Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

As I sit here writing this, it's 9:00 PM and I'm in my jammies and robe!  We're real party animals, Dave and I!

This morning Dave worked at church and I went to Bible Reading Time for the last time before we return to Florida.  It was a great discussion this morning.  Then this afternoon we went to Mark and Mary's to watch our Cyclones.  That was a disgusting game!  There was basically no offense and at times, no defense.  It just looked like the 'Clones didn't show up.  I felt bad for them!  We came home after the game and are just hanging out now.

There was a highlight to my evening...some of my former Cyclones called to wish me a Happy New Year.  It's always good to hear from those guys!

More later...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday night

Last night when we got home from Christmas with my family, it was almost midnight and there was just no  way I wanted to blog.  We had a wonderful time at Bob & Ann's.  It's always fun to be around my nieces and their families.  Al B didn't get to come.  He was working security from midnight to 8:00 AM at Wartburg   both Friday and Saturday nights.  Since he's about 3 hours away, and needed to sleep, he made a wise decision to stay home.  We missed him, though!  He's such a good guy.  So without Al, we had 14 of us around the dinner table!  After a HUGE meal, we unwrapped presents which took until 5:00 PM!  Then after a little bit of supper we played games!  We played Smart Ass and Buzz Word - both really fun games.  Cheyenne and Allison both wanted me on their teams!  Let's just say I had a good night!!!

Today we went to church, came home for leftovers, and then both of us read for most of the afternoon.  Tonight we popped popcorn and watched The Help, one of the 7 movies we received as Christmas gifts!  What a wonderfully moving I've got to go back and re-read the book.  From what I recall, the book is quite different from the movie.

More later...

Friday, December 28, 2012

We're Ready!

Dave and I are ready for Christmas tomorrow!  We finished wrapping the packages, putting on name tags, making the gift card holders, making the apple salad, defrosting the apple cream pie, buying the wine, cleaning up the craft studio, and putting away the wrapping paper and bows!!  All we have to do tomorrow is cook the ham and we borrowed a roaster from church to do that!!  Hopefully all of our family is in southeast Iowa tonight safe and sound!  It'll be good to see them all again!
I went out today and got my flu shot...yuck.  I was hoping to skip it this year, but Dave insisted.  I also renewed my driver's license.  It would have expired on my birthday and I'll not be in Iowa during that now I'm good for 5 more years!!

More later...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

At last!

The sun finally came out this afternoon.  It's still mighty cold, but it was good to see the sun regardless!  We just were leaving the church after the funeral when the sun made an appearance!!  Yay!

This evening we went to Craig & Sue's.  We had a great evening eating pizza and drinking coffee laced with a chocolate alcoholic beverage!  I could really like coffee if it always had this chocolate stuff in it!  In fact, I think we should introduce it at coffee hour at The Ranch!  Sure would liven up those donuts!!

More later...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gray Day

OK, I'm tired of gray days already!  Dave told me tonight that today has reinforced for him WHY we go to Florida.  When you get bored in Florida, at least you can go outside and ride your bike, or water the plants, or just sit outside and read.  Here you just have to stay inside 'cause it's too cold to do anything else!

I was lazy getting around this morning, but I did finally take my shower and get dressed around 10:30.  We had an early lunch and then I went to the Club and taught 5 people how to play Sevens from Hell.  I think they all enjoyed the game.  We ladies clobbered the men, however, so don't know if the men liked the game or not.  I hope so!

Tonight, we've just been reading and playing games on the computer (me)!  Now I'm going to bed!  Tomorrow's a busy day.  We have a funeral in the afternoon and dinner with the Sylvesters tomorrow night!

More later...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's really been a busy two days.  Since Christmas eve was on a Monday, I started my day off by making chili and spiced oyster crackers for supper after church services.  Then Dave and I hurried and wrapped Bryan & Erin's packages!  At 10:30 I went to Bible Reading Time.  There were 9 of us there and, boy, did we have a lively discussion!  We started at John 6:36 and I think we made it all the way to John 6:41 - 5 verses!  We don't strive for speed - just knowledge!!  Fun time!

