Friday, November 30, 2012

We're home!

We're back home in Largo and does it ever feel good!  We got ready to leave this morning and Jami called.  Her car wouldn't go into gear, so we went to rescue her!  We took her to the Buick garage where she was given a loaner.  The garage was going to pick up her car with a wrecker.  I sure hope it was caused by something they did earlier in the week...if not, she'll have to pay for the repairs.  She hadn't heard from them late this afternoon, so it could be more extensive than a broken cable.

We are both coughing and sneezing tonight.  Hopefully it's just getting Beau out of our systems.  Danny had a cold while we were there, so it could be a cold - yuck!  I'm exhausted'll be good to sleep in our own bed tonight!

More later...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful Day

Dave took Jami to work again today, but not until they attended an awards ceremony for Megan...she was on the honor roll at her school!

Megan's in the back left - way to go, Megan!

Now for more pictures from Butterfly World.  Lots of butterflies, exotic birds, and beautiful plants!
 Enlarge this one and look at this butterfly's eyes!  Spooky!
 A little hummer!
 Another passion flower!
This little girl had the most beautiful song!  She sat there and sang while I talked to her!
 Cute juvenile!  Check out some of his white baby feathers!
Just another beautiful flutterby!

Today we took Bryan & Erin to Bru's room.  They fly out tomorrow!

More later...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fun Day!

Dave had to take Jami to work again today because her car still wasn't done at the repair shop.  In fact, it's still not done so he's taking her tomorrow too.  When he got back, he and I went to Butterfly World.  We took almost 500 pictures between us!  Here are a few!

This butterfly's other side is green and black...couldn't get that side!

Passion flower...Butterfly World has scores of them!
Lorikeet - funny guys!
 He scared me!
The end!
Some roses in the rose garden.

Love Butterfly World!  As we waited to hear from the Buick dealership, we ate a light lunch.  Then we came back to our condo and rested before Dave went back to Boca to pick up Jami.  When they got back, Tom had the kids, Bryan & Erin were still in the Keys, so Jami, Dave and I went to Nick's for Italian food!  Wonderful place to eat!!

More later...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday in Ft Lauderdale

This was a beautiful, beautiful day and we had lots of fun in it!  Dave took Jami to work this morning so her car could get worked on.  She was only going to work until 1:00 so we went back to Boca after spending some time on the beach looking at the beautiful sights!  Gorgeous day for the beach!  These are pictures we took at Deerfield Beach.

We also picked up the girls from school, got my eyebrows done, got my glasses adjusted, and ate at Five Guys!  Oh, we also took the girls for ice cream!!  Great day!!

More later...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day #3

Our third day in Ft Lauderdale started out by going to church, as usual.  This time, though, we went to the Catholic Church with Jami's family.  The girls are now in the choir, so I thought it was important for us to see them!  It is always interesting to go there because it's so different from our religion!

I found out on Saturday that Dave and I are going to be great-greats in the summer.  Kyle told me that they are expecting!!  I'm so excited...I hope that all goes well for them!  Aren't great-great aunts supposed to be old???

More later...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day #2 In Ft Lauderdale!

This was a wonderful day, even though it started out early and lasted late!  We went to two soccer games - Kelly's team played this morning early and again at 4:10 this afternoon.  They won the first one 4-1 and tied the 2nd game 1-1.  I don't think they'll play tomorrow, which will be all right.

Other than that, we helped Megan clean out her drawers and enjoyed the sun!

More later...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ft Lauderdale

We're in Fort Lauderdale.  We got here in 4.5 hours after driving cross country.  We got to see sugar cane and citrus!  Lots of both!  We didn't get to see a bear, but we saw lots of sand hill cranes, cattle and horses. We stopped at Wendy's in Clewiston to eat lunch.  Wendy's has a really good spicy chicken sandwich!  Just thought I'd tell you!

When we got to Jami's, Bryan & Erin were heading out to the beach, Kelly had a soccer game and we had to go to our resort to check in.  After a short nap, we went back over just as Jami & Tom got back from the game.  Bryan & Erin took off to Nick's to have dinner (my recommendation) and the rest of us ate leftovers! We weren't very hungry because we had stopped at Razzleberry's for an ice cream before going to Jami's.  You should see the beach area at Atlantic and Briny.  It is really built up...all the shops have new facades.  There's a huge parking lot and lots of palm trees!  The beach area has been cleaned up and a huge playground and workout area have been added, as well as having the Pier opened again.  There's a new restaurant about to open next door to Razzleberry's and when the electric crews return from the NY area, there will be lights all over the area!  Wow!

