Monday, April 30, 2012

Come on warmth!

This was another cold day...I'm ready for some warmth!  I think maybe tomorrow?????  Hopefully anyway!  Today I worked on placing orders from our stamp class on Sunday afternoon.  I had a few things I wanted to order, as did Juliene.  I was able to get both of our orders in and closed!  Now tomorrow I've got to figure out all the money!

Here are a couple of the cards we made at our class:  Enjoy!

The above card is made with Blushing Bride cardstock and Twitterpated designer paper.  I added a rhinestone in the center, but it doesn't show up very well.  Sorry!  I didn't put a sentiment on my card...I think I'll probably make a sympathy card out of, since I'm out of them.  This turned out very pretty.  Of course, all products are from Stampin' Up!
Again I didn't put a sentiment on my will be a birthday card and the sentiment says, "Wish Big", but I didn't have the right ink at the time I scanned this into the computer.  These little packages are fun to make - you can use punches for all of the package, including the bow!  You could also make this in entirely different colors and have a Christmas card or a baby card.  The sky's the limit on this one!  Again, all products are from SU!

I just watched DWTS - wow!  What a night of beautiful dancing!  I was disappointed for Max and Melissa...I thought their dance was much better than the judges thought.  It was fun to watch, anyway!  Derek & Maria's was wonderful...they got 3 10's!!!  More later...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stampin' Sunday

Boy, was it ever raining today!!  We got over an inch of rain today, starting just as church got out and going until mid afternoon.  It was a good, soaking rain...good for the crops!  Unfortunately it was kind of chilly, too!  It was a great day for stamping and that's what we did this afternoon!  Juliene and I had a stamp workshop at the church, with 5 ladies.  We made some really cool cards and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!  Hopefully I'll get those cards uploaded tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of cards we made at our downline meeting last Saturday.  All products are from Stampin' Up.  The first card is a simple, yet very pretty card, right?  After we did this one, we stepped it up and added a textured background and used color to pop the various elements on the card.  Plus we used dimensionals to "lift" one of the flowers as well as the "ribbon"  Pretty cool, huh?!  Fun project, Kathy & Jaimie!  Thanks, SU, for the idea!!

I'm exhausted tonight and I haven't even played all of my games.  Tomorrow I've got to get my Stampin' Up stuff put away from today's workshop, and I have to finish putting in the orders.  Dave's going to be home because it rained, so hopefully he'll let me do my thing while he does his!!  More later...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gloomy day

This was one of those days when it was okay to stay indoors!  It was gray, chilly, and damp outside.  I was able to get lots done today...unfortunately, I've still got a bunch to do.  I got my PEO book typed.  I can't for the life of me figure out how the pages are going to print out, though.  I guess I'll have to print it just to see if I need to change the order of the pages.  Since I was in a typing mood, I also typed some of the Ranch's phone book.  I've got to make the print a lot smaller once I get done.  It can't be too small because all of us who live there have 55+ eyes!!

I uploaded a couple of my cards today.  These are the ones we made yesterday at stamping club.  I can't remember what the stamp sets were or what company manufactured them, but they came in a 3x4 clear plastic box.  The stamps were circular and on 3" long wooden dowels.  You can see each individual stamp I think.  The sets also came with instructions on what colors to use, so they took all of the guesswork out of stamping!  I thought they were really cool and the cards turned out very nice.

Thanks, Mary for the good project.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for and then a stamp camp in the afternoon.  Tonight I'm watching the race.  I'm not a fan of short-track racing, so I'm only watching sporadically.  My guy's already several laps down...bummer!  He's not having a very good year.

More later...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stamping Club

This morning we had stamping club - and we made some beautiful cards.  Unfortunately I didn't get them scanned into the computer, so I can't show them to you.  I wasn't on the computer much today.  I tried to stay away from it so I could get some things done!  After stamp club, I worked on my PEO yearbook.  I got the majority of it I've just got to have some blanks filled in (by others) and figure out the pages for the printer.  Tomorrow while Dave is working at Habitat, I should be able to work on it a bunch!

I have about frozen today.  I finally had to give in and turn on the furnace.  It hadn't been running because it was warm enough in here, but today I had to kick it up AND I am sitting here wrapped up in a blanket!  I don't like this.  I'm ready for warm weather!  It was 91 at the Ranch today - I'm missing that! 