When I got home about 11:45 Bryan was here and he and his dad were enjoying coffee in the kitchen.  We fixed a late lunch and then while Bryan ran an errand, Dave and I rested a bit before church.  Christmas eve service was wonderful - great music and wonderful message!  We got out about 6:45 and waited until about 7:30 to go to Bob & Ann's for soup.  We loaded up the chili and crackers, plus a pecan pie that Erin had sent with Bryan and enjoyed them PLUS oyster soup - a family tradition!  We didn't get home until 11:00 or after and we went right to bed in case Santa Claus came a little early (lol)!!

This morning while the guys were making bacon and eggs, Dave cut  up apples and we made apple salad for today's lunch with Bob & Ann.  Breakfast was wonderful - topped off with Erin's homemade cinnamon rolls!!  It's a good thing we didn't eat lunch until 2:00 because that was a HUGE breakfast!  We made up for it, though.  We didn't eat supper tonight!  It was a good day - just pretty much laid-back enjoying visiting with Bob & Ann!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and rejoiced over the birth of Jesus!  More later...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Billy Bailey

I love Sundays!  Church was wonderful today.  It was so good to see our friends - we miss them so much!  The choir number was fantastic.  Pastor David's sermon was great as usual!  He talked about God's gift to us, Jesus - Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7).  Church started with singing of carols - led by Mark, Mary, and PraiSing.  Great job!!

We took off after church to go see Auntie Mae in Mt Pleasant.  She's in Hospice care, or was.  When we got there she was shivering.  Her skin was so cold!  We put another blanket around her upper body and she said that was better.  She doesn't talk much now...but when I told her who I was, she just smiled and said, "Well, it's been a long time."  I know she knew who I was - her eyes just lit up!  We stayed for about 30 minutes - it's hard just talking to someone when they don't answer...but I'm sure glad we went.  I thought she looked good, but you can certainly tell that she's failing.

Lunch today was in MtP at the Press Box.  Good food - so much better than Courtside, and it's the same menu.

Billy Bailey is our new puppy!  Here's a picture of him!  He's a little doll!!

(Literally!!)  He's about 5" tall by 5" long!  Heartland Humane and Bailey's Office Supply sold them for a fundraiser and our friend, Ed, bought one for us.  He thought Dave wouldn't be allergic to him!  So I named him Billy, as in Bill Bailey won't you please come home!  Gotcha!!

Tomorrow's a really, really busy day, so I'm going to bed early!

More later...

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today I was alone most of the day!  Dave went to habitat to work and to meet the new homeowner.  I couldn't go anywhere because he had the truck.  So I stayed home and worked on gift card holders for the gift cards we got for Christmas presents.  I've got them all made.  All I have to do now is decorate them and put name tags on them.

I also made a card for my brother's birthday which was Thursday.  Ann got a few people together at the club for dinner and drinks...and birthday cake.  He asked for no gifts, just cards.  It was a fun night!

Oh, I think I forgot to tell you that we got a new puppy when we got home.  I'll hopefully post pictures tomorrow!!  He's so sweet!!

More later...

Friday, December 21, 2012

We're Done!

I think we're finally done with our Christmas shopping!!  Hip, hip, hooray!  Now I've got to make gift card holders for all the gift cards we bought!!  I'm planning to work on those tomorrow while Dave's at Habitat.  Since I don't have a vehicle, I won't be tempted to leave for a while!!

Ever since we've been home, I've been so tired I can hardly stay awake!  I'm sure it's just being stuck inside in this dry air!  I've caught myself referring to Florida as home, as in:  "When we get back home...."  Funny!

Today was a beautiful day.  It was only in the 20's, but the sun was shining brightly!  I guess it's cold in Clearwater, too...maybe in the 50's and 60's.  That sounds heavenly to me after being in THIS cold!

More later...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am freezing!  Today all day, we've had 40-50 mph winds from the Northeast/North and frigid temps - what snow we have was blowing so hard at times I could hardly see my neighbors!  Quite a difference from yesterday when we left Florida!!  At one time today it was 4 degrees wind chill!  Most of the day I spent in bed, but I did have a massage at 4:00 so I had to go out for a while.  Now I'm sitting here wrapped up in a blanket - not that it's cold in our house, but the sound of the wind outside makes you cold!!

