Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We had a fun day today.  Went to coffee this morning.  Since our sunshine lady was under the weather, I got up to tell the joke of the day and everyone loved it!  Then after coffee, we went over to Doris' to take pictures of her home to send to Sue & Penny in Canada.  We loved her place.  They ended up buying her unit and Doris bought Sandee's!  So we were wheelin' and dealin' at the Ranch today.

This afternoon we went to Wally World to buy our Halloween costumes for the party tonight.  I'll hopefully get pix uploaded tomorrow.  Dave went as Julius Caesar and I was a witch.  Dave won the best men's costume!!  Then he and I won one of the games.  After that we had pizza and  played a scavenger hunt in our purses!!

More later...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I won at bingo!!  Yay!  I'm not a loser any more!!  I didn't win a lot, but at least I won!!

Dave went to Sarasota today to help his sister do some honey-do's at his dad's.  I stayed home.  We didn't have water aerobics because it was only 58 when it was time to go up there.  So I rode my bike circuit instead.  When I turned to come north I about froze!  It was cold out there!!  I rode the circuit again this afternoon when it was a little warmer.  It was  still cold when I faced north!  While I was out, I stopped at Bob & Ann's and removed some of their furniture covers.  Thought maybe things could air out a bit.

Dave got home about 3:30 and just before I left to go to bingo, we rode the circuit again!  That was 3 times today for me!!

More later...

Monday at the Ranch

We woke up to cold weather today - it wasn't even 60!!  You know these mobile homes aren't really insulated very well, so when it's cold outside, it's pretty chilly inside too.  Dave got up early, early to take his sister and her hubby to the airport for a 6:00 flight.  Only 1 flight in and out of St Pete/Clearwater airport and it was their flight!  Is that good news or wouldn't be so bad to be stranded in Clearwater!  They made it home safely...and early.  Their plane left early and got in early.

We didn't have water aerobics, so we rode our bikes two different times yesterday.  It was so windy that it was really hard to go really had to pump your bike hard.

I went to 7s from Hell.  My partner and I lost (can you belive it?)  We were ahead by 1900 points going into the last hand and ended up losing by 70 points.  I hope I find my winning mojo before bingo tonight!!

More later...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Sunday!

After church, we came home, changed into swim clothes and headed to meet Dave's family at the pool in Sarasota.  Both of Dave's sisters and their husbands were here, so there were 8 of us that spent the afternoon and evening together.  We stayed at the pool until about 3:30 even though at times it wasn't very was cloudy and windy!  It was still fun, though.  When we left the pool, we got ready to go to the Beach House for dinner.  Now the BH is right on the beach, probably about 50 feet from the water.  The water was really riled up because of the winds!  The waves were probably 2-4 feet high.  It was just beautiful!!  We ate in an enclosed area (enclosed with plastic) so we were technically outside, but all of us had jackets on.  I didn't get cold at all - I had on shorts and a light jacket, but my MIL was really, really cold.

We brought Suzy & Greg home with us because they flew out of St Pete/Clearwater airport at 6:00 this morning.  Busy, busy day!

It's only 55 here this morning and I'm thinking we probably won't be having water aerobics...I'm waiting to hear.  More later...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Having Trouble

I'm having trouble with my internet tonight.  I don't know if I'll get this posted or not, we'll see.  I hate to do all the typing just to lose it, but hopefully it'll be okay.

Today Dave and I both got our hair cut.  We got in at Super Cuts on E. Bay - didn't have to wait too long.  I was really surprised for a Saturday.  We also went to Lowe's and stopped at the bicycle shop for a new seat for my bike.  It's a really nice one!!  We also got me a light since mine died!  Plus, the best - we ate lunch at Five Guys!  Love those burgers and fries!

Dave washed my car this afternoon, put my bike seat and lights on, while I cleaned house!  Tomorrow we're going to Sarasota to spend the afternoon with Dave's two sisters and their husbands, plus Dad & Roberta.  I'm sure we'll be at the pool!  We'll go to church first, then be down there around 12:30 or so.  We're all going to the Beach House for supper.  It's a neat place to go...right on the beach.  We've seen dolphins there before - hope we do tomorrow.  We haven't seen one, yet.

