Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today was just about the most perfect day I've ever seen. I think the temperature got up to 75 and there was a lovely breeze out of the west. I shut off the air conditioner and opened windows all over the house. That was really fun. I think, from the forecast, I'll get to have the windows open again tomorrow too!

I still haven't heard anything from my surgeon. I'd sure like to get a date for surgery

Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Day!

Ok - another beautiful day in the neighborhood! I had lots to do today, though. I'm fighting with the car club computer; for some reason it won't let the tally counter work. So I've got it downtown where some techies are trying to figure out why. I've been down there 4 times today. Each time for a different reason - once I didn't have the right disk, once to take Dave's laptop down, etc. At 1:00 I went to Bette's mom's funeral. It had to be the shortest one I've ever attended. Her mom wanted it that way! Pretty cool! Then I went to Vaughn's and test-sat a Lucerne and a Cadillac DTS, as well as a Chevy something - their version of the Buick Enclave. Of course, the one I like the best is the most expensive one! Oh well, we're not doing anything for a while...just shopping at this point. I just wish they could find me a new vehicle that got 31 mpg the same as my LeSabre does! After I did all of that, I still had to get groceries. I'm tired! More later....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday ponderings

What a gorgeous day today was! Dave, Howard, Sudi and I all went to Chris' house to help her with some projects. At the same time, we girls went over to her mom and dad's to see them. It was a wonderful day. Sudi, Howard and us then had lunch in Fairfield. After that we came home and did some things around the house. Dave put some blankets in to wash and threw a couple of his Mopar shirts and a couple of my good shirts in with them....now we have pink t-shirts and I have a tan shirt that used to be lime green...I was a little po'd! I got over it quickly, but I did scream - he was in the garage so he didn't hear me!! He was just trying to help - from now on, however, I think he'll probably not wash any of my stuff with ANYTHING else!

The NASCAR race was a good one. I sure hated to see it get shortened by rain - I still think Jeff Gordon could have won it...but I also thought it was cool that Joey Logano won. I just have a hard time believing anyone who's only 19 should be out on the track, but he's a pretty good little driver. Maybe next week, Jeff!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Car Show in Albia

Today we went to a car show in Albia where we were led to believe that we would be winning cash (instead of or in addition to trophies). There was supposed to be $1,000 for the car portion of the show and $1,000 for the motorcycle part of the show. So, we thought (silly us) that they would maybe give $100 to the top 10 cars. Dave and I each took a car, Steve & Lisa had their Vette there, LP & Gwen had their '56, John & Shirley had their '57, Mike took his Chrysler, Bill & Geri brought their '55 and Dennis brought his Camaro. Our club had a pretty good turnout! When we got there, we parked together (most of us - Bill, Geri & Dennis didn't come until later. So we all just sat out in the shade and enjoyed the nice breeze we had coming down the street. At lunch we all went to Smitty's and had a wonderful tenderloin - they have really, really good ones there. Then we just looked at cars and tried to stay cool until 3:00 when they presented the awards. They gave away 3 special awards - the police dept. gave a trophy, the mayor gave one, and the fair queen gave one. I won the mayor's choice and Steve won the fair queen's choice (nice plaques, but no cash). Then they gave out plaques to their top 7 picks - one went to Dave, one to John & Shirley, and one to LP. Still no cash. They then put everyone's name in a bin and drew for the cash in various increments....$12,50, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, and $100. Dave won one of the $40 envelopes, Steve won a $20, Bill won a $10, I think John won some cash also. Anyway, it was a pretty good day for the Vintage Cruisers. Dave said they probably won't want us to come back next year!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wildlife Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day here - and today seems to be just as beautiful. I was just sitting here wondering what I was going to write abut when I noticed a movement outside my west window...at first I thought it was a cat. It turned out to be a raccoon just strolling down our driveway! The garbage truck pulled up right then so he went scurrying across the street south of us. I'm glad he's gone - I was going to have to get out the BB gun and go hunting! Then just a little bit ago, I heard a tree frog that sounds like he's in this room with me - I know he's not - he's outside in the perennial garden which is right up by this corner of our house. I got up to go get a glass of ice water and decided to look out the back door to see what birds were feeding, and lo and behold, Mr. Squirrel was up there again! Dave thought he had him buffaloed - he raised the bird feeder about 4 feet higher....we thought he was jumping up on the water dish which was only about 3 feet off the ground. Well, now the water dish is about 9' off the ground and I'm pretty sure this squirrel is not Rocky, the flying squirrel! But anyway, he's figured out a way to get up there to eat those sunflower seeds! I called Dave to tell him about the squirrel, and I asked him what he was going to do now. Dave said, "Nothing....I think he just earned the right to eat sunflower seeds!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Wet Wednesday