Since I slept most of the day, I didn't do anything, so this is boring!  Today is my brother's birthday - I did call him.  We're celebrating on Saturday, though.  We also had sad news - Cassie & Kyle lost their baby.  We're all really bummed.  They went in for their 11 week check and there was no heartbeat.  Sad...

More later...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome Home!

We had a wonderful flight home - everything was so smooth!  Seatbelt sign was off for most all of the trip!  Then about 35 minutes from DSM, the clouds moved in.  We still didn't have turbulance, but we were in clouds all the way.  Then when we got within 10 minutes of landing, we could see the snow in the wing lights - it was parallel to the ground!!!  It still wasn't too cold - maybe about 35, but the snow was really coming down.  It was very, very hard to see to drive...couldn't see the white lines on either side of the car and the snow was blinding, too.  I'm guessing there was about an inch of snow on the ground because of the tracks on the highway.  Then around Pella it started raining, then snow, then back to rain.  By Eddyville there was nothing!  Now, however, we're having rain and thunder and lightening!  Blizzard is still supposed to hit tonight and tomorrow.  Welcome home!!

More later...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last B&B for the year!!

We bowled this morning and both of us bowled pretty well.  I had 127-140-121.  Dave had 121-105-95 or something like that.  We were both pleased with our bowling...I struggled my third game - I kept getting splits!  Maybe next year I'll bowl better!!  After bowling we went to Peters - good food and no one complained!

I took a short nap this afternoon while Dave helped Sue & Penny.  Then I went to bingo.  Francine (a French lady who lives near the park) won the first 5 games.  She ended up winning 7 of the 16 games!  I told her she should go buy a lottery ticket!!  I won  one game, but had to split the pot with another I almost won my entry fee back!

Tomorrow we fly home.  Our plane leaves at 3:00 and we get in around 5:00.  I've seen that O-town may get 10-11" of snow tomorrow night...I hope not!

More later...

Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm tired!  I guess I'll get to rest when we get back in O-town!!  Sunday we went to church, came home for a little bit, and at 2:30 left for Homosassa Springs for a Christmas program in Sue's brother's church.  He had written the dialog for the program, plus acted and sang in it.  His wife also had a solo song.  It was fantastic!  It's hard to believe that there's THAT much talent in any one church.  The singing was top-notch, as was the instrument playing!!  It was a great story about how the nativity would have been portrayed in various time today, during King James' time, etc.  Jesus even had a stereotypical Jewish mother!!  Great job!  After the program, which started at 6:00, we went to Jeff and Faith's home for a little party.  We had a great time; the only problem was we didn't get home until midnight!!

This morning, we got up, got around, and went to Sarasota.  Dave and his dad went fishing - this time they brought home 6 fish!!  Roberta and I went shopping.  We didn't get to eat lunch until 2:15 when all 4 of us got home!!  We were just having too much fun!!  It was a beautiful day!!

I played 7s from Hell tonight - I was on the winning team again!  Woohoo!!

More later..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beautiful Saturday!

Our day started out with breakfast at the of Marv's famous breakfasts.   Today we had quiche!!  Not only did we have quiche, you could also have scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage, pancakes, 3 different kinds of quick breads, country fries, juice and coffee.  Quite a spread for $5.00!!  Plus, the guys make the breakfast AND do the cleanup!  Good deal!

We had to run out to get some more envelopes, so we went to the Largo Mall to Michaels - no envelopes the size of my cards.  Dave had suggested we try Office Depot, but I doubted they'd have A2 envelopes.  Well, guess what?  They did!  So after a short stop at Publix, we came home and both of us took naps.  Mine was longer than Dave's because I had a really hard time sleeping last night.  I think it was just too much  sorrow about the shootings in Connecticut!

This evening we were to meet Sudi & Howard at JD's about 5:15, so about 4:00 we went down to Redington Shores to a park and watched the birds - even took a few pictures.

 Beautiful blue heron.
 Blue heron.

Across the water was this nice housing area, so we drove back in there and took some pictures of for sale signs.  These 3 all had waterfronts - I wonder what they cost!  Nice area - kind of crowded, but very livable...or so it looked to us!

We met Sudi & Howard at JD's - good food, great company AND even a boat parade!!

I also am posting a picture of Ron & Marcia's Lexus after their wreck.  It is pretty well crunched up.