Tonight we're sitting here  watching the Cyclones play against Baylor.  There's 6 minutes left in the game, and we're up by 2 touchdowns.  Hope we can hang on to win this.  It'd be a great homecoming victory, if so.  As we sit here, the windows are open - it's still 74 (only 35 in O-town).  We've had a gorgeous, but windy, day.  
I hope this game gets over and I can sleep better than I did last night.  I had iced tea yesterday (2 glasses)...I guess I'd better stop drinking that stuff!  It seems to keep me awake!  Back to the game!

More later...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Beautiful day!

It was a little breezy today, but it was still beautiful.  I went to aerobics and when we got out of the water, it was so windy that it made us pretty cold...but it didn't take long to warm up.  It is 77 here tonight and only 34 at home.  You've just got to love this weather.

Dave worked on painting the bathroom ceiling this morning, so I took the car and went "exploring".  Actually I wanted to get my hair cut, so I was in a Super Cut when I was informed by my hubby that some of the neighbors were going to the Legion.  I promptly cancelled my haircut and took off for home.  We got to the Legion shortly after our friends, ordered, and our food came within a minute or so of theirs.  There were 12 of us there.  The Legion here sits on the Intercoastal and it is gorgeous - you sit right on the water!  The sun was shining brightly, but the wind was blowing so hard that we all had to put our table umbrellas down!

I went for two bike rides around the park today.  It was really hard when I tried to head into the wind, but I did it!!  Good workout!

More later...

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It was another hot day here!  This morning, though, it was cloudy and breezy.  When I went to water aerobics, it was chilly, but it didn't take long to warm up!

This afternoon, Dave and I went to Bob & Ann's and swept out their lanai...Dave then used the Wet Jet so now they can walk into their lanai without getting so dirty...maybe.  It sort of depends on how much the wind blows between now and the time they get here!  Dave power-washed our driveway and it looks really nice.  It still could use another time or two, though.  He's talking about painting the ceiling of the bathroom tomorrow.  He's like the Energizer Bunny...he just keeps going and going!  Me, however, not so much.  After aerobics and riding my bike twice today, I'm ready to crash!

More later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This morning at coffee, we changed my "loser" status to "winner"!!  We won the morning 50-50!!  At least it paid for my bingo last night and for next week's too.  So I won't feel bad about going to bingo on Tuesday now.

Dave worked on leveling the mobile home today.  We were going to hire this done, but Dave bought a 12 ton jack and some shims and did it himself for around $32!  I'm sure it would have cost more had we hired it done.

We put in an offer on the mobile home we were interested in...we didn't get it.  After a weekend of thought, we gave him an offer that was commensurate with what units are bringing in the park.  He shot us back a figure that was $5,000 more than what we offered...sorry, not going to happen!  Anyway, not from us!  So, we're back to square 1.

More later...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ok, I think I have a big L on my forehead!  I just have no luck at all when it comes to bingo!  I went tonight for the first time, and I was only close in one game!  All the rest of the time, I may as well have stayed home!!  One table won 5 or 6 games - they could have shared!

This morning I went to water aerobics - that was fun.  I can sure tell that I moved muscles I don't usually.  I was kind of stiff this afternoon.

It's really hot here - it's still 78 degrees.  It's supposed to be around 90 again tomorrow.  Our home wasn't too bad until late this afternoon.

More later...

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today was another gorgeous day.  We had the windows open all day - just enjoying the beautiful air!  It started to get hot this afternoon, so I went outside and sat on the lanai with a fan on me!!  What decadence!!

Dave cleaned out the gutters today while I washed windows on the inside.  I also went for a big bike ride and visited with friends around the park.  Tonight I played 7s from Hell for the first time this winter.  Tomorrow night I'll play bingo!

It's a pretty laid-back existence down here!

