Sebring.  He said he saw lots of people he knew!!

Right now I'm watching the Cyclone men's basketball team playing Texas Tech...the Clones had better get some energy here at halftime!!  More later...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Happenings

I love Tuesdays!!  B & B are always fun - whether I do well or not.  Today at bowling, I bowled pretty well - at least in the first game...I had a 167!!  Then I had a 120 and a 133.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Unfortunately, though, the men ruled!  We had one guy on my lanes that bowled a 203 and another had 3 good games!  Dave had a 145 game, too...the instruction is finally paying off!!

Dave got the headboard on the bed - it looks really nice.  It'll be nice tonight, when my pillow actually stays on the bed.  After that, Dave took the shower doors outside and scrubbed them with a solution of half vinegar and half Dawn to get the hard water marks off of them.  Then he even used that solution on the shower stall.  When he got done, he put a fan on the shower and when it was completely dry, he caulked around the floor.  That'll be much nicer!!  I vacuumed and swiffered...and then fell asleep in my chair for about an hour!

Bingo wasn't as good to me as it was to Ann, but at least I won $ costs me $8.50 to play, so I need to win again next time to cover my expenses!!  I'm sure I'll always be in the hole, but some of these people sure win a lot!!  I was close on lots of games tonight, so that was encouraging.  Unfortunately, Bill didn't call my numbers!! 

Busy day tomorrow...I'll see if I'm any better at the races!!  More later...

Monday, February 20, 2012

CanAm Day at the Ranch

Today was CanAm day at the Ranch...that means another opportunity for eating and drinking!!  We seem to do a lot of that here!  Bob and a couple of other guys cooked on the grills - we had burgers, hot dogs, and sausages...then everyone brought a covered dish, too!  It was really good!  It was also an absolutely perfect day to sit outside and socialize.  I swear people came in from the street, because I hadn't seen a lot of those people before!  They tell me, though, that everybody turns out for CanAm day!  The Canadians all wear red and a bunch of the Americans wear red, white & blue.  It's a hoot to see how everyone is dressed...Dave and I wore yellow - ha!

This evening we went to Bob & Ann's to play 7s from Hell with then and Keith & Barb.  It was a good time!!  Of course, I might not have thought it was so good if my team hadn't won!!  Now it's bedtime because tomorrow is bowling & bingo!!  Wednesday I'm going to the horse races after coffee while Dave goes to Sebring to see old friends from Galveston, Indiana.  Thursday is the Indian Hills get-together and then we're going out with Sudi & Howard for ribs!!  Then Friday we go to Ft Lauderdale for a week - whew!  What a week!!!

More later...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's thoughts

Dave is watching "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise...what a dumb movie.  I'm trying to ignore it, but it's got LOTS of screaming! 

Today we went to church - it was good!  I sure do miss First Presbyterian in Ottumwa and Pastor David, though!  This church is a far cry from 1st Pres.  Tonight was a hymn sing - we forgot or we'd probably have gone...although, the sining here isn't good :(!  Maybe, though, with the old standards they'd do a better job.  After church we went to Walmart and to Five Guys for burgers and fries.  I love that place!!  The burgers are as good as you make at home!! 

Dave got the headboard painted and tomorrow we're going to a furniture store to find the hardware needed to hook it up. 

More later...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Saturday

We slept in this morning - didn't set out to sleep in, but did!  We had our monthly breakfast at the rec hall at 8:30 and we were still in bed at 8:00!  So we had to hurry a bit!!  After breakfast, Dave helped the guys do dishes and clean up, while I came home. 

When he got home, we went out to a park where there were supposed to be alligators, sea otters, sea turtles, and ospreys (among other birds) notice I said "supposed to be". We didn't see either alligators or sea otters. We did see a turtle out of the water, and the ospreys, but mostly we saw...snakes - yuck!!   I got a little freaked out seeing the snakes that weren't in captivity...I don't mind snakes if they're in glass viewing boxes!!  In case you were wondering, I didn't take a picture of ANY of the snakes, but attached are some cool pictures I did take today!
This is a water plant...just below this is the first snake we saw...I concentrated just on the flower!