Well, I've got quite a few things on my mind today, so I'd better get them down before I forget them. First of all, I want to comment about Coach Ed Thomas being murdered this morning. I am very sad to hear that someone could go into a workout area with 30 some witnesses and kill such a nice man. Everyone in the city of Parkersburg has my sympathy. He has done so much to get Parkersburg back up and running after the tornado last year...he will certainly be missed by many people besides his family. I know the football players past and present have lost a great mentor. These things just don't happen in rural Iowa.

Now closer to home, we've been having so much rain! I dumped .8 out of the gauge last night and another 1" this morning...and it's rained at least once since then. Right now, however, the sun is shining beautifully so the humidity is rising!! Which brings me to another topic - our air conditioner went out yesterday and is being replaced today. Thank goodness for Dale Person! His crew is here working and are hoping to have it all installed this afternoon. Yesterday morning when I came downstairs I thought it was kind of warm, but didn't think too much about it. About an hour later I came into the office to see where the thermostat was set...it was on 76 but the temperature in the office was reading 83. Again I didn't think too much about it because of the computers in here putting out heat, but decided to check the register to see if it was putting out cold air. It wasn't! I then called Hindman-Person and asked to be put on their list. Because it was 92 degrees outside I knew they would be busy...but it didn't take long and Mike was here replacing a fuse in our a/c unit. He hoped that would take care of it, because when he left cool air was coming out of the registers. Well, about an hour after he left I thought it sure hadn't cooled down much in here, so I again checked the thermometer and it said 84. I waited until it got to 85 in here to call them again. After tearing apart the outside a/c unit, he said this one wasn't worth fixing. So Dale told us he'd ordered an extra one that we could have and that they'd work on it tomorrow (which is now today). So after Dave got home from being out in the heat all day he had me call to get a room at the Days Inn where we knew the a/c was working! We stayed out there last night and this morning right after I got home, the Hindman-Person guys were here ready to put us in a new air conditioner! Sometimes it pays to have friends!! Dave left the motel before I did, so before I got here he had gone to the church to borrow a window a/c and had it installed in my office window so that I could stay cool while I was on the computer today!! He's such a nice man!! It got down to 70 in here and I had to turn it off because I was too cold! When I go outside the office though, I realize how fortunate we are to have them installing our new a/c today. It's starting to get hot and muggy outside - so far, however, it's still hotter in our house than it is outside!! I've got windows and doors open trying to cool it down! I hate to think what this is going to cost! Oh well...

I still don't have a date set for my surgery. I'm still waiting to hear from Dr. Steve. I just wanted to get it over with so I could start recuperating...but I guess I'm supposed to be patient. That's enough for today, more later...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Sunday was another hot and humid day! Dave and I went to Des Moines after church. We stopped at the 5 and Diner to eat lunch and then went to see the Iowa Cubs play...nice day for a ball game! It was so hot where we were sitting that we went in search of some shade...we found a spot 15 rows up on the 1st baseline side about halfway between home base and 1st. Great seats and in the shade too! We also had a nice breeze, although it was a hot one! We left in the 5th inning - the Cubs were ahead 5-0 and we wanted to visit Amanda (an ex-IHCC softball player) and her family. She is in Des Moines for about a week. Since her family only lives about 3 blocks from Principal Park, it wasn't hard to get there...actually we'd have been smart to have parked in their driveway and walked across the river!