This is my oldest great niece's birthday...she's 22.  It's so hard to believe that she is 22.  Linda's kids are no longer kids - they're full-fledged adults!  More later...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hope & Family

Since it is Sunday, we decided to go back to Hope Presbyterian here in Largo.  They've made some changes at Hope - for one thing, they have video screens on both sides of the altar.  During Pastor Laura's sermon, she carried her IPad and changed the screens herself.  We'd never seen that done before, but it seemed to work.  At the end of her sermon, she had us watch a short video, which she queued from her IPad.  The choir sang a spirited song today - "I'm Going to Live So God Can Use Me."  We've sung it before at FPC!  It was nice being back - several of the congregation and Pastor Laura welcomed us back.

After church, we came home, put on our swim suits and headed to Sarasota.  We met Dave's sister and her husband, as well as Maury & Roberta at the pool for lunch.  Then we sat around and soaked up a little sun.  About 3:00 we went to M & R's unit and cleaned.  I took the living room, Suzy worked on the kitchen, and Dave worked on the bathroom.  We were a pretty good team - got lots done.  We didn't get home until about 7:30, ate leftover pizza, and now we've crashed in our chairs.  Good day!!  Far less humidity today, and tonight it's a little chilly outside!

More later...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunny Saturday

It was a beautiful day here!  It's still 71 outside, even at 9:30 PM!  Dave got my bike put together and we took a bike ride this morning.  It rides pretty good!!  I think we'll have to get a different seat, cause this one is really, really hard...but I'll give it another try or two.  Oh, oh...Dave's eyes are closed and he's left the TV on America's Funniest Videos, which I just hate!!  Usually I ask him to turn off the TV if he's going to go to sleep, but I goofed and I wasn't watching him!  

We went to do some shopping this morning and had lunch when we came back.  Then this evening, we went to the Post Corner with Ron & Marcia for pizza.  The sunset was beautiful - not a cloud in the sky!  When we got home - around 8:15 - we were locked out of our lanai.  For some reason the lanai screen door was locked.  Don't know how that happened, cause you can't lock it and then close it.  One of our neighbors gave us a thank-you card and stuck it in the screen door - somehow when I took the card out, the screen door "became" locked...???  We neither one had a key with us for the front door, so we went to Ron's and borrowed a flashlight to get into Bob & Ann's for a set of keys that they had.  Then we were able to open it and slide the chain lock off so we could get much for a chain security lock, huh?!!  I think we'll have to replace that!!  Anyway we finally got in the house!!  We had a fun evening.

Today wasn't a good day for my Cyclones.  We really got thumped by Oklahoma State.  Don't know what happened to our defense, but it sucked big time today.  The OSU QB was able to throw at will.  Back to the drawing board!  

More later...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday in Paradise!

It was really hot and humid here today, so we ended up turning on the air this evening.  It got up to 91 in here before we gave in, though!  Here's a pondering...leather chairs are hotter in hot weather!  Just wanted you to know that.  We did a bunch of things today.  We went to see two different trailers.  One's a definite no - just way too much work.  The second trailer we really liked, but they are asking way too much $$ for it, in our opinion.  We're going to weigh out the pros and cons and come up with our idea of what it will cost to get it up to "snuff" for us...then we'll talk to them about price.  Structurally, it's pretty much what we's a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath...we'd rather have 2 baths, but at least there's a potty and a sink in the master bedroom.  The MB is huge - plenty of room for a king sized bed.  Second bedroom isn't so big, but it's not too bad.  Living room is big, kitchen is small and would need new cabinet doors.  It has a wonderful lanai or porch or Florida room.  Needs painted and updating.  Don't know exactly what to think right now.

Today the UPS guy delivered a huge box to our house - I figured Dave bought some kind of tool or something.  Instead he bought me a new 3-wheeler...a red one!  He said it was for my birthday, anniversary, Christmas all in one.  This way, he can have my old 3-wheeler and he'll be able to carry more stuff than he can on his current bicycle (a 2--wheeler).  Now I'm going to be riding in style!!!  He's been working on "some assembly required" for about 5 hours now!  The mosquitoes are really thick tonight, so he finally moved his operation into the lanai after supper.  He was getting eaten up out there!