This is the osprey nest with both ospreys in it.  Our neighbors said there were babies in the nest, but we couldn't see them.
This is way up high - as you can see, it's up near the electrical wires.

I just thought this branch with its reflection was cool.


This little guy was just sunning himself on this log.  I got about 6 pictures of him for all different angles - he posed for me!

I wish we would have seen the alligator, but it wasn't to be.  He was probably spooked by the snakes too!!

After our adventure, we went to a thrift store and found a headboard for our bedroom.  We hauled it home in the Cadillac!!  It was kind of like the Beverly Hillbillies with it sticking out of the trunk!  I'm sure the Cadi was humiliated that we were using it as a pickup!!  Dave started sanding it and got the first coat of paint on it.  He'll finish it tomorrow, I'm sure!

Here's a shot of the director's chair I recovered.  If you remember, Dave did some dumpster diving to get 2 of these chairs.  He painted them with some spray paint we had in the shed, and I found this fabric to cover them...pretty, isn't it?  The fabric is almost the same as the fabric on the cushions. 


More later...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wet Friday

It's a rainy day in the Clearwater area.  We had .8 of an inch of rain - it seemed to just pour at times.  I'm sure rain sounds much heavier in a mobile home!  At home in our house, I wouldn't have heard the rain at all, but here you sure can!  Dave washed the ceiling of the lanai today - a great day to do wasn't fit to do anything else!  Since we couldn't really do anything outside, I decided to show you some pictures!

Here's  a picture of the 2nd bedroom in our home.  I love the aqua walls and the white tiles on the ceiling.  It just looks so clean!

This is a shot from the kitchen into the living room.    It's much larger than it appears here.

 I took this shot from the door of our bedroom.  It shows what I did with the closets after Dave took the closet doors off.  I like it!
 This is taken from the kitchen looking into the living room.  Like I said earlier, it is much larger than it appeared in the above picture.  Love all the windows and the natural light!

 Here's a couple of shots of the lanai:

 This last picture is a shot of our new dining room chair seats.  Love the fabric!! 

I hope you enjoyed the visual tour of our home.  I still have to take a picture of Dave's director's chairs now that they're finished.

Tonight we went to Dunedin to Leo's for pizza.  The gin & tonics were horrible...the pizza wasn't anything to write home about...the iced tea was good...the bread was good...the music was fantastic.  It was kind of a meat market - lots of lone women and lots of lone men!  Lots of dancing cause the band was really good!!  It was an adventure! 

More later...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh my gosh, I'm tired!

Today was an extremely productive day for both Dave and me.  Together we recovered the kitchen/dining room chairs...they are really pretty now!  The new fabric is very attractive and goes beautifully with the kitchen...AND it's clean, with no spots!!!  Dave took all the staples out.  I cut the new foam and the fabric.  Dave did the stretching of the fabric and I ran the stapler!  We make a great team!!

I also was able to get the seats and backs done for the two director's chairs that Dave salvaged by dumpster diving!  I needed more fabric, so I went to Joann's.  There was none of the fabric I wanted on the racks, so I found one that would coordinate...but, before I could get it cut, the lady who was stocking the racks found my fabric and brought it to me!  I couldn't believe my luck - perhaps I should have bought a lottery ticket!  The chairs look really, really great!  I'll try to get some pictures of some of these things on here in the next day or two. 

Tonight we are both exhausted!!  Tomorrow we shuffle.  More later...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My, My...

What a long day!  Today started with coffee and the weekly meeting in the club house and didn't end until about 10 minutes ago!  We helped with coffee in the club house, which got over about 10:00 and then we got ready and left for Bradenton.  We were to meet Dave's sister and his Dad at the Red Barn in Bradenton at noon.  We ran a couple of errands before getting to the Red Barn.  Then we shopped and shopped and shopped!  You can walk for miles at the Red's a flea market with about 1,000 booths.  We left there about 3:00 or so and went back to Dad's place.  About 4:00 we left there for St Armond's for dinner at Cha Cha Coconuts, outside on the circle!  Love that place! 