More later...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chilly tonight!

It's a little chilly here tonight.  It's already down to 60 - guess we'll have the bedspread on again tonight!  We're sitting here all snuggled into our chairs - I love having my computer on my lap for evenings like's so warm and toasty!!  It was beautiful here today, though!  Dave even went fishing at the nature preserve.  He got some bites, but didn't catch anything.

I finished up my candy and cleaned up my mess.  Then I got all of our Christmas cards in the mail!  I've got most of the cards for our friends here at Holiday Ranch ready to go, too.  Time's getting short, so I'd better get a move on!!

I thought you'd enjoy seeing me in my Red Hat garb!  When I uploaded this picture, all I could think of was how much I look like my mom!

This is such a sad day for America.  I can't believe that a 20 year old could get so angry to shoot 27 or 28 people, especially innocent children.  What made him so angry?  Where did he get the assault weapons he used?  What kind of upbringing did he have that he had no regard for human life?  Why kill innocent people if you hate your life and want to die?  Where do we go from here?  When will this insanity stop?  When will people stop acting like this?   I have so many questions and no answers, unfortunately.  All we can do is pray that God will stop the craziness.

More later...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fish & Candy

We went to Sarasota today and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  Nice enough that Dave and his dad could go fishing!  Maury put on a fishing clinic for Dave today.  He caught 6 fish and Dave only caught 1.  They brought home 3 nice whitings to put in the freezer.

While they were out fishing, Roberta and I made candy.  We made the peanut butter insides for her "Clark Bar lookalikes" - 2 batches of them.  We've still got to dip them in chocolate, but I ran out of that's a tomorrow job.  At the same time we made a batch of crock pot peanut clusters and got to dip them out about 15 minutes after the other two batches of candy were done and the kitchen cleaned up.  Then we had to wait for about 2 hours or so before they set up enough to put away.  Everything is delicious if I do say so myself!!!

We didn't get home until after 5:00.  Lunch wasn't until about 2:30, so no supper tonight.

More later...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

This was one of those BUSY days!  We went to coffee this morning, then I took off for Bealls to get myself something purple to wear with my red hat to the Red Hat luncheon today.  There were 14 of us dressed "to kill" (actually that's because people die of laughter after seeing us in our finery!) that went to the Ivory Mandarin restaurant in Dunedin for lunch.  It was pretty good for Chinese food.  I'm not a fan.  Next time I go to a Chinese restaurant, I'm going to ask for steamed veggies and rice - no sauce.  Then I'd probably like it, cause I love steamed veggies and rice - no meat.  Someone took a group picture, so I'll try to get one to post.  We really looked good!

After lunch we went to this little shop that was kind of like a dollar store, only crammed into an itty bitty area.  I found a red hat with a cool purple hat band all for $15.  Next time, I'll REALLY be styling!  The hat I bought at the beach wouldn't stay on my head - my hair is too slick or something!!  Plus, it's not very comfortable for long periods of time.  We left here at 11:45 and didn't get home until after 3:00!!  I sat down in my chair to get on my computer and fell asleep for about 1/2 an hour.  Dave invited Sue & Penny over for supper, so we had to get things ready for that!  It's so good to see them and they love their new home!  They've got a wish list a mile long, but all in due time!!  Glad they're here!  They didn't leave until 7:30 and then we did dishes, so it's been a long day!

Tomorrow we go to Sarasota - the guys are going fishing and Roberta & I are making candy!  Sounds like we've got the better end of things!!  Stinky fish or wonderful chocolate smells...hmmm??  Chocolate wins out every time!

More later...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This was an interesting day!  This morning was bowling.  I bowled pretty well this morning...I had a 130, 142, and a 129!  I threw the ball really well...most of the time I got 9 on the first ball!  I was pretty close to bowling really, really well!  Plus, I won poker on one game with two pairs!

Then, this afternoon, I had a phone conference with DuPont's Extend Health to determine what I would do for my  medigap coverage and drug coverage as soon as my birthday month gets here!  A phone call that was supposed to take about 30 minutes ended in about 100 minutes!  At least I'm all signed up so I can forget about that issue!!

Tonight at bingo, I ended up with an L on my forehead again.  I was sooo close, just no cigar!!

