Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gorgeous Day!!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  The high was in the 80's with a strong breeze - but still wonderful.  I had all the windows and doors open tonight.  It's about to change, unfortunately.

I decided about 9:30 that I should go to Pella and see the tulips today since the weather is supposed to take a dramatic turn into the proverbial pooper!  So off I went, cameras in hand.  It was a perfect day for being a shutterbug, although I had to speed up my shutter because of the wind.  But I got some good pictures and I had my picture taken by the Des Moines Register photographer for inclusion in their web story about the tulips.

Here are a couple of shots I took.

Aren't they beautiful?

More later...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Busy Busy!!

It was sure a beautiful day!  I finally got to open my windows and enjoy the outside air.  Today was a very busy day for me!  I went to church for Bible Reading Time...we had 10 people today!  Wonderful group and great insight - we always have great discussions and today was no exception.  Our group normally consists of two pastors, so we have plenty of professional opinions!!  I love it!

After BRT four of us stayed to wrap eating utensils in napkins for Wednesday's salad luncheon.  Unfortunately the napkins were at one of the lady's house, so we moved our wrapping soiree to her place.  That job took us less than an hour.  When I got home I worked on putting in a SU order and waited for Dave to get home.  He was hauling anhydrous so he was a little later than usual.  He was also hurting quite a bit.  Several days ago, he drove his moped to put gas in it and hit the wrong brake, throwing him into the handlebars and (we think) cracking some ribs in the process.  He was feeling better today but had to wrestle with a tank and strained it again.

We ate supper and then Dave went to an Habitat meeting while I worked on paperwork and watched DWTS.

More later...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Sunday

It was an absolutely beautiful day today!  Dave went to church early to make the coffee and I had to be there at 8:30 for choir rehearsal.  Today was Worship through Music Sunday so there was no sermon - the choirs gave the message.  We sang some wonderful songs!  We had an African spiritual - This Little Light of Mine and a piece that was written by Michael Phillipsen (who sang with us today)!  We also did The Lord's Prayer, plus about 3 others.  It was so hot in the church this morning that I had sweat running down my back under my robe.

After church, Dave & I went to Waterloo to see Bryan.  It was great to see him & Erin, but it was too nice a day to spend 6 hours in a car!  I would have loved to just sit out in the sun.  My tan is fading!

Speaking of the weather, Dave just told me that Thursday and Friday this week are only going to be in the 40s and rainy.  Doesn't sound like fun, does it?  Sudi & Howard will get back in time for some more cold!

More later...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Frantic Friday

Today was a gorgeous day - complete with temps near 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine!  Thank goodness spring may finally have arrived!  I wasn't the only one wearing shorts today!!

I had my stamp club today where we made a really cool card.  Unfortunately I haven't gotten it uploaded yet...maybe tomorrow.  Then after club, I took off for Fairfield to see a couple of my high school friends who were in town for a short visit.

We asked a lady sitting at a nearby table to take the picture and I'm sorry it's not a very good one.  She took 2 pictures but the second one is worse.  So, this one will have to do.

After about an hour of visiting with the ladies, I drove to Mt Pleasant to see my Aunt.  I didn't have very good luck there.  She was sleeping when I arrived and I never did get her fully awake.  So after about 20 minutes I left.  Poor lady - she doesn't have much of a life.

I came home, fixed supper, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed floors downstairs, and waited for Dave to get home.  It's a good think supper was in the oven because he didn't get home until 6:30...he figured he'd be home around 6:00.  Nothing ruined, though!

More later...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pretty Thursday

Today was a gorgeous day - too bad it only got up to 57!  It sure looked warmer outside.  I wore shorts anyway, but it was because I was in the car for about 4 hours and I knew I didn't have far to walk outside.  Actually I think it would have been fine if the wind wouldn't have been blowing.

I had an appointment with my neurologist in Iowa City.  I don't have anything but benign familial tremor so far anyway!  Thank God for that!  I didn't have to wait long to get in to see the Doctor, and I wasn't in with him long either.  I didn't even have to pay to park today.  If you're in the parking place over an hour, you have to pay - yay!  That's a first!