In front of Coconuts there was a car with Iowa State plates.  We figured out who the car belonged to - they were from Des Moines.  He's an architect and they were down here for 3 weeks just on vacation.  It was fun talking to them!  Big football fans...unfortunately she's an Iowa grad!  After dinner we walked some more to do even more shopping!  Now we're finally home and I'm's Dave.  He's about to fall asleep in his chair!!

More later...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautiful Day!

This was another beautiful day in Florida.  It was 75 degrees when we came out of bowling about noon.  Bowling was pretty good.  I had a 137, 120 and 115.  I was so close to having a great game!  My first ball almost every frame was good...I just struggled picking up the spares.  I also had 3 aces for the poker hand, but my neighbor had a flush...bummer!  We had 26 bowlers today - 9 on 2 sets of lanes and 8 on the other two. 

Thirty-four of us went to lunch at Fat Cat's.  The food I had was good and so was Dave's...however, the service was horrible.  We had a male waiter and I don't think he'd ever done that before!  He took our drink orders and then took over 30 minutes delivering twelve drinks.  Then 45-60 minutes after we got there he took our food was about 1 hr and 20 minutes before we got our food...and then Bob & Ann didn't get theres.  Once they finally got it, most everyone else was done and they didn't take anything off their bill...also, Bob's order wasn't right.  We were all pretty sick of sitting there and were PO'd that Bob & Ann didn't have their food.  I told the waiter that there were 34 of us who'd probably never be back, and that they shouldn't have to pay for their food.  He said he's send in the manager...the manager never did come in, but they did comp Bob & Ann's food.  They also took $2 off of Fred's order which wasn't right...and comp'd Coreen's order which wasn't done.  We'll not go there again...sorry, Fat Cat! 

Bingo was the same old, same old...No bingos for me!  In fact, it's pretty much the same people who win every time.  I was at least close tonight.  Maybe next week! 

Tomorrow's going to be another busy day.  Coffee in the morning and the Red Barn in the afternoon...then Coconuts at St Armond's tomorrow night with Dave's sister, dad and stepmom.  Should be fun!!  More later...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost again!

I didn't go with Dave this morning.  He went to bowling lessons by himself.  My knee hasn't fully recovered from my dancing on Saturday night, so I just stayed home.  When he got home, we had lunch and then he went under the trailer to see if he could figure out why our floor slopes in the bedroom.  He ffound that there were only a couple of  blocks under the trailer, but that the underflooring looked really good.  So now the trick is to level the trailer...hmmm, I wonder how he's going to do that???

Tonight I went to play canasta...I lost again!  I'm getting a little tired of losing!  I just couldn't draw any cards tonight!  Oh well...there's always next week!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the mid 70's.  I can hardly wait for that!!  More later...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great Day!

Dave got me up at 7:15 this morning...and I wasn't very happy to get up that early!  He forgot to listen to his phone messages last night, so he did early this morning.  He had 3 calls from his dad...they (his dad, stepmom, sister and brother-in-law) were coming this morning to see us!  So, we got up way early so that we could clean and straighten up the house for their visit.  Our house looks beautiful!!  They were duely impressed!  They got here about 11:00 (I could have slept a little longer!).  After chatting for a bit, we went to Columbia Restaurant to eat...we ate inside, though!  It was cold here today.  I wore shorts this afternoon, but wore a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt.  Greg had to be at the airport at 2:45 or so so we came back after lunch and a drive down Gulf Blvd. just to see the sights.  After he left, it wasn't but about a half hour until the rest of them went back to Sarasota. 

I made some crockpot peanut clusters this afternoon and then this evening we went to Bob & Ann's for ham & beans and cornbread!  Great meal for a chilly day.  We rode our bikes to their about chilly!!!!  After supper we watched "Secretariat".  What an inspiring movie about a great horse!  Then we rode our bikes's 46 degrees out - brrrr!  It's nice and toasty in our home, though.  Dave's got the furnace on!  Tomorrow the warmup begins again - supposed to be in the mid 60's!  Yay!!  Back to reality as we now know it!