We're told that A1A down toward Ft Lauderdale is closed because of the high tides and most of the beaches have been washed away.  I'll try to get some pix to share of that area.  We can compare the beach to last year's pictures.  I can't imagine!

More later...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

What a beautiful day for Thanksgiving.  It's really hard to get in the mood for the holiday season when it's sunny and in the 70's!  Today we boiled 15 pounds of potatoes and mashed them.  That's a bunch of potatoes!  I think there were 3 of us doing white potatoes and then another 2-3 doing sweet potatoes.  We also had what they call turnips (we call them rutabagas), turkey, green beans, carrots, salads, appetizers, and tons of desserts!  It was quite a feast!

Tomorrow we leave for Fort Lauderdale.  We get to see the kids and the grands!  Should be fun!  More later...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving eve

After coffee this morning, Dave went to Treasure Island to help Howard cut down some of the imposing branches or excess greenery at their place.  Now they will definitely be able to get some sun on their patio!  I'm sure Missy is happy, let alone Sudi and Howard!!  He got home earlier than he thought, so we ate a bite of lunch and went to Hammerhead Hardware to see if we could find Christmas decorations that we like.  Nothing jumped out at us, so we didn't buy anything.  I guess we'll be going pretty simple this year.  The lady that we bought our mobile from had a little train that lights up...I'm not really very fond of it, plus part of the lights are out.  I think we'll just put up lights around  our place and a little tree inside the lanai and that'll be enough.  After all we're not here long!

Tomorrow is a big day.  Thanksgiving meal here at the Ranch starts at 4:00.  I've got 15 pounds of potatoes to cook and mash before then!  Dave peeled them and cut them up - my hands hurt too much to do that many spuds!

More later...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

B&B Again!

This is Tuesday, which means B&B - bowling & bingo!  Bowling wasn't too bad - not good, but not too bad!!  I had a 350 series, which means I had a 103, a 125 and a 122 or something like that.  I picked up some spares today and actually won one of the poker hands with 3 queens.  Dave also won one of the poker hands with 3 fours!  Women ruled again - Donna had 176 and a 179 and Bobbi had a 179.  The high men's game was 166.  One of these days I'm going to have a high game!  I just don't know when!

After bowling we went to Acropol for lunch.  Good food, good service!  They serve breakfast all day which is wonderful!  So I had bacon & eggs and wonderful hash browns!  Bingo wasn't so good.  I needed one number for a long time, but my numbers just wouldn't come up.  Maybe next time!

Dave got the front porch done this afternoon.  It really looks nice.  Tomorrow he's going to Treasure Island to help Howard & Sudi.  I've got some things I need to do around here, so I'm staying here.  

More later...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday at the Ranch

My day started out at the pool for water aerobics.  It was a little chilly this morning, but with abundant sunshine, it warmed up beautifully.  The water in the pool was wonderful...but it was pretty cold when we got out!!  Thank goodness the sun warmed us up right away!

When I got home, Dave had started putting the skid-proof "paint" on our front porch.  It looks really, really nice.  He also did some tuck-pointing on the steps so tomorrow he'll paint them, too.  I wish I'd taken a "before" picture so you could see the difference in the before and the after.  It really looks nice!  He's still going to put a second coat on everything, but I love it!!

Tonight I went to play 7s from Hell...I'm a winner!!!  In fact, we won big!!  Hope my luck continues into tomorrow!

More later...

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Dave got up early and took Bob & Ann to the airport.  I slept.  Something woke me at 6:30, though, and I couldn't go back to sleep.  By that time, Dave was home, so I just got up, had breakfast, and got ready for church.  By the time we got out of church B&A were home in Iowa already!  Dave & I had some shopping to do after church.  We went to Lowe's and to Sam's Club.  Yuck, yuck, yuck!!  The weekend before Thanksgiving was NOT a good time to shop!  Now I know why I buy Christmas presents online...I hate to shop!!  Sam's Club was a complete zoo.  You could hardly get around the aisles, it was so busy!

The rest of the day was a lazy one.  We watched the race, read the newspaper, and just hung out.  Neither of us did anything worthy of telling about!  Our guy (Jeff Gordon) won the race!!  Woohoo!!