On my way home, I took the advice of the lady in the pay booth at the parking lot...and I ended up going to I-80.  I didn't want to go home that way, so I turned around and went back to the parking lot and did the opposite of what she told me!  This time I found Hwy 1 just fine.  She told me to take a right out of the lot, go two blocks and take another right on Gilbert.  I never did find Gilbert that way.  So I went back and took a left out of the lot, a left on Market, went two blocks and there was Gilbert!

More later...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I think it might be starting to warm up a bit.  It's 47 here now with no wind!  The moon is absolutely gorgeous here!  I don't think there's a cloud in the sky and a full moon!  I believe there's supposed to be an eclipse tomorrow, too.

I worked today on getting my Stampin' Up things organized.  We got our retired lists today, so I went through my catalog and marked everything.  It seems to me that I only buy the sets that are going to retire next year!  I'm sure that's not true, but it seems that way!  We also got a preview of the 2014 catalog today.  I love it when we get a new catalog.

Tonight Dave fertilized the yard.  I went to choir practice.  My voice sure isn't what it used to be!

More later...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I knew it was supposed to be cold out today, so I wore jeans to my dentist appointment.  I also knew there was a chance of rain and maybe some snow, but I wasn't prepared for the snow we got!  Thank goodness it didn't stick except on the north side of the house AND it didn't stay!  It was a veritable blizzard for a while...looked like someone opened a can of Fresca!!  Big flakes and bunches of them!!  I checked on the long-range forecast and the 70s are coming!!  It's about time!

I had a pretty good report at the dentist's office.  I had broken off a little chunk of my last wisdom tooth so Dr. Tom suggested I just have it extracted.  I wasn't ready to make that appointment yet, though.  I'll get an appointment sometime this summer and have it removed.  I hate that!  I'm really going to lack wisdom after that - all of my wisdom teeth will be gone!

I worked on my desk today and then this evening I had a Personnel meeting at church.  I got the cards scanned from last night.  I hope you enjoy them!  Everything that was used was from Stampin' Up as usual!  I did this first one.  I love this Secret Garden bundle.  I love the fact that we now have framelits to "cut out" the shapes of so many of our stamps.  When you have tremors like I do, scissors are almost impossible for me to use.  These dies make it do easy!

Juliene did this butterfly one.  The light part of the butterfly's wings stands up away from the stamped image on the card...so it's 3D.  Plus it's got 2 rhinestones on its body which you can't see from the scan.
I also did this dress card.  This is another set that was bundled - stamps and framelits.  It's like playing with paper dolls!!
 Here is my wedding dress version!  Too bad you can't see this in person.  It's all shimmery!!

More later...

Monday, April 22, 2013


Yay - a nice day in the 'hood!  It actually got clear up to 67 today!  Tonight, however, they're calling for a possible mix of rain and snow - boo!  Hopefully that won't happen!

Today I ran some errands after Bible Reading Time - went to have my glasses adjusted, went to the chiropractor, went to The Photo Shop to have my Nikon cleaned.  I guess I made a pretty good deal on my Nikon.  Keith at the Photo Shop said he'd ask 450 to 500 for my camera if he had it at the shop.  I paid $100 - yay!

This evening, Juliene and I held a stamping class.  We had 9 participants and made 3 cards.  It was fun - a good group.  We even got home early so I got to watch most of DWTS.  I'm not really into this season of DWTS - there's no one that I'm crazy about.  Kelly Pickler's pretty good and so is Zendaya, but that's about it.  The guys are duds except for Jacoby and I don't think he can win it.  So if I miss a week, it's no big deal...not like past seasons!

Tomorrow I've got a dentist appointment.  Yuck!

More later...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful Day

Finally, a warm day here in O-town.  It was in the 60s with plenty of sunshine.  The wind, however, made it seem colder than it was.  Tonight it's still 60 outside with no wind...so it's lovely out now.

Church this morning was great.  We had some new people in church and David preached on Micah 2:1-10 about how to listen.  It's so good to be back in our church!  I've really missed it and the people!

After church, we went to 2nd Street Cafe for lunch and then home.  Dave & I put up the hummingbird feeder because some friends of mine from St Louis said their hummers are back.  I figure it can't be long until they get this far north!  Dave also took a nap while I either worked on cards, read, or watched the NASCAR race.  This afternoon Dave suggested we go to the theater to see "42", the movie about Jackie Robinson.  It was a really good movie..  I had a very hard time with the prejudice and the ignorance of the time, but Jackie was a class act!  PS - the popcorn was great, too!