More later...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh My Gosh...

All of a sudden I have way too much to do!  I've got to find some discipline and get it done!!  I've got the PEO yearbook to type, the Holiday Ranch phone book to type, two checking accounts to reconcile, a stamping event to get ready for, my desk to clean off, etc, etc, etc.  The problem seems to be that I'm addicted to computer games and I can't get off of them to do my work.  Now I'm starting to feel pressured, so I guess I'll have to get started on the work a little at a time!

I wish it would warm up, but it's not supposed to all weekend.  I'm bummed.  I'm losing my tan! 

More later...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On this beautiful day, I opened windows and doors to let God's air into the house!  It got up to 80.  I think that I'm going to have to close the windows tomorrow, though, because it's supposed to be only in the 60's with a 10-20 mph NNW wind...that means it'll be cold!  We got a little bit of sprinkles today, but nothing measurable.  We've got a chance of rain for the next 3 days though.

I sure enjoy having the windows open because I am serenaded by the birds that live here.  Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were fun to watch and listen to today.  He's such a beautiful, bright red when he's in the lush green grass and searching for dropped sunflower seeds.  She's so quiet and so patient - waiting for him to give her a bite!  He was so talkative today - just carried on a long conversation right outside my office window.

More later...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had to get up waaaaay early this morning because my cleaning lady was coming at 8:00!  So, unfortunately I woke up at 5:30 and didn't go back to sleep soundly!  Therefore, I'm pooped!  I worked on getting things cut out for our card party.  Since I was up anyway, I got lots done!  I ran off labels for the Vintage Cruisers to use to send out their flyers.  I worked on reconciling our bank accounts.  You notice I said worked on...I haven't gotten them to come out right yet.  I'll work on them again tomorrow.  Sometimes when you're reconciling after 4 months of not doing it, things are screwed I'll let it sit until tomorrow and then maybe I'll find out what I missed!  It'll be something obvious, once I find it!!

Dave sold his little farm trailer tonight to a couple who are from way of Alaska!  They've lived all over this United States!  They bought a piece of land near Weaver and are thinking of moving back here permanently. 

Today was a gorgeous day.  I even went outside to sit in the sun for a while...and I didn't freeze!  I opened up windows, too.  It was so good to hear the birds chirping outside!  I guess they were enjoying the day also.

More later...

Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm having a little trouble with my computer tonight, so this may not work!  If it does, it will be a small miracle. 

I went to Bible Reading Time this morning.  We had 7 of us and it was a lively discussion.  We only got through 15 verses, though.  Mark 13 is a very interesting don't know if Jesus is talking about the fall of Jerusalem or the end of the world.  He seems to go back and forth from one to the other.

Dave worked 10.5 hours today.  I fixed pork chops in the slow cooker, so when he got home we had baked potatoes and pork chops.  Very good!

I have to get up early tomorrow...the housekeeper will be here at 8:00 AM - yay that she's coming, yuck that it's early!!  More later...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Again

Church this morning was wonderful.  Pastor David started a series of sermons on Esther.  Interesting book in the Bible and PD will make it come to life!  The choir anthem was "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" and we ROCKED IT!!  The congregation even applauded and that almost NEVER happens!!  It's one of those finger-snapping pieces that is really fun to sing!

After church, we took off for Waterloo.  When Bryan and Erin were here for Easter, they were in Bryan's new car which is a Honda Civic SI...very small.  They wanted a few things, like canning jars and our canner.  Plus, Bryan wanted the Frushour table that is around 150 years old.  Since he's going to get it some day anyway, we figured he may as well have it we loaded up the truck with stuff for Bryan.  Also, since Dave sold the car trailer, Bryan got him a new trailer (which we paid for) up in Waterloo.  Therefore, we needed the truck to bring home the trailer..not especially to haul Bryan's stuff up there.  Riding in the truck on badly patched highways isn't much fun.  You get bounced around a bunch!  It was actually not quite so bumpy coming back home - maybe the trailer kept us from bouncing!

It was a beautiful day for a drive and a nice way to start a week!  More later...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interesting day...