We ate outside in the lanai this evening - with a fan blowing on us.  No breeze this evening.  It's supposed to be less humid tomorrow.  You should see my curly hair!  Humidity = curls for me!!

More later...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun in the sun!

We had a wonderful day today.  I slept in...I didn't wake up until 9:00 AM!!  Dave got up about 2 hours before me and came out to the kitchen.  He started removing all the dishes from the cupboards and washed them all!  He was about 3/4 done by the time I got up!  After I showered and got ready for the day, I helped him.  Then we decided to let the dishes and cupboards air dry, so we took off for the grocery store.  On the way there, we decided to go to the water to eat lunch.  It would be a great start to our winter!  So, we went to Columbia Restaurant and had a 1905 salad...Dave also had a Cuban sandwich, but I just had the salad.  I love those salads and Greg (our waiter) made the best one we've ever had today!  The mix of oil, garlic, and Worchester sauce was perfect!!  WTG, Greg!  We were right on the water and it was 85 and sunny today.  Beautiful day for eating outside and watching God's beauty!

When we left Columbia, we stopped at Save A Lot to shop.  We'd never been in there, but we got lots of groceries for $54.00, including fresh fruit and vegetables!  We came home so I could put those groceries away while Dave went to Publix for what we couldn't get at SAL.  I also put away all the silverware, but had to wait for Dave to get home with the shelf liner before I could put dishes away.

By this evening, the kitchen looks wonderful...all that's left to do in there is wet mop the floor.  The bedroom and bathroom have been wet mopped.  I cleaned the bathroom, but still have to wash the shelves in the linen closet before we put the towels away.  Dave cleaned and mopped the lanai.  There's a lot to do when you open up a summer home!

Tonight we went for a bike ride and said hello to a lot of the neighbors.  We just had popcorn for supper and now we're pooped again.  Tomorrow's another busy day.  We have to go see a trailer at 11:00 and wet mop    
the kitchen and living room, finish the bathroom, check on Bob & Ann's trailer, and just enjoy the day!!  More later....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're here!!

We made it!  We got here about 4:30 - put things away...hung up clothes...washed down cabinets...swept floors...made bed...visited with neighbors...and now we're going to crash!  I'll post more tomorrow night!  Thank you, Lord, for a safe trip!

More later...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Travel Eve

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll head out for our southern home.  I'm still anxious, but I'm sure it's just travel jitters!  I'll be okay once we get on the road.  I'm sure we'll see some beautiful trees in Missouri - we've sure got some beautiful ones here!  I hope to be able to get some pix!  Last year all of the color was gone and the year before that, it was hazy so I didn't get very good pictures.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day for travel.  Please say a prayer for us that our trip will be a safe one.  Thanks!!

I'll try to post tomorrow night - it'll depend on where we stay.  We're hoping to get to Birmingham or farther.  We'll see!

More later...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost here

It's almost time for us to leave.  I am always anxious - anxious to get there, but anxious about leaving, too.  I wish we could take all of our friends and church family with us.  Thank goodness that Pastor's sermons are all online now.  I'll at least feel like we're still here!  I'll really miss SU events with Juliene, BRT with the group, Sunday evening service and choir!  And then there's sorority and PEO, too!

Tomorrow we see what all will fit in the car.  I think some of it will have to stay, but we'll see.  Dave's planning to take a bunch of his fishing gear and some tools.  The nice thing is that all of that stuff will stay there and won't come back home.  Tomorrow's going to be really busy!  Hope we get everything done!

More later...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gloomy Day

When I woke up this morning at 7:30 it was still dark out.  It was raining cats and dogs, lightning and thundering!!  It was wonderful!  Then the sun came out later and it turned humid.  It was nice for the football game, though.  Unfortunately the good guys ended up on the short end of the stick today.  We played really hard, but just couldn't move the ball at the end.  I thought maybe we were going to get the upset.  I don't know why we can't be the "luckiest team in the nation"!