I've been busy today too. I had a doctor's appointment and a dentist appointment! My Buick is in the shop getting a new tire so I had to drive the '56 Chevy. Since I didn't want to run the air conditioner in the '56, I had some hot errands! I've still got a few things I've got to do today before Dave gets home - hope I get them done!! More later...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Ponderings

You could sure tell that summer is here today. It was hot and humid in SE Iowa - you can almost hear the corn growing! We took the '56 out for a little drive today...went to the Club for an early lunch then over to Nan's to inspect her damaged tree. After we got home, Dave worked out in the yard the rest of the day; in fact, he's just coming in now. He is such a worker and he loves having a beautiful yard. I didn't do hardly anything. I did go outside to watch him work a few times. He won't let me do much right now - doesn't want me to further damage my shoulder. So I just did a few things here in the house and then watched Love of Quilting on IPTV. It's 7:15 and we haven't eaten supper yet...guess I'll need to get that done when Dave gets out of the shower. More later...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been so busy I haven't gotten to blog!! Yesterday I ran errands all day - can't remember what I did on Wednesday - today was a PEO meeting in the morning and I went to see Aunt Helen this afternoon. I thought she was going to be pretty good today, but she got off on a tangent and I couldn't get her back on track. She had a perm yesterday, so I commented about her hair and that started her off. She wanted to know if I had a perm; then she wanted to know if Bob had one! I told her I had naturally curly hair and then she tried to figure out how I got it - she went through everyone on her side of the family without any luck. When I told her it must have come from Dad's side of the family, she tried to figure out where! I was there about an hour and that's about all we got to talk about. God bless her. I'm looking forward to a nice day tomorrow. Dave and I will have to get out and remove the large branch that fell in today's storm! More later...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dave's out mowing the yard - I think he thinks I shouldn't be doing it with my shoulder the way it is. Funny thing is that I was mowing before we knew that I had torn muscles! Now that we know I do think my shoulder hurts worse than it did before! Isn't that a hoot!!

Today was one of those days where I did things like laundry and paying bills. When the sun did come out I went outside and pulled weeds, cut back irises, and stuff in the perennial gardens. Sounds like rain again for the next 3 days so I don't think I'll be out much the rest of the week. More later...

Monday, June 15, 2009

No surgery this week...

I just talked to Mary (Dr. Steve's wife) and they are in Alaska with Steve's brother and his family. So, I won't be getting a phone call to come for surgery this week. Steve will get home on Monday and wants to have my MRI in front of him when he calls...I just have to be patient. I just wanted to get it over with and get on the road to recovery. Bummer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day

I've always liked Flag Day - I think we should make a bigger deal about it! June the 14th is also Karl Nelson's birthday, and was my Uncle Bill's birthday too. Karl used to play football for Iowa State. After ISU he went to the NY Giants and played there for a number of years. He subsequently developed Hodgkin's Disease, which recurred again a couple of years later...but now he's been cancer free for a number of years. He's a great guy! My Uncle Bill was pretty special too - so my conclusion is that people born on Flag Day are special people!! How's that for logic?
Today was a beautiful day. After church we took 3 couples out for lunch after we'd driven them around the countryside in the classic cars. It was a gorgeous day for a cruise! They all seemed to enjoy themselves and we've taken care of a debt that was owed from two years ago...the cruise and lunch were what we offered for our Mission Auction item two years ago. I'm glad that debt is finally paid...just in time for this year's Mission Auction which will be on July 31st! I told Dave we're not offering services this year - only something tangible for the auction. That way we won't have a debt hanging over our heads!
After the cruise, I went to Juliene's for stamping club - we made some beautiful cards today! Lots of fun! Then I came home for about 30 minutes and then we left for the Vintage Cruisers car club meeting! I'm tired!!
I finally got around to having Dave take a picture of me in my new jacket. I think it's really pretty...I should have tucked in my shirt though. I didn't realize it was so much longer than the jacket!
More later...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today was an interesting day. My cousin, Donnie, died about 3 weeks ago and today his family and friends gathered in the cemetery to say goodbye to him. He was my cute cousin! He was always so ornery though. Some of his best buddies were there with lots of stories about Donnie...most of which couldn't be told. He drank and smoked and drove fast and even ended up in jail at least once for out-racing the police in a 1961 Ford Fairlane convertible (bright red!) Since that was his 3rd or 4th speeding ticket, he had to go to jail for 90 days or so. Then he moved to Missouri and we didn't see him a whole lot after that. In about 1971 or so Donnie married a gal named Peggy in Utah. My first husband and I were at the wedding and the reception afterwards. Shortly thereafter they had a son named Lel - Donnie and his best buddy Lel (can't remember his last name) made a pact in the Navy that their first-born children would be named for each other. Well, Donnie had Lel and his friend Lel had a girl, but he named her Dawn for Don. Don & Peggy didn't make it as a couple, but they stayed in touch and his lady friend for the past 18 years said Peggy was the love of his life. Most people called him Don, but we all called him Donnie. Anyway, it was a really nice little gathering at the cemetery - about 38 people - no preacher...Lel was there too...we all just stood in a circle around his ashes and introduced ourselves and told how we knew him and then shared a story if we wanted. My story was about the 61 Fairlane! Then we all said the 23rd Psalm and Nancy put his ashes in the ground. Pretty cool send-off for a "cool" guy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Bummer!