I've got a few more pictures to share with you.  I really like taking closeup pictures of flowers.  This is my amaryllis which was blooming this summer and is now blooming again.  Pretty, isn't it?

This rose is up second street from our place.  It is so fragile looking!
This is a picture of a kite that was on the beach when we went to the Sanding Ovations on Saturday.  It was fascinating to watch.
Of course, I must have the required fishing picture!  Here is Dave fishing on Lido Beach.
 Just a picture of some of the crowd on the beach at Sanding Ovations.
Interesting story...this guy is from St Louis.  My next door neighbor when I was growing up (Susan) has a daughter who lives with this man!  It's such a small world, isn't it??!!!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures - more later...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


If we're up past 10:00 Dave always says we're turning into pumpkins.  Well, here we are up after 10!  So this post is from Mrs. Pumpkin!!  How about those Cyclones!!  What a game!  I hope Sam Richardson knows how to be humble because next week he has to lead the team again West Virginia!  That will not be an easy task!  At least we're bowl eligible and we had the 2nd toughest schedule in the nation!!

We had a fun day today, but a busy day!  We had breakfast in the rec hall at 8:30 - pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, juice, coffee.  Good way to start a Saturday.  Then we met Sudi & Howard in Treasure Island for the Sanding Ovation - sand sculptures on the beach!  We parked out on the beach itself.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for beach walking.  The sculptures were incredible!  We had lunch outside at Sloppy Joes (on the beach)!

We went to Bob & Ann's to say goodbye to them.  They fly out early in the morning.  Dave's taking them to the airport.  Then we're off to church.

More later...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Friday

It was really cool out this morning, but we're tough!  Our day started early again!!  We took off at 8:30 this morning - headed to the Red Barn in Bradenton.  We shopped til we dropped!!  We actually stayed at the Barn until about 11:30, then because it was still so cool, we took off for St Armand's Circle.  It was a beautiful drive from Bradenton down to Sarasota because we went through Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key to get there.  Everyone in America was at St Armands and we couldn't get a parking we went on into Sarasota.  We hadn't shopped enough yet, so we stopped at the Women's Exchange.  Needless to say, Ann, Bob, and Dave had never seen a thrift store with crystal chandeliers!  When we left the WE, we drove by Sun-n-Fun just to show Bob & Ann where Dad & Roberta live.  Then we took off for Clearwater and the Legion.

When we got to the Legion, the sun came out and we had a lovely day to sit out by the water.  There were 3 dolphins - two adults and a baby showing off for us!  The baby kept jumping up and splashing as all three of them went by, then came back, then went by again!  Plus, there were two guys singing...Blinky and Fritz...very good entertainment.  They sang 60's rock & roll, a little bit of country, some easy listening, and even "Jingle Bell Rock".

We finally got home about 4:00!!  Long day, but a fun one!!  Dave said he was going to take a short nap, but the mailman knocked on the door delivering my camera lenses.  So the next hour or two were spent playing with the new lenses.  I can't figure out the wide angle lens, but I got the other one working very well.  We'll probably take them with us tomorrow if the sun is shining - try them out in the field!!

Tomorrow is another busy day.  More later...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Run, run, run

It seems like we do a lot of running down  here!  I don't mean the kind of running like jogging.  I mean the kind like running from here to there because of things to do!  This morning we left for Sarasota about 8:30 AM.  Dave and his dad wanted to get a head start on those pesky fish in the Bay.  So they took off for Lido Beach to fish.  Roberta and I decided to do our running shopping.  We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond because I wanted two things - some new Tervis tumblers and a footstool for the shower.  I have a devil of a time shaving my legs in a walk-in shower!!  I found a little folding stool that I can put my foot up on - that will make it a whole lot easier to shave my legs!!!  I also found some ice cube trays for Dave to use in his gin refrigerator and some clips to hold a tablecloth on a table.  Plus, I got Dave a new coffee travel mug.

When we left BB&B, we ran to Subway to get sandwiches for all of us, then ran to Lido Beach to eat lunch with the guys - fish smell and all!  Dave caught 3 fish and his dad caught 2.  They threw the fish back in the water (or maybe gave them to a waiting heron!)  We pulled up a picnic table and ate our lunch by the water. Then, Roberta & I ran to Barnes & Noble to get me a D80 book and to get Roberta a book light!

At 3:00 Dave and I ran back up to Clearwater because the Ranch was having a wine & cheese party.  That was fun!  Good wine, good cheese, and good people!