Okay...where's the sun?  Who hid it???  I'm getting a little tired of being cold and wet and gray!!  I NEED THE SUN!!  Maybe "tomorrow" the sun will come out!

Juliene and I went to Des Moines today for a Stampin' Up downline meeting.  Great gals!  We made two cards and one box.  Plus, we learned some things to do at our workshops and some new themes to use for stamp classes.  Our next class is April 29th and I hope we get everything cut out for it.  We won't even get some of the papers until next Saturday.  We might have waited a little long to plan this one!!  If you would like to make 5 beautiful cards for $10, just contact me.  We'd love to have you attend!

After we got done with our meeting, we went to Michaels.  I've got to replace a bunch of the flowers in Dad's tombstone saddle.  Can you believe that red roses were pretty much non-existent?!  I couldn't find any red rose bunches except some that were red, white and blue.  I can actually use the white ones, too, so I bought 2 of those.  I'll have to look at Dollar Tree. 

Since I've been home, I've pretty much frittered away the rest of the day!  I took a little nap and played on this stupid computer!  More later...

Friday, April 20, 2012


I can't believe how cold it was today!!!   Brrrr!!!  I refuse to wear a coat, but I did put on long pants today.  Of course, that is because I had a PEO meeting today.  I can't wear shorts there!  So, since I had them on already, I left them on!

After PEO, Bob, Ann & I went to Mt Pleasant to see Auntie Mae.  She has acute pneumonia and isn't very well.  She looks good though...and she seems to be happy.  I'm pretty sure she didn't know us, but she said she did.  She can't think any more...bless her heart.  She's 93 and living in a care facility. 

More later...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


We got some much needed rain today.  In fact, I just heard rain hitting the window again.  It was a warm day, even with the rain.  I went to St Mary's salad luncheon with Ann today.  It was wonderful...I love salads.  There was a huge variety!  I tried as many as I dared, even though I only took a tablespoon of each one.  I could live on salads!! 

I also got my hair cut this afternoon.  I really needed it.  This time I got it layered and I hope that will give me some lift.  When you don't have much body to your hair, you have to get lift however you can!  The back of my hair is really curly! 

Yesterday Dave sold the big car trailer and met the guy halfway to deliver it.  It went to Red Oak, so Dave met him in Osceola.  Our driveway looks much better without the big trailer there, taking up so much room.  Now he's got his little homemade trailer for sale too. 

More later...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm exhausted!

I had a very productive day today.  I was able to put together 3 cards that we're going to do for our "Stamping with J & P" day.  I struggled with my "mojo" - I think it was somewhere other than my studio.  Anyway I finally got them the way I wanted them, so now I can figure out what products we need to order because we don't have enough of them.  I don't think it'll be a very big order...just some cardstock mainly.

This afternoon my massage therapist had a cancellation, so I was able to have a massage...the first one since December!  Think I needed it???  Then tonight I went to choir practice...first time since early in November.  We're singing a really cool song on Sunday!  We actually tossed one of our pieces was just too hard and not very fun!  It was written in 1933 - no wonder!! 

More later...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy Again

I had a very busy day today...I did, however, get into my craft room some!  Dave and I met with our financial advisor this morning...he gave us some stuff to think about!  Then I went to Juliene's where we decided on the cards we're going to make for "Stamping with J & P" on the 29th of April (1:30 at First Presbyterian Church).  Now I've got to get my thoughts together and get things ordered so that we have enough supplies to make the cards!!

Tonight was my Beta Sigma Phi Founder's Day dinner at the Hotel.  It was very nice and very well attended.  All 3 chapters in Ottumwa were represented, so that was nice!  After I got home, I turned on DWTS to see who got sent home.  I agree wholeheartedly with Gavin going home.  He just wasn't very good.  Next week it'll probably be Gladys Knight, but I hope not.  Next week is Motown week on DWTS, and here she lived Motown!!

More later...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to Routine

Today we started back in our "Iowa" routine.  That means I had Bible Reading Time this morning while Dave worked rolling the lawn.  We actually ate lunch together and then Dave was off to mow the two Habitat yards. I got my desk cleaned off except for 1 pile, but now I have to file and I HATE TO FILE!!!