More later...

Monday, December 10, 2012

9 more days

Actually only 8 more days until we're on our way home for Christmas.  Right now it's only 18 there and it's 70 here.  In fact, we turned on our A/C today because it is so humid!  We had a nice rain tonight and are supposed to get more the next two days...but the sun DID shine this morning, so we can still count it  toward the 361 days of sunshine per year average!  I'm really going to miss this!!

I don't know what was going on with our printer today, but it kept saying the wireless connection was off.  I finally took my computer in by it and hooked it up manually.  I got my labels printed that way...then I brought my computer back out to the living room and the wireless started working again!!  Have no clue what happened!

At 7s from Hell tonight, Coreen and I won!!  Yay!  We'll see how I bowl tomorrow...maybe I'll win at bingo...hmmm!!

More later...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beautiful Day!

It was another beautiful day here.  I think we're supposed to get about 3 days of rainy weather this week, so maybe I won't get to say that it's a "beautiful day" every day this week!  I just talked to my brother - it's only 28 there.  He said that's about as high as it's going to get tomorrow - yuck!

We went to church today, then to Office Depot to get some labels for Christmas cards...then I took a nap instead of doing the cards.  Shame on me!  Actually, it was a book's fault!  I wanted to finish this book I started yesterday.  Reading leads to, after I finished my book, I felt a nap was in order.  Dave had gone to work on 441 after lunch, so napping was easy.  It was quiet with no interruptions.  He came home 1/2 hour after I started my nap.  I got up out of my chair, walked into the bedroom, and fell asleep again!  I must have been tired!  Sure hope I sleep tonight!

More later...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I felt better again today...I'm not coughing as much as I did!!  Yay!  I'm about ready to chop out my right tonsil, though.  It still hurts!  Bummer!  Maybe by tomorrow it'll be okay again!

Dave worked at 441 again today.  He got the bathroom all done and cleaned up.  Now he's going to work on the kitchen area.  It has some nasty wallpaper!!  He's hoping to get it all off and paint the walls and cabinets before Sue & Penny get here last next week.

We also went to SuperCuts to get our hair cut today...that took an hour, maybe more!  The lady we like to cut our hair was behind, but we waited for her!  When we got done, we went to Carmelita's for lunch, then back to the park so he could work some more.

This evening we had just come in from the lanai and locked all the doors, when the phone rang.  Ann's brother & sister-in-law had been in a wreck and needed a ride home from the hospital.  It seems they were sitting in traffic when an impatient young lady zoomed around traffic, hit an Escalade broadside and knocked it into Ron & Marcia, which pushed them into a car, and that car into another car, etc.  They are banged up, but it could have been far worse...thank God for watching out for them.  Traffic was a mess.  We were to go  S on 19 to 49th South, to the 6000 block...well, we had to make 2-3 detours because of a holiday parade that was blocks long.  It took us 3x as long to get there as it should have!  Coming back was relatively simple because the parade was over, but it was definitely a challenge getting there.  Of course, the insurance company can't get to their car until Tuesday, so they're without wheels.  Good thing to have "relatives" in the park!

More later...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Super Friday!

It turned out to be a beautiful day today!!  It's still 68 here.  I wondered about today because it was overcast all morning.  Finally about noon, the clouds burned off and the sun came out.  We ate our lunch and then went to the Legion to join the rest of the gang there.  Gorgeous day to sit on the water with friends!  Some of our friends may have headaches tomorrow, if you know what I mean!!

I did some Christmas shopping online and now I don't have a lot left.  I've still got to get something for my brother (he's so hard to buy for!) and for a couple more of the guys.  Then I'm done!  Tomorrow I'm going to print out labels for our Christmas cards and then maybe I'll be ready to head home for Christmas!

More later...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beautiful, fun day!

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  It's still 73 degrees, even after a little shower this evening!  Dave worked on unit 441 this morning, putting a coat of paint on the cabinets in the bathroom and painting the ceiling.  Then Sudi, Howard, Nancy, and Rod came over around noon.  Nancy & Rod hadn't been to our park so we gave them the nickel tour before we went to Clearwater to have lunch.  Lunch today was at the Post Corner where we all had pizza!  Six of us and we all like different kinds of pizza - what a hoot!  Ours today may have been the best we've had!  We had a 4 topping - pepperoni, bacon, onions, and fresh tomatoes.  Delicious!  Good food, beautiful scenery, and wonderful friends!  Can't beat that!