Well, I went to Muscatine yesterday to watch Kaylee in the State Soccer Tournament. They came out tough and scored in the first half...then they played great defense. Unfortunately with only 6 minutes left in the second half, the other team scored. So then we went into sudden death overtime and the other team scored right away. I was really bummed! I think they could have beaten that team. We had some shots on goal, but I thought we played pretty conservatively instead of being aggressive. But then, what do I know. I do know that Waverly-Shell Rock has been to the state tournament each of the last 4 years, which means that the seniors at WSR (Kaylee included) have been there 4 times in their 4 year careers! That's pretty awesome. Think how many girls don't ever get to go.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Guessed Wrong!

Well, I sure guessed wrong on Craig & Sue's surprise...it was a car, but a new one - not a classic. They got a new Dodge Challenger and it is gorgeous! Red with flat black stripes on the hood and the R/T emblem on the sides! Beautiful car!

Today was pretty much a wasted day. I did, however, get my jacket binding put on. Now all I have to finish is the sleeve cuff. I haven't quite figured out how I'm doing that yet, but it shouldn't take me long once I get started. Tomorrow morning, though, I'm going to Muscatine with Bob & Ann to watch Kaylee's team play in the first round of the state tournament. It starts at 11:00 and we're not leaving until 9:00. I think my brother is going to speed!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little About Alot!

Last night I went with Bob & Ann up to Waverly to watch Waverly-Shell Rock HS play in the girls Regional Soccer finals. My great-niece, Kaylee, is the leading scorer on the team. In fact, she has broken the record held at her school for most goals in one year - she has scored 40 goals so far this year. Since I said so far in my last sentence, you can tell that they won! The score, however, was a nerve-wracking 1-0. Kaylee didn't get that goal, and in fact most of the time she was double and triple-teamed so she didn't even get but a couple of shots at goal the entire match. She doesn't care - they're now headed for the state tournament and will play their first game at 11:00 AM on Thursday in Muscatine. Guess where I plan to be??

Last night when I called home, Dave told me that Craig & Sue have a surprise they want me to see, but he was sworn to secrecy so he couldn't tell me what! Now, knowing Craig & Sue, whenever they have a surprise, it's usually a new classic car! So, I'm going on record as guessing that they got a 1969-1971 or so Mustang. I guess I'll find out later this morning after they have finished with their chores.

After that I need to go to one of my P.E.O. sister's to help her with her computer. She's having a few problems - she got a new laptop this winter and is just getting it set up. I helped her the other day too. Then it's off to grocery shop and wait for Sudi to call with results of her appointment with the pulmonologist. I'm anxious to hear from her.