Bryan and Erin are here.  We had goulash, lettuce salad, homemade French bread, apple cream pie, and Graham's ice cream.  Now I'm stuffed!!

More later...

Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I thought it was Saturday.  Today I thought it was Saturday!  I wonder if I'll got to church tomorrow, thinking it is Sunday!!  I keep thinking I'm going to miss the football game this weekend!  Since it starts at 11:00 I sure hope I remember!

Today I have 75 Christmas cards in some stage of completion...2 are 99% done...44 are 50% done, the rest not so much!  Hopefully I'll get to work on them tomorrow, but with the ball game and Bryan & Erin coming, I doubt that I will.  We'll see!

The girls of '66 (some of them) called me today to say that they missed me.  I sure wish I was with them, but I'm sure that staying here was the best choice.  I'm feeling lots better today.

It's raining outside right now.  We need rain so badly!

More later...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Day!

On days like this, Florida seems like a long ways away!  Why would we go to Florida when it's this beautiful here?  At 5:00 it was still 73 and just perfect.

Dave and I worked on straightening up the house today because the cleaning lady came at noon!  It really doesn't get too bad - just around Dave's chair!  Oh, and my craft studio!  Plus right now, the dining room is our staging area for everything we want to take with us!!  In fact, it's so bad that she just gets to skip that room!

I got ambitious today and got a start on my Christmas cards.  I've got them about 1/3 of the way done...hopefully by this time tomorrow evening, they'll be at least 1/2 done!!  I've still got to get my secret sister gift wrapped and taken to Judy so she can deliver it.  Plus I've got to make my phone calls to the utility companies, etc.  I suppose I'd better get busy tomorrow - heck with the Christmas cards!

More later...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Productive Day

Pretty productive day for me.  I got a few more things packed, placed all of our Stampin' Up orders, printed out the invoices, got a SU order ready to deliver, finished 10 more cards and even got to play a little!

Here are the three cards we made last night in class.

Love this little mummy!!
Chocolate chip and very vanilla for Christmas - that's really different but striking!
This card is using a reflection technique.  It's a little difficult, but can be mastered relatively quickly - even if you have shaky hands like I do!

Of course, as usual, all products are Stampin' Up!

More later...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good class!

We had a good class tonight!  We had 12 sign up but 14 showed up!!  Good thing we made card supplies for 15!  Everyone really liked the cards!  I'll try to get everything unpacked and upload my 3 cards tomorrow.

I feel a little better tonight.  My cough is definitely looser, but that usually means I cough more!  Today Dave and I went through our closets and took clothes to the Klassi Kloset, so that's a big job done!  I also started pulling clothes to take to Florida with me.  With all of Dave's fishing stuff, I'm sure glad we have a car with a big trunk!  There may not be room for my clothes!  Now that we both have Kindles, we don't have to carry books  back and forth, which saves a bunch of room.  I'm starting to get excited now.

Yesterday, Dave and I went to the Ottumwa Park to see the pelicans.  We're a regular stop  for white pelicans every year.  I was able to get some good pictures.

As you can see, there were hundreds of them.  They really made us think about Florida.  Although, we don't very often see white pelicans where we are, pelicans are definitely a southern bird in our minds!  Thanks for stopping by O-town on your way south!

More later...

Monday, October 8, 2012


I called my doctor's office this morning and was able to get in at 11:30 to see MY doctor - I didn't have to see a PA or one of the other doctors!  So, he's doctoring me for pneumonia.  If you could hear me cough, you'd know why!  The pharmacist said this medicine should make me feel better right away.  I sure hope so, but it hasn't yet!!  I called today to cancel my reservation for Wisconsin.  At this point I'm just wanting to feel well enough for the trip to Florida.  I hated to do that, but I didn't want to get better and then have a relapse from being too tired, plus I didn't want to give this cough to anyone else.  Maybe next year!