This evening, I had an Evangelism meeting at 5:00 which got done at 6:30...Dave had a Habitat meeting at 7:00, which got over at 9:00.  Sometimes we're just two ships passing in the night (make that light)!!  Tomorrow night we have the same deal - I have one meeting, he has another!  Fun, fun, fun!!

I have to get upstairs to my craft room tomorrow, because we're having a stamp camp on the 29th at 1:30 at First Presbyterian Church!!  More later...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Start the week out right...

We started our week out right for us...we went to church!  Pastor David talked about Hell today (or as he called it, H-e-double hockey sticks!)  He showed us what is said in the Bible about Hell and that it's a place we definitely don't want to go...because there's no escape from there.  He delivers a very compelling sermon!  After church I stayed for Sunday School, where we talked more about his sermon and Hell.  Very interesting discussion!

We came home and found out about all the storm damages around the area.  We were very lucky!  Today was a really pretty day, except the wind blew something fierce.  When we went out to Craig & Sue's for pizza, it about blew us off the road!

More later...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back on the bleachers!

I guess you could say that we're back on the bleachers again!  Allison played ball today for the first time.  I went to Libertyville for a 9:00 game and stayed until she was done playing at about 3:00...3 games!  She pitched the first game - did a real good job.  She walked 3, but in her defense, the umpire was VERY inconsistent with his strike zone....and he was VERY grumpy, too!  They won that game 8-0.  She caught for the 2nd game...they lost it.  She played 1st base in the 3rd game and they lost it in OT 12-11.  She was swinging the bat really well, too, so she had a good day!

I have to tell you that I wore shorts to the games because it was supposed to be 78 degrees today...well, I doubt that it even got to 60!  I was glad that I had a blanket in my car!  It drizzled a little on us, too...but we all persevered!!  Next weekend she plays in Washington, but I've got a meeting in Des Moines so I won't get to go.  Bummer!

More later...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!!!

I didn't have to worry about any ladders or black cats today, because I didn't go out of the house until this evening!  Today is Dave's twin brother's it's Dave's birthday as well!  We went out for dinner tonight, but other than that we had a very dull day!  Tonight was Heartland Humane Society's spaghetti dinner so we went to that.  We try to support all of their endeavors!  There were lots of people there, so I'm sure it was a success!  Even IHCC's basketball coach and his 3 little kids were there!  He's so nice - you wouldn't have seen Coach Kidder out at a function like that!

Bob & Ann got home safely and tomorrow Allison's ballgames start - weather permitting.  She's scheduled to pitch the first game at 9:00, so I guess I've got to get moving a little faster in the morning!!  I hope the weather cooperates...I'm ready for some softball!!

More later...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lazy Day

I told Dave last night that today was going to be a lazy day - that I might still have on my nightgown when he got home from work!!  However, he came home from work about 9:15 or so and I was still in bed.  I'd been reading and I fell asleep with my Kindle propped up on a pillow on my tummy, my glasses on my face!!  So, since he came home, I felt obligated to get up and take my shower - bummer!  I really just wanted to lounge around all day!!  I didn't do much, though, so the day wasn't a total bust!!

He mowed the yard and fertilized, hoping it rains tonight to work the fertilizer in.  At 11:10 he said he was hungry and was going to the Recovery Room to get us tenderloins!  I'd been craving a good tenderloin, so I didn't object.  After lunch, he took a nap while I played on my computer.  Tonight I've been working on typing the phone directory for the Holiday Ranch.  I've forgotten how many muscles you use in your neck when you sit and type!!

Bob & Ann started home today, I think...anyway I didn't hear any differently.  Hopefully they're safe and sound somewhere near Paducah, Kentucky.  More later...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy, busy day!

Today was a VERY busy day for me!  I went to Libertyville for my childhood friend's mom's funeral, graveside service, and luncheon.  His mom was 96 - what a wonderful life!  She had 4 kids  - all of whom were there, as well as their extended families.  It was really great seeing them, even under those circumstances.  I have only seen Dana about twice in the last 45 years.  He and I were "buds" back in our school days!  We got into some mischief together - not trouble, just mischief!!!