Tomorrow's a busy day!  I've still got a little to do to get ready for tomorrow night's card class.  Bible Reading Time in the morning and some paperwork to do in the afternoon.

Fun day.  More later...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Day

It was really cold this morning - chill factor 23!  However, it was sunny so when I went to church at 10:00, I wore shorts!  There's a drive up bank behind our church and those people thought I was nuts when I went into the back door of church.  It was hot in the church so I was fine.  Dave took advantage of the sun this afternoon and mowed the yard.  I figured he'd sink in up to the hubs of the mower, but he said he didn't even leave any marks!  We had over 6" of rain in 2 days with lots of flooding - even the river was out!  But evidently we were dry enough that the water just soaked right in!

Today I worked on cards for our card class on Monday night.  I just am having a terrible time finding my creativity!  I guess six months is too long to be idle!

More later...

Friday, April 19, 2013


Today was a bitter, cold day!  The wind was blowing 25 mph from the NNW and the temps only got up to about 45.  I had a PEO meeting, so I had to leave the house...and I had to wear long pants!  I still wore my sandals, though - it wasn't THAT cold!  We had a good meeting - 23 in attendance and I think I got hugs from all but 2 of the 23 attending!

Tonight Dave and I watched the capture of the Boston Bomber.  What a fascinating display of teamwork.  Thank goodness that guy went outside and looked at his boat, for more reasons than one.  I'm glad they were able to capture this guy alive.  Hopefully his parents will get to talk to him and stop living in denial.  I felt bad for them because I'm sure they were watching all of this unfold, too.  I was also proud of the Watertown people who applauded the various police units as they left the scene.

Tomorrow I've got to work on cards.  I at least have my two cards planned out.  Now I've got to get everything cut!  I guess I'll be busy!

More later...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rainy Day

Today was a rainy, drippy day.  I went to church and helped work the rummage sale.  We had a line outside waiting to get in when we opened.  It was just a few minutes after that that the rain started again.  By the time I left around noon it was pouring.  I went to the Lucky Rooster and got myself a sandwich.  When I came out I got soaked walking to my car!  No thunder today, just rain and drizzle.

More later...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I got up this morning to heavy, heavy rain!  It rained ALL DAY...and it's still raining tonight..  Our yard looks  like a lake!  This would have been a great day to just sleep.  It thundered every few minutes, but it wasn't loud - it was very soothing.  Plus, it was dark all day.  At one time, I was afraid we were having a tornado or something because it was black out.  It hailed about 3 times...mostly just pea-sized hail, but it was hail nonetheless.

I've been pondering today.  I have a hard time believing that our Congress couldn't pass a gun law.  The NRA is just too powerful.  How many more people have to die before something is done about guns that can fire many rounds before you have to reload.  It's a shame.

I rescheduled my appointment in Iowa City.  I didn't want to drive in the heavy rain.

More later...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm COLD!!!

Today was a gray, damp day and I'm cold.  I even wore long pants today and I'm STILL cold!  It was 91 in Largo today and I'm missing that kind of weather.  It would have been fun to be in the pool with the sun shining down.

I finally got my desk cleaned off today.  I also got everything shredded and/or recycled.  Tomorrow I will tackle the filing - yuck!  I've also got to go to Iowa City to see my neurologist.

I had a massage tonight and it might have been the best one I've ever had.  I think I'll really be sore tomorrow!  Gerrii had some wonderful pan flute music on and it was mesmerizing.  Easy to relax to that kind of music!

More later...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day

Early this morning Dave and I went to pick up our taxes.  This is the first time we've had to pay instead of getting a refund.  I don't like that idea!  Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it!  I came home from doing that and started working on the piles of paper I have in my office while Dave went to work.  I did get one of our checking accounts reconciled today, but I didn't get clear through the piles of paper!  Maybe tomorrow I'll find my desk!

I'm astounded and very sad about the bomb explosions at the Boston marathon.  Makes you wonder what sporting event or public event is safe.  It would certainly be easy to hit a baseball game or a football game.  They're outside and would be hard to secure.  Sad that people think violence is the answer to everything.  If this person(s) is a foreigner, can't they just hate us without killing innocent people.  If it's an American, what made them choose the Boston Marathon to do this act?  I just can't imagine what our world is coming to.  It's very sad!