Tomorrow we start running all over again!!  More later...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This morning we had coffee and our monthly home owners' meeting.  The Board had met Monday and then everyone met today.  It's interesting to hear what others say.  There's some unrest among the owners - hopefully all can be resolved before too much time has elapsed.  I will say, even though we don't have a new kitchen in the rec center or new asphalt on our streets, the association is cleaning up 8 old trailers.  They're gutting them, putting in new sheetrock, etc.  They're making them habitable again.  Should be good for our park!

Tonight we went to the Post Corner with Bob & Ann.  Good pizza there!  Plus we got to sit outside without freezing.  It was a lovely evening!

Tomorrow we're supposed to go to Sarasota so Dave & Maury can fish.  Dave just read the forecast, though, and there's a possibility of rain all day.  So, that may not happen.  We'll wait and see!

More later...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

B & B Tuesday

This morning was bowling for residents of the Ranch.  I started out pretty bad - a 105.  I improved every game at least.  I got a 105, then a 109, then a 130!  This is a far cry from what I used to bowl, but at least I'm feeling a little more comfortable.  I feel like I'm throwing a pretty good first ball, but I'm struggling picking up my spares.  I guess I just need to work on that!

After bowling, we went to PJ's for lunch.  PJ's is an oyster bar.  It's decor is dollar bills pasted all over the walls and every surface you can imagine.  I just had a real problem with all that wasted money!  I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich.  It was really good, but boy was it made my nose run!!!

I took a little nap this afternoon.  For some reason I had a headache .  It was gone when I woke up, though. Tonight was bingo - the second B.  I didn't do so well at bingo!  I got close, but no cigar.  I'll win again one of these days...just not tonight.

More later...

Monday, November 12, 2012


I was finally on the winning side of 7s from Hell tonight!!  Yippee!!  We were up 4,000 going into the 3rd hand, but were down 115 going into the 4th hand.  We pulled it out in the last hand!!

It was beautiful here again today.  It's supposed to be in the 70s all week!  It's still 72 out now at 10:00 at night.  It's 29 in Ottumwa.  Yuck!

It's really hard to believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving.  This month is flying by!  I've got to get some more birthday cards into the mail!!

More later...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a difference!

Yesterday the temps here and in O-town were the same...not today.  What a difference a day makes!  It's still 70 here and only 31 in the big O!  I'm glad I'm here!  This was a gorgeous day.

We went to church this morning and then came home and took a bike ride while lunch was finishing up.  This afternoon, we read and just hung out.  Tomorrow we'll go back to accomplishing things!  It was good having a weekend of not working!  Tomorrow I'm really busy...aerobics at 9:30, lunch at 11:45 with the ladies, and 7s from Hell tomorrow night.  Whew!  I'll probably have to sleep a little later on Tuesday!  Oh, no, I can't do that...we bowl on Tuesday morning.  We're just so busy!!!

More later...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Saturday!

This was an absolutely gorgeous day both here and in O-town, evidently!  At one time I looked at the temps and it was 73 both places!  Right now it's 68 in both towns!  Pretty cool for November 10th!  Fortunately, though, our weather will stay about the same and O-town's is supposed to go to pot...I think they're saying around 40 and possible snow tomorrow.  Yuck!

We decided to go see some sights today, so we headed to the water.  I took both cameras because I wanted to try out the new one...and compare the two.  I got some pretty pictures with both cameras.  I still don't know much about the new camera, but I'm learning!!

Here are some shots I took today.

We took a hike at this nature preserve - it's in Indian Shores (I think).  It's just a neat wooden walkway out to the water.  At the end of the walk, this heron was watching a young family fishing...waiting patiently for a shrimp or a fish.
At the end of the walkway, we were surrounded by water, but also by mangroves.  We saw some big fish and some little gars, but other than them and the heron, there was no other "nature" around.
So we went to lunch with Sudi & Howard at Gators in Treasure Island...right at the big drawbridge.  While we were there, this guy threw out a net and caught dozens of bait fish.  They hauled them in and took off to go fishing!!
I caught this pelican as he was just taking off...notice his damaged feathers...I hope he flies straight!!
There was a Veterans Day boat parade while we were eating lunch.  This is just one of the boats...there must have been 50 boats or so taking part.
All the time the boat parade was going, these pelicans were sitting on this rail.  It appeared to me that they were watching the parade!!  I thought it was funny!
Right now I'm trying to watch Kaylee's soccer game online, so I've got a split screen going.  It's not very easy to watch and there's no audio, so you don't know much that's going on.  This is the first game of the national tournament, and I think Wartburg is down 1-0...but I'm not sure.  Let's go Knights!  Speaking of games, it wasn't a good day for either Iowa State or Iowa.  Since Purdue won, it wasn't a total bust for our teams!  It's been a bad week for the Cyclone Nation, though.  Both Trent Van Hoosen and John Arnaud died this week.  Trent died suddenly of a blood clot and John died in Hospice (I assume of cancer).  Plus Coach Anderson (wrestling when I was there) also passed this week.  RIP my friends.