I only got to go to a little bit of Bible Reading Time.  I had to leave about halfway through just to get to the doctor's office.  The rest of the day I slept.  I woke up at 5:10 just in time for an Evangelism meeting.  I came home from it, ate a bite of supper and then watched DWTS.  Man, is this ever a great season!

Since I don't get to go to Wisconsin, this gives me a few more days of getting ready to go south.  My biggest challenge is knowing what to take with us.  Tomorrow I'll start making a list - if I can stay awake all day!

More later...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh dear!

This may not be good.  Dave and I went to church this morning.  I was so tired, I told Dave that I don't think I've every been that tired before!  So I came home earlier than he did and sat in my recliner.  I fell asleep shortly after he arrived home...and I didn't wake up until 6:00 PM.  You know that even short naps affect me, so I can't imagine what a long nap is going to do.

I know that I'm calling my doctor's office in the morning to see if I can get in to get some meds.  I feel like they're going to yell at me for waiting so long.  But our head trainer at ISU always said that colds will go away in about 10 days with or without medicine, so I was just going without.  Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to have some medication just to get this crap out of my lungs!  Yuck.

More later...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It was a good day for...

A wedding!!  We went to Aaron & Sheryl's wedding at our church.  The fellowship hall was turned into a beautiful red and white wonderland!  There was red everywhere!!  The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome - I'm not sure I've seen the sanctuary look any more beautiful!  When a bride has red for one of her colors, the red in our church really pops!  The meal following the ceremony was wonderful.   We had ziti, chicken alfredo, or lasagna, plus tossed salad and fruit kabobs!  Then there was a wonderful cake AND Sheryl had made truffles - red velvet and chocolate!  Wonderful!

It was also a good day for football.  My Cyclones went into Fort Worth to play the #13 ranked Horned Frogs.  We won!  We beat them 37-23 and it was on the road no less!  Way to go Cyclones!

My cough is still nasty.  I took some cough syrup with codeine today before the wedding.  It seemed to loosen my congestion a bit.  I really need to get in to see a doctor and get some medicine, I think.  I can't even imagine being on vacation coughing like I am.  I hope I still get to go to Wisconsin...

More later...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cold & Windy!

Yep, the furnace is on at the Frushour residence.  It was cold today - in fact our house was reading 65, so I turned the furnace on at 69 degrees.  It's better in here this evening!  We've got an old barn of a house, so when it's cold and windy, it's cold and somewhat windy inside, too!  I'm not a fan of this kind of weather!  I want the 70's to come back!!  At one point, it was 43 here and 86 in Largo...yes, I'm ready to go south!

We had PEO today - 25 members present!!  It was a good meeting with lots of participation.  Our Autumn Blessings project will go until the new year!  I'm excited to see how it goes over!!

I wanted to share a couple of cards with you today.  These are made with all Stampin' Up products!!  These are basically the same card, just a few variables on them.  The first one is done in fall colors and I only had room for 3 flowers.

This one is done in spring/summer colors and I stamped the flowers to where I got 5 of them, which is what our demo had!  I really, really like these cards.  The stamp is from Reason to Smile...and they make me smile.  How about you?

I worked in my studio today and was able to put the finishing touches on 39 cards.  Sometimes when I make cards for class, I don't put sentiments on the inside.  So, that's mainly what I did today.  My card box is now full, so I think I'll take some of my finished cards and sell them at The Ranch when I get there.  Maybe someone will see my cards and decide they'd like to have classes...hmmmm.

Tomorrow Dave is working Habitat and I'm working on cards for class on the 9th.  Then at 4:00 we have a wedding and at 5:00 we have to have the '56 Chevy downtown for the History Walk.  Busy, busy!!

More later...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Day!

Today was one of those icky fall days - a little bit of rain and not very warm!  I guess maybe fall really is here.  I preferred the 70s and sunshine!!

Even with the yucky weather, it was a good day.  Dave and I ate our lunch and went to church to work at the monthly food pantry.  When we left a little after 5:00 we'd served 102 families!  There were many faces that I didn't recognize from months past.  We were really busy.  The best news of all is that we had enough toilet paper to give everyone 4 rolls of TP!!  Yay!  I'm really proud of our parishioners!!  They exceeded my goal!!