More later...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Right now it is 62 here and 69 in Largo with rain.  It's raining here too and unfortunately next week the high will only be in the 40's.  Dave is in trouble if it continues to be so cold that he can't work.  We could have stayed a couple more weeks!

Church was really good today.  It was great seeing all of our church friends.  Great sermon, Pastor David...all about sacrifices.  We have several opportunities to be at church this week.  Dave and a bunch of others worked cleaning up our portion of the ditches this afternoon.  Then we're having a thrift sale on Thursday and we'll be helping with that....at least I will.  My calendar is full!!

More later...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Home Again

We left Paducah around 6:30 this morning after a breakfast at the motel.  We were through St Louis in record time - 3.5 hours from Paducah to Chesterfield!!  I like that route...only about 8 miles of traffic; the rest of the route was pretty clear!  We were home by 1:30 and had the car unpacked!  Most everything is put away now and we even took naps and went out to dinner with Bob & Ann.  A tenderloin called my name!

I'm tired so I'm heading up for bed.  Dave's already in bed - he went up at 8:30!  I'll get caught up sometime!!  Tomorrow is church at our own church.  Can't wait to see our friends!

More later...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow morning we leave for points north.  I really, really hate to go.  I've really had a great time this winter and could be very happy just staying here!  We'll take off around 5:00 and hope to make it all the way to Paducah, KY before we stop for the night.

Today Bob, Ann, Dave and I went to brunch and then to dinner.  Bob & Ann had some gift cards they needed to use up, so we got to go with them.  We first went to Maggie Mae's and sat outside by the water.  Two dolphin boats were in the coastal waters and there were dolphins playing in between the two boats.  It was fun for us to see them jumping and playing in the boats' wakes!!  This evening we went to Cheddars.  I'm sure glad we only ate twice today because I'm stuffed!

Now I've got to go to bed.  Hope I sleep!  Pray for safe travels for all 4 of us!!

More later...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday in "Paradise"

It was another absolutely gorgeous day here.  It's still 78 degrees - warm and muggy!  We went to Clearwater Beach for lunch today - Frenchy's Rockaway Cafe.  Dave had the clam basket and I had chicken salad pita pockets with fresh fruit side!  Good, good, good!  We didn't eat outside because the "love bugs" were doing their thing!  They are just thick - you can hardly breathe without getting one in your nose.

The water today was the prettiest I've ever seen on this coast.  It was perfectly still and very, very aqua!  I wish I'd had my camera with me!

Tonight I played cards - I didn't win.  My partners and I got stuck without our 7s and with a red 3...that's an instant 1000 points against us!  Bummer!!

More later...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday in Florida

Today was an absolutely perfect day!  Abundant sunshine  and perfect temperatures!  We went to St Pete and rode the Pier Dolphin boat out into the Bay to see the dolphins.  We saw a bunch of them.  Only one followed our boat.  The Captain said the last 3 days the dolphins have been acting like they're starved - all they want to do is eat!  One thing we saw today that we haven't seen on our dolphin cruises is stingrays.  There were bunches of them, too.  Pretty cool!

We are still in a holding pattern, waiting for the storms to leave.  We're thinking Friday at this point, but we'll check again tomorrow to see if we could leave on Thursday.  Bob would like to get to Paducah the first night - that's a long drive!

I didn't go to bingo tonight.  I just didn't want to!  Sometimes I don't feel very sociable!

More later...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Change of plans!

After watching the weather, we decided we weren't going to drive into possible tornadoes, hail, strong winds, etc.  We talked to Bob & Ann and we all decided to go together either Thursday or Friday after the storms go through the area.  You've got to love spring weather!  It's nice to be retired and not have to worry about it...we'll just stay another day or so!  The unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) part of this whole situation is that our refrigerator is empty and everything is pretty much packed in the car ready to go.  We'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, I got to play cards tonight and won!  Sandy and I beat Ann & Marilyn.

More later...

Sunday, April 7, 2013


After church today, we met Sudi & Howard at The Pub for lunch.  It was good - not great, but good.  It was wonderful getting to sit outside one more time.  Today was a gorgeous day.  It's still 73 degrees at 9:30!  I just checked O-town's temp and it's still 66 there!!  I hope that it stays nice for a while!  