More later...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a day/night!!

Winter has come back to Florida...anyway this is whaat the natives call winter!  Right now it's 55 degrees but with a brisk north wind, so it IS a little chilly.  It was still a beautiful day, though.  It was sunny for the most part - I was not uncomfortable in shorts.  Tomorrow morning may be another story alltogether, though, as it's supposed to get down into the low 30's tonight.  The sky is absolutely gorgeous tonight - I hope it is where you are! 

We worked around here today.  Dave painted the bedroom furniture and I worked on shortening the curtains.  I got them all done and hung back up.  Then this afternoon, I worked on recovering the dumpster diving chairs that Dave saved.  I need to go back to JoAnn's and get some more fabric.  The fabric I bought wasn't as thick as what was on the chairs originally and I'm a little concerned about the strength of a single layer of the new fabric.  So I'm making everything a double thickness and therefore don't have enough fabric.  Darn - I sure hope they still have some of it.  There were 2 bolts when I got mine, but that's been a while ago. 

This evening we had a Valentine's dance at the clubhouse, honoring those in our park who have been married over 50 years.  We have one couple who have been married 62 years!!  We had a wonderful dinner and a lovely evening.  We were in charge of playing the music because of the fact that we have a bunch of 50's and 60's CDs.  Not many people danced, but when the majority of the people went home, the rest of us had a blast!!  We sang and danced and laughed!!  Lots of fun.  It's great exercise to dance, but it's sure a lot of work when you're not used to it!  I'll probably have to ice my knee all day tomorrow!!

More later...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shuffling Around!

It's Friday and that means shuffleboard at "The Ranch"!  I really like this game!  The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to be mean sometimes...and I don't like being mean.  I have a really hard time knocking some people out of scores - they're just so nice.  This game requires you to play defense far more than offense.  If someone scores, you have to knock them off their score.  If someone knocks you out of a score box, you have to try to get back in which sometimes requires putting them in the kitchen (which is a -10)...I have a really hard time with that!  I don't think you should put people in the kitchen just because you's really mean!  So, today I played my neighbor.  I didn't want to be mean to her...she beat me.  Then I played the sweetest lady in the park and I couldn't be mean to her, but I won any way.  So I was 1-1 today.  The other two games I kept score.  The redbirds won 17-15!!

Ddave painted furniture.  He got both of the bedside stands done.  Tomorrow he'll paint the armoire.  He didn't shuffle today...he wants to get everything done before his sister gets here.  I plan to get my closet curtains hemmed tomorrow.  I've got them pinned where I want them hemmed.  When I do this, I'll also iron them and they're going to look really cool!  I'm also planning to sew the chair backs and seats for our dumpster chairs.  It's really hard doing things without all the tools I have at a rotary cutter and cutting mat.  I think I'm all set now though...I borrowed a sewing machine and straight pins and I bought thread.  We'll see if I can get all of my projects done.  It's not supposed to be very nice weatherwise, so it'll be good to have indoor projects!

More later...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yay for me!

I went out to run errands today and I didn't get lost or have to backtrack or anything - yay for me!!  I think I'm finally figuring out my way around!!  I went to KMart on Missouri, then I went to Sudi's, then I went to the Walmart on Hwy 19 and then I came home!  I covered quite a few miles and got everything I was supposed to get!  I'm proud of myself!

Dave got the baseboard all painted and put back up.  He also painted the built-in drawers...we got his side back into their slots, but mine weren't quite dry enough.  We also got the closet curtains up.  Now I need to borrow some straight pins so I can pin the hems and then sew them.  I've got a sewing machine from some sometime this weekend I've got some projects to complete!  Tomorrow Dave's going to paint the armoire and the two side tables...anyway that's his goal.  I'm going to shuffle if it's not raining!  I'm really looking forward to it. 

More later...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good friends!