Tonight, another one of my great-nieces, Allison (7), plays softball in Washington. We are planning to go to that too. This should be fun - she's quite a little athlete!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great News - NOT!

My doctor's office just called with the results of my MRI - I have a partial tear of the supraspinatus and a partial tear of the infraspinatus in my shoulder. I can never do anything half-way! I guess it's no wonder I've got so much shoulder pain!! The next step is surgery - he said physical therapy won't help me :( - so I had the nurse fax the results to Dave's cousin who is an orthopaedic surgeon. So now I guess I wait for his schedule...unfortunately I was complaining about shoulder pain the last time I saw him which was almost 2 years ago now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Came Home Early

Dave and I got home last night about 8:15. We went to the Cuzzins' Reunion and stayed until other people started to leave. Since all of his siblings also had plans for the late afternoon/evening, we decided to leave and start home. We usually try to get to El Paso, Illinois, which we feel is about half-way home. When we got there, though, we decided to just come on home. The reunion was fun - about 57 people there to my recollection (19 of which were Dave's immediate family!)

We got to Logansport about 2:30 on Friday and at 4:30 their time (3:30 ours), Dave's dad had picked up pizza for all the family and by 5:00 all were at his house. So we had Dad & Roberta, Don & Bev, Pat & Milt, Suzy & Greg, and us. Don & Bev had just driven to Alaska so they had wonderful pictures and stories to share. It was a very fun evening!

Today was just a great, relaxing Sunday. A beautiful day too! After church, Dave mowed and I watched the Sprint Cup race - can't get any better than that!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have a Great Weekend

Tomorrow morning bright and early, we're leaving for Logansport, Indiana for the annual Cuzzins' Reunion! It should be lots of fun. I'm not looking forward to the trip - it takes about 7 hours, give or take about 15 minutes. Actually, Friday night we're getting together at Dave's Dad's place with just his brother and sisters and their spouses. Then the reunion is Saturday and the guests there will range in age from about 95 to about 3 months! It's held at a park that has an antique carousel - something for the little ones to look forward to. We'll probably start home on Saturday night after the reunion - it's always nice to get part of the way home, then Sunday isn't such a long day. We got new foam put into the seats of our Buick, so we're anxious to see if that will help us be more comfortable on a long trip. Dave always has lots of trouble with his sciatica when we're traveling - this is supposed to help.

I'll talk to you when we get back! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oops, I Missed Yesterday!

Sorry about that - I can't believe I didn't blog yesterday. I must have been really busy. Actually, I finished sewing all the strips on my jacket and started putting it together. Then I panicked - I thought it looked really dumb! So, I went over to CoCo's house (CoCo sews!) to see what she thought. She liked it and said it fit fine, so now it's all put together and I sewed the binding on with the sewing machine. Now all I have left to do is hand-stitch the binding down and hand-stitch the sleeve cuffs.

I also gave blood yesterday, did the laundry, shopped for groceries, came home and put them away! I guess that was a busy day - no wonder I forgot to blog.

Today has been a pretty good day. I had a doctor's appointment in Fairfield. My doctor wants me to have an MRI on my shoulder on Monday - he thinks maybe I've got a torn rotator cuff. If I do, we'll try physical therapy first and then, as a last resort, surgery. Yuk! After my doctor's appointment, I went to see Aunt Helen. She was pretty good today - confused, but at least I didn't hear a single word about her four boys. She was just trying to figure out my family. She couldn't remember that she was 102 - she knew, though, that she was at least 100. I suppose I'd better call Bob to tell him how she was - I haven't done that yet. More later...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vegged Out Day!

I just vegged out today. I tried to take a nap, but that didn't work...the phone rang 4 times and the weather radio alarm went off! I guess I wasn't supposed to nap today, so I did some sewing on my jacket. In fact, I got done putting strips on it. So now tomorrow, I will start putting the jacket back together. I sure wish I felt more confident about this part! It absolutely can't be hard - it's just sewing 2 side seams, 2 shoulder seams, 2 sleeve seams, and setting the sleeves back in. Then I have to sew on the binding. I guess I'm a long way from being done!