Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gorgeous Day

It was perfect here today...approximately 77 degrees, no humidity, and the sun was shining!!  Yay!  We even ate out on the balcony.  The company that was hired to replace the roof of our building got done this afternoon and cleaned up all around - picking up nails and bits of shingles that missed going into the dump truck.  

Also, our new furnace got installed today.  Unfortunately they didn't get done and we're leaving for Indiana tomorrow.  We'll leave a key with our maintenance man so he can let them in to install the thermostat (if we've already left.)  We will head to O-town, pick up the floral tributes  from Bob's, check on Bob (after his gall bladder surgery at 11:30), go to the cemetery, decorate graves, and be done in time for me to go to a WW meeting at 5:00.  After the meeting, we'll have either a tenderloin or a Canteen and a shake from Grahams!  Then it'll be back to the WW program on Thursday morning when we take off for Logansport.  The camper is loaded except for the refrigerator so that won't take too long!

Thought I should show you our tomato crop!  The plant is probably 3 1/2 feet high with lots of blooms and here are a couple of little tomatoes!  Yay!  We can't wait to have some straight off the vine tomatoes!!

More later...

Monday, May 21, 2018


What an awesome American Idol!  Our girl from just up the road won American Idol!!  Wow that was so much fun!!  Her dad plays in Clayton's band!

I was here alone again today while Dave worked at Bryan's again.  I actually got the sewing machine out and did a little bit of applique.  Plus I got the laundry done and started packing for our trip to Indiana.  I feel good about this gray day!

More later...

Sunday, May 20, 2018


It is downright cold here today!  I'm sure glad I've got some jeans!  Unfortunately I didn't bring any long-sleeved shirts to Iowa.  I have two here...and I've worn them both to church.  I refuse to buy any more clothes until I get back to Florida!

After church this morning, we tried to go to Morg's (our favorite spot for breakfast) but the line was way too long.  So we went to Newton's and it took us over an hour to get our food - they were that busy.  This afternoon Dave went back to Bryan's to work on Aidan's playset.  He's so excited...he had to tell me all about it.  I didn't go out until 5:00 (for supper).

More later...

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dave was at Bryan's most of the day today.  He, Bryan, and Erin's dad are putting together a big play set for Aidan.  Dave says it's got a million parts.  They are planning to work again tomorrow after church and breakfast!

I watched for hummingbirds today.  We had our first visitor last night and today I had several visits!  Wish I could tell them apart!

Got a new picture of the girls today.  They look so cute!

Looks like Oaklyn has gained weight!  I wonder when they are going to do her surgery.  The girls are watching Moana!

More later...

Friday, May 18, 2018


Dave and I both wish that we could have the Legion up here...it would have been a gorgeous day to be at the Legion in Madeira Beach!  As it was, it was beautiful here.  The air coming in from outside is cool so it should be good sleeping!

Today we got the camper put away in the rental lot.  We also got everything in it that we'd brought in last fall.  We'll have to load it in earnest on Tuesday night because we'll be leaving on Weds after I weigh in.

More later...

Thursday, May 17, 2018


We started our day out by having a coffee downstairs in the lobby.  It turned into a bit of a meeting because we were all brought up to date on the roof replacement, the furnace & a/c replacement, and the new entry system.  Older people think they have earned the right to be rude to others.  (This is not something I just learned this morning!)

Dave went to Bryan's to mow and power wash the camper. So I was here all by myself the rest of the day.  Dave found 4 more mushrooms so he was happy.

More later...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I don't know if I've said anything about the fact that we don't have a/c on our side of the building...and we've had two pretty hot days.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more of  the same, as is Friday!  It finally cooled down enough about  30 minutes ago to open the patio doors.  Mainly we close up the house and just run fans.  The roof is about done, though, so we're hoping to get the a/c back before the weekend!

Tonight at WW, I lost 2.4 pounds which means I've lost 30 pounds!  Yay!!

More later...