Another fun day in warmth!!  We hosted coffee again this morning - so glad I'm not the one who had to be there at 5:30 to get the donuts.  I don't quite understand why you have to be there at 5:30 or 6:00 to get the donuts - the delivery man delivers them, why not just come at 7:30 to set up tables, etc...the donuts should still be there unless there's a donut bandit...or some officer comes by for his coffee break!  That way everyone gets a little more sleep and we're all there setting up!  But then, that's just me!  I like to "streamline" processes!!  Anyway, the socializing is always fun!   Did you know that if you add salt to coffee right in the coffeemaker, it won't be as bitter?  Me either, but that's what these people all do.  Hmmmm...

Then, we went to Sudi & Howard's for a "mini" Girls of '66 get-together.  Here we are!!  I wish Corinne could have come too.

We had a great afternoon visiting and giggling!  I think the men enjoyed themselves too!  We always have fun when we get together!  Gotta love the "Girls of 66"!

Dave was having some allergy problems so we left early...came home and both fell asleep in our chairs!  We've just been doing some laundry and hanging out this evening. 

More later...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun Day

Tuesdays are always fun days for the people living at "The Ranch" and today was no exception!  We bowled this morning, which is always fun!  I bowled decently, but not as well as I wanted to.  I had a decent series, but I can't remember exactly what I bowled!  We had 23 bowlers this morning...and I did win one of the poker hands!!  For lunch we went to Mugs & Jugs (sort of a takeoff of Hooters) was good, atmosphere was good, but the girls were a little tackier than Hooters!!  They had a Tuesday special of BOGO fajitas - they were very good!  I wish they would have served salsa with them, though. 

We didn't get home from lunch until about 2:00 so Dave started painting right away.  He got the bedroom done and back together, so we can sleep in our regular bed tonight!  Neither one of us slept well last night.  It looks really nice.  Now, however, we need to go shopping for some curtains and we still have to paint the furniture white. 

Tonight was bingo.  No one at our table won.  Losers!!  More later...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Great day!

Dave and I went to the bowling alley this morning for more instruction.  I hope that tomorrow we'll be able to do as well as we did during our instruction time this morning.  Both of us improved a lot from last week!  Dave started painting the bedroom this afternoon.  He's got about half of it done - but everything from the room is piled HIGH on the bed, so we won't be able to sleep there tonight!  It's a good thing we have a second bedroom now!  I may just sleep in my chair - I seem to be able to sleep there really well. 

We had a nice shower here this afternoon and evening.  I don't know how much rain we got, but we needed it anyway so it was good!  I rode my bike up to the rec hall to play 7s from Hell...and I held an umbrella too!  So I didn't get very wet!  I actually got some decent cards tonight!  Coreen and I beat Ann & Betty...those two ladies clobbered Linda & I last week! 

More later...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Today was one of those hot, muggy Florida days.  The sun wasn't that intense, thank Goodness, or it would really have been hot!  It's 9:00 PM and it's still 70 here!! 

We went to church this morning, where they were celebrating their 46th anniversary.  Our church at home is over 150 years old...such a difference! 

Good game (so far), good halftime (IMHO), some great commercials (America with Clint Eastwood), some good commercials, and some just so-so. Now come on Eli and company...let's get going!! We went up to the rec hall for supper - great pot luck! There was no way I wanted to watch the game up there - just way too much noise! I like to watch the game! I couldn't figure out how we'd even see the commercials! So Dave and I came home and have watched the game from here. He's on his computer and I'm on mine. Fun evening!!

More later...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

We started out pretty early this morning - at least pretty early for Florida!  We were up at the rec hall by 8 this morning.  We had a bake sale and a street sale this morning.  We took 3 dozen cookies and came home with a lemon pie and 2 large blueberry well as a 50 cent bag (kind of like a beach bag) and 25 cents for about 8 cereal bowls!  One of the ladies here in the park is going home this spring (for good) so Dave bought some fertilizer and some trailer wash stuff for about $4.  Then we took off for Sarasota where we attended a craft sale.  There we got some towels to hang in our kitchen, a coin purse made with a measuring tape for the closure, a dish rag, a scuffie, and a half pint of apricot jam!  Dave got the orange tree trimmed for Dad and Roberta and I supervised. 