Dave was going to go back to 441 to work this afternoon, but instead he read a book and I took a nap.  I read for a while and then I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer!  This evening we've just been hanging out.  A little shower went through here about 45 minutes ago.  We really needed didn't last long, but appreciated nonetheless!

More later...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sick of being sick!

I finally got out today.  I'm no longer contagious, so I went to coffee and to the association meeting.  Dave sneaked out after coffee, because he wanted to get busy painting at Sue & Penny's place.  I think the meetings are pretty boring, so I don't blame him for leaving.  I tried riding my bike around the park, but I'm just not able to breathe that well right now.  I am really tired of coughing!  I think if I could quit coughing, my throat would no longer be sore.

Tomorrow we're meeting some of my friends from high school.  They're coming here first and then we're going to the Post Corner for pizza.  Should be a nice day to sit out and watch the water!  I hope I remember to take my camera!

More later...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Still sickly!

Today was my second day of being home and "nursing" my crud!  I'm on day 2 of antibiotics...I do feel a little better, but my cough is awful!  I'm not coughing as much, which is good.  My throat is sore this evening, but it wasn't too bad all day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day!

It was beautiful here again.  Dave & I eat all of our meals (except breakfast) on the lanai...we don't eat breakfast out there because I'm usually still in my pjs and our neighbor sits outside to have his coffee.  He has a direct view of our lanai!

Dave took the wallpaper off the bathroom at Sue & Penny's house...he'll start taping and painting there tomorrow.  I'm hoping I get better quickly so I can help him paint.  They'll get here in about a week and a half.  We can hardly wait to see them!

More later...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Doctor today!

I got up this morning, took my shower, dressed, and left to find a doctor!!  I've got a sore throat and what feels like ear glands on my right side hurt, as does my ear, and my teeth!  I was able to get in to see a doctor at an emergency care clinic - I had to wait about 5 minutes after I completed my new patient paperwork is all!  I have tonsillitis!  Yuck - I had that all the time when I was a kid.  My lungs are clear, no fever, no ear infection, just ulcerated tonsils and a cough that irritates my tonsils more!  So I'm on a Z-Pac.  I took 2 pills when I got home and I've taken 2 naps - sure hope I can sleep tonight!

More later...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Super Sunday

Another beautiful day here in central Florida.  We got up and went to church this morning.  Church ran extra long today because it's the first Sunday in Advent, the hanging of the greens Sunday, plus communion.  Whew!  It was a nice service, though.  Unfortunately they had the A/C cranking and by the time we left, we were both frozen.

We knew we were going to see Dave's dad before we left for church, so we packed our shorts and left right from church.  We had hoped to have lunch with Sudi & Howard, but they passed.  So we went to Gators and sat in the sun by ourselves.  We ate our lunch and then took a detour (we took the scenic route!) south...we actually ended up going north for quite a while.  I need to look at a map to see where we were going to come out.  We decided to turn on the GPS and those instructions took us a round-about way out to I275.  It took us a lot longer to get to Dad's than we thought!  At least he and Roberta got a nap before we got there!

We hung up their Christmas lights on the outside of their mobile home, plus I replaced lights on their little palm tree on their lanai.  They look quite festive now!!  We didn't get home until about 9 hours after we left this morning - it was a long day!

More later...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Can it really be...

December 1st?  No way!  Where did this year go?  My mom always said that time went faster the older you got.  I guess she was right...again!

Dave and I had a rather lazy day today.  We DID get some of the Christmas decorations out and up.  I went to Walmart and bought a couple of spiral trees for out in front of our mobile.  They look really cool.  Dave put white lights up around the carport and we have the tree up in the lanai.  It's beginning to look like Christmas here!

This evening we had a taco bar at the clubhouse.  Cost us $5 each for all you can eat tacos.  Very good food!  I don't know who made the guacamole, but it was REALLY good!

Yesterday I didn't feel very good and thought I was getting sinus infection, but today I feel much better!  Hopefully nothing except a cough!

More later...