After lunch, I took off for my doctor's appointment in Iowa City.  I gave myself 2 hours to get there and I was about 50 minutes early!!  Unfortunately, I didn't get in to see the doc early!  I waited in the waiting room until it was my turn!  The news was good, though!  I don't have Parkinson's!!!  He wants to see me again in a year.  By the time I got done and home, it was 6:30 and I was really tired!  Dave ordered a pizza and had it waiting for when I got home.  After supper I went upstairs and put on my jammies!  No choir practice for me tonight!!

I had a message from one of my "boys" who graduated from Iowa State in 1977.  He wanted me to call him.  I hadn't seen him or talked to him since '77.  It was really great catching up with him and his family.  Hopefully he'll get in touch with some of the other guys on my FB page...and I was able to send him a phone number for the coach who recruited him way back when!  That was fun!!!

More later...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Happenings

I am so accustomed to waking up in time to see GMA's Play of the Day, and since I've been home I'm still doing it.  Yesterday I figured it would be on at 6:45 AM since it's on at 7:45 in Clearwater.  I woke up early so I could see it.  Can you believe that GMA doesn't even start until 7:00 AM must be taped.  All this time I thought it was live - maybe just on the east coast!  Anyway this morning, I woke up at 7:45, grabbled the remote and within a minute there it was!  I wonder if this will be my new alarmless alarm clock???!!  We'll see if I wake up tomorrow morning in time for it!

Today I went to Fairfield to see some of my high school classmates.  That was lots of fun.  There were 9 of us gals and 1 guy from our class!  After that I stopped at the hospital for a brief visit with Russ Conger's mom.  She didn't recognize me at first, but when I told her who I was, she was really excited to see me!  Unfortunately it was quiet time, so I didn't get to stay and visit long...they pretty much tell you to leave!

DWTS was a bummer tonight.  Sherry got booted and I thought she'd done a wonderful job!  She didn't deserve to go this quickly, but this season has so many good dancers that it's not obvious like it's been in the past.

I have an appointment in Iowa City tomorrow afternoon and I'm going to have to go by myself.  Dave has to work.  I can do this, though...I'm just out of practice doing things alone!  Hopefully everything is okay again.

More later...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Freeze Warning???

What the heck are we doing here?  There's a freeze warning out for both tonight and tomorrow night - :(!  The highs are only supposed to be in the 50's for the next couple of days - bummer!  There goes my beautiful tan!  Today was a total day of rest.  I had Bible reading time (BRT) this morning and then a nap this afternoon.  I needed that!!

Tonight I unpacked our paper work suitcase and most of it is still on my desk, waiting to be filed.  I guess I know what I'll be doing the next couple of days!  Actually tomorrow I'm going to of my high school classmates is back from Florida.  Since I didn't get down to Bonita Springs to see her, I'm going to Fairfield to see her!

More later...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Easter Sunday

It was a gorgeous day here in O-town!  It was also a fun one!  We went to Eastern Sunrise Service at 7:15 - great service, Pastor David!  We did lots of wondering of what it must have been like at the tomb, plus we sang some of the oldtime wonderful Easter songs!  Then we had breakfast at church, where Bryan and Erin joined us.  Then regular church service!  It was great being back in our church and seeing old friends!  Pastor's sermon was very good (as usual) and the choir anthem was wonderful!

After church, Bryan, Erin, Dave, and I were joined by Nan at the Club for Easter Brunch.  It is always a wonderful meal and today was no exception.  The place was packed and again we got to see old friends!  Bryan and Erin left shortly after lunch.  We had a very enjoyable weekend with them!  Then Dave and I just vegged out!  No more food though - we were stuffed!!  It was a good day for a nap - Dave took one, but I didn't!  I just tried to get caught up on my email and my Facebook games.

More later...

Happy Easter

Christ is risen - He is risen indeed!!  Happy Easter everyone!  We all went to bed last night at 9:30 and before that just sat around talking - so I didn't get to blog.  Bryan's new girlfriend is very nice.  We enjoyed her a lot.  This morning, Dave and I are headed to sunrise service, then breakfast at church.  The kids will join us for the 9:30 service.  Then we have reservations at the Club for Easter brunch.  I can hardly wait to see all of our O-town friends!!

More later...

Friday, April 6, 2012

We are home!

Safe and sound!  Although there were some people out there determined to "get" us!  We got cut off twice and almost rear-ended at 70+ mph numerous times.  People driving are crazy!!  Boy am I glad we stopped in Nashville last night.  This morning, getting out of Music City was a breeze!  At 5:00 AM, there's not much traffic!!  Plus, it wasn't raining!!