When we got home, I packed my clothes today.  I'm leaving a few items here, but mostly I'm taking my stuff home with me.  Dave has been putting out the dryer sheets and packing the car.  We've got most of it loaded.  Tomorrow we'll get outdoor furniture into the house plus cover up all of the furniture.  I'll have to clean the refrigerator, sinks, the bathroom, and sweep the floors.  It's quite a process - closing up a place for the summer.  Shutters come down and sheets go up over windows that don't have shutters...

I sure hope we get to go for a bike ride tomorrow before we put the bikes away.  I'm hoping to play cards tomorrow night one more time.

More later...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday before we leave.

Today I had a brief meeting with Connie and Coreen as I'll be typing the park's phone book for the future.  After my meeting, Dave and I decided to go to Fort DeSoto, an old Fort on the water.  It's a beautiful park. Costs $5.00 to get in, but it is well worth it.  Lots and lots of beaches and gorgeous scenery!

The old Fort still has some of its buildings and some HUGE cannons.

 Then there are these magnificent views!

We were there for a couple of hours, then came home for a bike ride and a little more packing.

More later...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Our last Friday here...for a while. :(

I'm starting to get bummed.  I'm really not ready to go back to Iowa yet.  It's just too pretty here.  I will miss playing cards three nights a week and the warm weather and the sun and the water!  I really, really like it here - can you tell?

Dave and I did some packing and now we're just waiting until Tuesday to leave.  He'd probably leave tomorrow if he had his druthers, but I'm not going to let him start until Tuesday morning!  This weekend, we're hoping to soak up some sun so that it'll carry us through until warm weather hits Iowa.  It was 60 there today, but I know that won't last.

I played cards tonight and my team won...BIG!  That was a good way to go out for the year!  Tomorrow I'm meeting with some ladies about the phone book for next year and then we're off to the beach or somewhere pretty!

More later...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nice rain!

We've been really, really dry here and today it rained most of the night and morning.  It was really raining hard when we had lunch on the lanai.  It was a great day for a nap, but I didn't take one - Dave did, however!  He needed one because this afternoon and evening we spent with his cousins and their spouses.  We had ourselves a cookout and then sat around and gabbed.  It was a fun time!

Nancy & Charlie plus Mark & Diane rent condos on the Gulf of Mexico in Madeira Beach.  They have wonderful views!

 Dave, Mark (middle) and Nancy (2nd from the right) are all first cousins.  It's been a winter of family!!

More later...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beautiful Day!

This morning we went to coffee and left immediately afterward for Sarasota by way of Treasure Island.  Sudi went with us.  Our first stop was at Dad & Roberta's.  Next stop was at the pool and the Boondocks Restaurant for lunch.  It was a great day for sitting out eating lunch!  Then we took Roberta back home and the 4 of us went to see Sarasota.  So we took Sudi to St Armand's Island and to downtown Sarasota.  We also took in Beall's and The Women's Exchange.

That was our last visit to Sarasota for the spring.  Next time we'll go to Indiana to see the family!

More later...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good Day

I had a very good day bowling this morning!  I bowled a 150, 128, and a 171!  I was pretty happy!  I even had the high women's score.  Unfortunately both Johnny & Roger had 185's, so the men won.  It was our last day of bowling, so we had a pizza party with everyone bringing desserts after bowling!  It was a fun morning!

Unfortunately, Vicki and her family went home today, so we had some sad folks!  We've had so much fun with the 3 of them!  Allison was very sad, but she got to swim for about 45 minutes before they had to go to the airport.
Love those girls!!

Tonight was my last bingo for the spring and I even won a game!  We had a very small crowd, so I only won  $10, but at least I won!!

More later...

Busy Monday!

Yesterday was one of those days when we were very, very busy and I have no idea where the day went!  We started the day pulling an April Fool's prank on Bob!  Allison and Ann took his bike and brought it down here, then told him that it wasn't out by the car any more.  Bob had seen an old truck drive by and thought maybe the guy had stolen his bike.  He was ready to call the police so they had to tell him where it was!  He and Allison walked down here to get it so the three of us went for a bike ride!

After lunch we played shuffleboard with Al & Allison while Vicki got some sun.  Then I baked cookies and got ready for today's bowling party.  After supper we went up to Bob & Ann's for a rematch in Farkle.  This time Bob won.  I farkled with 2500 points and 6 dice...couldn't believe it.  I might have won if I hadn't farkled then.

More later...