More later...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rest at last!

Hip, hip, hooray!!  I finally slept last night!  Boy, did I sleep!!  I went to sleep around 11:00 and awakened around 9:00 this morning!!  PLUS, this afternoon, I fell asleep again - for 2 hours!  I'm taking a pill tonight if I can't go to sleep!!  My cold finally is getting to a point where I am not coughing so much, so I'm able to sleep at last!!

Obviously I didn't do much today - I was too busy sleeping.  We did get to have lunch with Sudi & Howard and that was fun!  It's been a while since the 4 of us were together!!  Dave and I also went to church tonight for the first Weds. night meal.  Some of the church people fixed it and it was scrumptious!  They fixed baked spaghetti and chicken pot pie and had green beans & garlic bread on the side!  We stopped at Grahams and bought black raspberry ice cream for our portion of the dessert.  Great meal!

Now I'm home and looking at my desk - what a mess!  I was able to get a SU order placed, and the mail opened, but other than that - nothing.  Tomorrow I've got to get busy!  I will be at church around 2:00 to get ready for our FPC Food Closet food giveaway, then tomorrow night is the IHCC Retirees' dinner.  Busy times!!

More later...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Made it!!

I made it through this busy, busy day!!  It all started with making cards at 8:30 this morning!  I'm not a morning person, but I made it anyway!  Beautiful cards, too!!  Then I came home and made a big pot of chili and did dishes.  Dave cleaned the dryer and the dryer vents for the season.  My next appointment was at 3:30 and it was wonderful - it was a massage!  I really, really needed it!!  At 5:15 I had a personnel meeting at church and at 7:00 I had sorority.  Home at 8:30.  Twelve hours packed full!

I got home in time to watch most of DWTS and again I'm very disappointed in America's fascination with Bristol Palin.  She has no musicality, people!  I can dance better than she can!  Sad that she's still on the show and Joey went home.  He's got more talent in his little toe than she does in her entire body.  Plus she's an ice princess!  She doesn't act like she's having fun at all.  OK, I'll quit!!

More later...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Musings

This morning, I got up about 7:30, which means I got about 4 hours of sleep!  I know I was still awake at 3:30; I just don't know how much longer I stayed awake!  That's what happens when I take a nap during the day - grrrrrrr!  I so needed to sleep - I believe that sleeping will help me get over this crud that Dave so generously shared with me!!  I'm sure glad I don't "feel" sick - I just sound like a frog (I'm croacking everything I say!!)

Bible Reading Time was great.  We had Pastor David and then another Pastor, Jane, in attendance too.  It's good to have two pastoral viewpoints when you're trying to understand Bible stories.  We only got through 19 verses today, but we had some issues with understanding the story of Jesus and the woman at the well.

I made it to the chiropractor this morning before BRT and I even made it to a "junk" store to see if I could find a lid for my slow cooker.  That place was awful!  I thought I might have to go take another shower after having been in there.  It was a total mess.  I went to Salvation Army after that, but they're only open on Wed & Fri due to a shortage of help.

This afternoon, there were 10 of us in the lounge at church making Autumn Blessings bags.  We got 96 of them made, which should be enough for about 3 meetings of blessings!  Hopefully, we'll be able to raise some good $$ for the PEO Projects!!

Tonight I watched DWTS and boy was it good!  It's definitely living up to being an All Star season!  Bristol should be gone after tonight.  She is completely out of her element trying to compete against some of these All-Stars!  As far as I'm concerned, she has no musicality at all!!

We found out tonight that the place next door to us sold already, so that one's not available any more.  We're going to have neighbors on both sides of us this year!!  We still have one more to look at and our friends say it is really nice.  We'll check it out when we get there unless it sells early too.  Well, tomorrow's another busy day, but at least there's a massage in there sometime.  Hope I sleep tonight!

More later...