We got home about 2:30 or so.  Dave mowed the yard...someone mowed once for us...don't know who, but thank YOU!!  Got groceries and have been putting stuff away.  Now we're going to bed.  Bryan and Erin are coming tomorrow for Easter.  We're excited to meet Erin!!  

More later...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rain, rain, go away!!

We left Largo at 4:34 this morning...drove in the dark forever, it seemed!!  Then we hit rain in Montgomery AND in Birmingham.  By the time we got to Nashville (about 4:30 their time) we'd been on the road 13 hours and it was pouring down rain.  So, we decided we'd had enough!  The radio was telling us there were wrecks all over Nashville!  We checked into a Hampton Inn in Brentwood.  We're going to bed now and getting up at 4 to be on the road by 5 at the latest.  The forecast shows sunny skies for the rest of our trip!!

More later...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Final B&B for the season!

Bowling this morning was just so-so.  I started out just AWFUL!  I only had an 84 my first game.  Then I had a 145 my second game and a 117 my third game.  Dave was something like 112-102-105.  My brother had a bad day too.  Ann had a 143 the same game I had the 145!  So, in our family, ladies rule!!  After bowling, we had pizza and salad at the bowling alley and gave our the awards for the year.  The ladies ruled for 14 weeks, whereas men ruled only 8 weeks.  Coreen won most of the women's awards - she's a very good bowler, but Donna got high game with a 208.  It was a fun season!!!

We had to meet Dave's dad & Roberta at the south rest area for the Sunshine Bridge.  Maury had an antique table that he wanted kept in the family.  I think it's too big for our "ranch home", so if it fits, it'll go back to Iowa with us.  If it doesn't, it'll stay here.  When we got home, we packed up the pantry and our clothes.  Tomorrow we'll get the house ready for us to leave...hopefully at 5:00 AM Thursday! 

Bingo was just bingo - Ann won, but I didn't...even though I was close most every game.  I won't miss bingo!!  DWTS was good tonight!  I'm sorry to see Jack go, but he was the best choice!

Vicki, Al and Allison flew into to St Pete-Clearwater airport at 9:40 tonight.  On their way back from the airport, they stopped here.  I'm so glad - we really wanted them to see our place before it had all the furniture and windows draped.  It's so pretty - I'm going to miss it!!  Tomorrow we're planning to spend time with them - I think we're all going to the beach!!! 

More later...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hot Day!

It was really hot here today.  We went to Madeira Beach to see Dave's cousins.  We met them at the pool at their condo - which happens to be right on the Gulf!  It was a beautiful setting - but hot!  I got a little more sun than what I wanted!  By golly, I think I'm tan!!!!  I wish I could get my legs tan - I don't know how! 

We got home in time for me to play 7s from Hell.  Ann and I were partners tonight and we couldn't get any cards that we needed!  We started out  3000 points behind and ended up 1500 behind -- boo!  I sure wish we could find some people in O-town who might want to play one afternoon every other week or so.  It's such a fun game!  I'm going to miss playing it. 

I packed up my paperwork and my craft stuff this afternoon, plus I baked cookies this morning!  It was a busy day!!  Now I'm watching Dancing with the!  There are some good dancers on this season!! 

More later...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

We had a wonderful Palm Sunday!  We went to church at Hope Presbyterian for the last time this season.  Nice service!  They actually had a wonderful anthem today with a tenor soloist!  They also had a bell choir piece and communion, as well as a sermon.  Busy day! 

When we got back home, I went up to the Olympics and did the moonlight shuffle.  Then I came home, put on my bathing suit and waited for my turn in the water volleyball.  That was really fun - plus, my team won the championship!  Bocce ball took forever today, but Bob was in the finals!  He got 2nd, but he gave it a great effort.  He's pretty good at Bocce.  He'd never even seen it played before today! 

Tonight we had a potluck and then gave out awards.  I got 3rd in the balloon stuffing and 1st in water volleyball, so at least I wasn't skunked!  I thought the Olympics were lots of fun...even if you were just watching.  I know it was a lot of work, but everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.  We'll look forward to next year's version!! 

More later...