Tonight we went with Bob & Ann to Hooters in John's Pass...good food and wonderful views.  We saw dolphins on the way there, too!  I plan to return to John's Pass - fun little area shops!!  When we got home, we served lemon pie and then made a grape salad for tomorrow's Super Bowl gathering.  Now we're sitting here relaxing!!  I feel a little better, but I'm coughing a little more...tomorrow's another day - hope I feel even better!!

Dave just got on the Iowa State website and found out the Cyclone men beat Oklahoma at Oklahoma - they're 17-6 and 7-3 in the Big 12!!  Plus the women beat Texas!  Way to go, Cyclones!!

More later...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday night

I felt a little better this morning, but by afternoon I was fading fast!  I went in to lay down for a while, but just when I got to sleep Dave came home and woke me up...:(   I slept in my chair last night - I tried to sleep in bed, but I kept coughing.  When I'm sitting up a little bit I don't cough as much. 

This evening I baked some cookies for tomorrow's bake sale.  Some of them broke, though - darn!  I guess Dave and I'll just have to eat those!!  I'm hoping I feel well enough to go to Sarasota with Dave tomorrow, but if not I'll stay here and take it easy.  Sun'n'Fun is having their craft sale tomorrow morning and I always enjoy going to it.  Plus I need to return a couple pairs of shorts to Bealls.  I liked the way they fit, but they were shorter than I like them.  I hope I can find some Bermuda-type shorts someplace soon...mine are starting to get a little thin!!

More later...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

OK, so I'm really sick!!!

I felt awful when  I got up this morning, so I called my dr's office - his nurse told me that since I was wheezing and had lung congestion, I should see a dr down what!!???  Dave mentioned it to the guys this morning and Ann's brother suggested I go to a Walgreens down here - they had a "dr" on site.  So I went.  She wasn't a doctor - she was a nurse practioner.  I didn't have to wait though - I got right in.  She told me I still have sinus infection - the one under my right eye is clear full.  I also have bronchitis and a fever - I knew I was sick!!!  Guess what - now I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics, along with prednisone and Mucinex DM this time.  I sure hope this works...if not, I'll probably be in the hospital with pneumonia.

Dave, Bob & Ron worked pulling up a floor in a ladies home today.  Then they started laying new laminate.  They struggled a lot with it...I guess 12 mil is a little hard to get down - there's no flex in it.  They started at 8:30 this morning and are going back at 8:30 tomorrow morning, hopefully to finish.  I didn't do much of anything - I actually slept a lot after I took my drugs!  I'm going to take it easy tomorrow too and then maybe I'll feel like going to Maury's on Saturday.  We'll see.  More later...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm SICK of this sinus issue!!  I've had two rounds of antibiotics and Tuesday I felt fine...finally. 
Wednesday I woke up feeling like doggy doodoo again! I just can't seem to get rid of the sinus drainage and subsequent cough! 

I don't know what I didn't share this picture with you the other day.  This is the cow and calf that I talked about - manatees that swam under our observation can see the shadows of the people standing on the deck, too.  There's another young manatee behind the "mama" here. 


Today was coffee at the rec hall.  The guys went up and set up the tables and made the coffee.  The bakery we get the donuts from shorted us 6 apple fritters and 4 donuts, so Ron made a quick run the Dunkin' Donuts to replace them.  We had a good group of people today and it didn't take long to clean up!!  Everyone pitches in - even people who don't have to! 

After the meeting, Dave & Bob worked at putting either vinyl tiles or laminate in the three closets.  It got hot today, so by mid-afternoon when they got done,, they needed a gin and tonic to cool down!!  Poor guys!  Before Bob got here, Dave started pulling off wallpaper border and baseboard in the bedroom - yay!!  Since the closet doors are off, he's planning to paint in there maybe tomorrow!!  It's going to be nice to get rid of that green!!

More later...