More later...

Friday, November 9, 2012


No water aerobics today again - it was only 61 at 9:00 AM!  So we went out bicycle riding instead!  We wore sweatshirts but it didn't take long to shed the sweatshirt.  It was 73 today at one point - it was beautiful!!  While we were out riding our bikes, we stopped at two yard sales in the park.  At one, they had a Nikon D80 DSLR camera...hmmmm.  Woohoo!  I offered him $100 and he took it.  I'm now the proud owner of a DSLR!  Woohoo!!!  We  went to Best Buy this afternoon and bought a second battery and a battery charger.  This camera new today costs somewhere between $1200-$1700.  I did good!  Now I've got to learn all about it.  It's certainly more complicated than my Canon T30si!!

This afternoon we had our first happy hour of the season.  There were 14 of us there.  Fun time!  Dave's been channel surfing tonight.  I've had about all I can handle of Pawn Stars (or whatever)!!  His choice of TV and mine vary greatly!!

More later...

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I had a sleepless night last night.  I was still up at 3:30.  At least I was able to get to sleep by 4:00.  I hate that, especially when I can't figure out why I can't sleep!  I didn't have iced tea or anything - just couldn't sleep.

Today we went to Sarasota.  Dave and his dad worked on their shed...cleaned it out, condensed things, and even sent some things home with us.  While they were doing this, Roberta and I went to the Women's Exchange in Sarasota.  Wow!  That's quite a place.  They have some BIG diamonds and LOTS of good jewelry, furs, paintings, and furniture.  I didn't find anything there, but Roberta found 2 blouses - name brands and didn't look like they'd even been worn!  She paid $16 for 2 of them!  Quite a bargain!

When we finished there, we went to Home Goods.  I finally found some things for our lanai walls.  We'll probably get them hung up tomorrow.

It's cold here tonight.  It's only 59.  I don't think I'll be doing water aerobics tomorrow morning, although it's supposed to be beautiful for the next week.  We've got the heater going as we sit here.  By Saturday it's supposed to be back up in the 80's so it's kind of like Iowa...if you don't like the weather, stick'll change!

More later...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cool today!

It was only in the 60's here today, so when the sun went under a cloud, it felt really chilly!  We rode our bikes up to coffee this morning, but when we got out of coffee, I thought it was really cold.  We went to Wally World today - we're looking for some decorative items for our lanai.  We're going to have to look elsewhere, though, because there wasn't anything at Walmart.  After Walmart, we went to Albertsons for some groceries.  This is the first time we've been to Albertsons.  I thought it was a lot like Fareway at home. We liked it and will be back!

The rest of the day, we didn't do much...just hung out!  The roof inspector came and gave our roof a 10 year rating!!  Yay!

Tomorrow we're going to Dad & Roberta's in Sarasota.  It's going to be too cold to fish (60's again :( ) so Dave & his dad are going to work on Maury's it out.  Roberta and I are going to the women's exchange which is a neat thrift store.  Maybe I can find something there.

More later...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

L - L - L

I'm still a loser!  I didn't win at bingo tonight...but I was oh so close!  I was waiting for 1 number several games, but no luck!  It was still fun, but I didn't need a wheelbarrow to bring home my winnings!  Ha

This morning at bowling, I had a terrible time!  I couldn't figure out where I should stand so I kept experimenting.  That means I bowled awful!  I bowled well the 3rd game.  After the first 2 frames, I figured out where to stand and I figured out how to keep my wrist straight!  That really helped my score!

It was raining when we went to bingo this morning...we needed some rain!  But it sure didn't take long for it to clear off.  The sun was shining most of the afternoon!  Dave even got to finish paining the trim, so now our place looks pretty good.

Now we're sitting here watching the election results.  Who's going to win????

More later...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh my!

I have several thoughts tonight!

I LOVED Dancing with the Stars!  That dance fusion was great!  Shawn & Mark were fabulous!  Plus the dance marathon was wonderful!

I hope everyone votes tomorrow, if you haven't already!

I've still got an L on my forehead.  I was on the losing end at cards again tonight!  My partners and I got clobbered!

Tomorrow morning we're starting to bowl.  I sure hope I do well at that!  I'm due for a success at a sport!

Aerobics and bicycling today were great - this was another beautiful day.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow.  We could use some!  Dave got the roof coated and got most of the trim painted!

More later...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

We went to church this morning .  We had two missionaries from Africa tell us their stories.  Wonderfully strong, brave women!  When we got out of church, I called my brother to find out where they were.  They were just getting ready to get onto 275, which meant they were close!  It was good to see them and even though they are only here for two weeks, I'm glad they're here!  I've already ridden bikes with my brother!!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, our new refrigerator comes.  Dave & our neighbor got the old one out of here this afternoon.  Dave put it in his shed.  So now we've got a dorm sized refrigerator, an apartment sized one, and tomorrow we'll have a full-sized one, too!  Kind of goes along with the 3 bicycles we have!!

Tonight we went back to church for a mission program of singing.  It was good...some "acts" better than others!  Oh well, it was for a good cause!

More later...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sad Day for the Cyclones

I just found out that Trent Van Hoosen, one of our former players passed away very suddenly on Friday.  RIP my friend!  My heart goes out to his family.  Cyclone nation lost a game today.  It wasn't like we were expected to win it, but it's still sad.  We just don't have the guns to play with the Oklahomas of the world.  I didn't get to watch the game because it was on regionally instead of nationwide.  The loss is trivial when you compare it to the loss of a husband, father, friend.  Sad, sad, sad.

Dave painted another coat on the roof today, plus he painted some of the trim.  He's just a busy little bee!  We also purchased a new refrigerator today.  The one we have is so small if you buy a bag of oranges and put them in the frig, it is full!  You can't put ice cube trays in the freezer if you have anything else in can't put the trays in except for sideways.  The poor thing is making so much noise, that it's about to die.  Our new one will be delivered on's a full sized refrigerator - I can hardly wait.

I had a pedicure today.  I called to gee an appointment and I was able to get in today (in 20 minutes)!!  That was nice.

I hope Bob & Ann are okay.  I didn't hear from them except this morning.  They called to tell us they'd found a new way thru St Louis, missing all of the traffic!  That'll be fun to hear about!

More later...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun Friday!

I actually got to do water aerobics today!  It was only 63 this morning when we went to aerobics, but the water was very warm so it didn't feel like only 63.  It was beautiful in the water.  After aerobics, I came home and dressed for the day.  Shortly after I got dressed Dave's family got here.  Pat & Milt hadn't seen our mobile home, so we did the tour, then sat around and gabbed until time for lunch.  We went to Columbia Restaurant for lunch.  I had a 1905 salad and it was wonderful again!  Love those salads!!  It was a beautiful day to sit outside and eat.  It got really, really hot.  Dave and I switched seats about half way through lunch because I got so hot.

Dave's family left about 3:00 and Dave went up to Bob & Ann's to finish getting it ready for them to arrive.  Then we went for a bike ride and worked on both bikes.  This evening we had chips and guacamole, then we just hung out!!

More later...

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Still no water aerobics...I guess it's too cold.  I was all ready to go this morning, but Bobbi forgot to call me. So, I rode up to take the trash to the bin and came home.  Dave and I went to the Nature Preserve on Highland.  We walked all around the lake and saw...

our first alligator of the year!!  Better yet, we DIDN'T see any snakes.  I was looking for them, too!  We had a nice walk...also didn't see any ospreys or turtles.  Darn.

I thought you should see a picture of us dressed in our Halloween costumes.  Love my pink and black hair!!
Here are the winners of the costume contest.  Dave won for being Julius Caesar and Jean won for being a sad clown.
This is a picture from Sunday.  We were at the Beach House Restaurant in Bradenton.  The wind was really churning up the waves!
Same setting - just a different time.  How can anyone deny the existence of God after seeing His beauty in a sunset?
Tonight we met Sudi & Howard at Bubba Gump's for dinner.  It was good to see them!  I tried to capture tonight's sunset, too.  I'll get those pictures on tomorrow, hopefully.

More later...