Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gorgeous day!

We went to Washington today for 3 ballgames.  It got really, really hot in the sun and I am burned big time.  It wasn't a good day for the A's.  We lost the first game and the last game, but won the middle game.  It gets really frustrating when these girls can't catch a pop fly or a ball that is thrown to them.  They were hitting well, but just too many fielding errors to win.  As I say, "Oh well, the sun'll come out tomorrow."

I'm so sleepy from sitting outside in the sun that I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Dave couldn't keep his open, so he's sleeping in his chair.  I'll wake him up in a few minutes so we can go to bed.  He turned the air on this afternoon, so it should be good to sleep.

More later...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Beautiful here!

It was just beautiful today.  I opened the windows and enjoyed the beautiful air.  I love this kind of weather.  Hopefully it'll be this nice tomorrow.  I'll be in Washington all day at softball games.

I got some things accomplished today, but still not enough.  I forgot about the fact that I was going to be in Washington tomorrow.  If I'd have remembered, I'd have worked a little harder today.  Oh well...I guess it'll get done another day.  The house is a mess because Jim was here today getting ready to paint the kitchen ceiling.  We'll probably have someone come to see the house tomorrow!

More later...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Washington again

I think I could drive to Washington blindfolded.  My car can probably do it all by itself, actually.  Tonight was another game.  I took Bob with me because Ann had been in Iowa City and was coming down from there to meet us.  We won now we've beaten both of the other Washington teams.  Allison pitched the first 3 innings and struck out 9 batters!  She was pitching really well tonight.  she also had a couple of hits and scored 2-3 times!  Good night for her.

The gnats were horrible at the ball park.  I've got to get my Skin So Soft in the car.  The poor girls that were playing just had to have been chewed up!  They were thick.

More later...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh my messy desk!

I thought my desk was messy yesterday...not so much!  Today it is messy!  I'm working on completing the applications for licensing the new double wide - that's one set of paperwork.  I'm also working on reconciling bank accounts and credit card statements - that's another set of papers.  Then I'm still working on getting the mattress replaced, so that's even another set of paperwork.  I'm also starting to work on the July newsletter for The Ranch,...yep, another set.  AND, I've got a couple of bills to pay, too.  Plus I got my new PEO book and my FMO news and copies of checks, oh my!

I'll be glad when I get all of this done...hopefully by the time I go to Washington tomorrow night I'll have everything ready to mail out except for the Tempurpedic stuff.  I've still got to take pix of the bed for that.  I need Dave's help with the pix of the bed and with the title applications.  Hope I get it all done!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Had a couple of funny things happen today.  I was looking for a copy of an invoice that I had on my desk on Friday and couldn't find it anywhere!  Finally, I decided to look in the scanner and there it was.  I realized after finding it that I'd scanned it just so I wouldn't lose it - haha!!

The other funny thing happened tonight in Washington.  The umpire was calling strikes that were way off the plate into the batter's box where a left-handed hitter would stand.  It was bad, so we (Bob, Ann, a lady behind me, and I) groaned rather loudly and I think Bob said something like, "Blue, that wasn't close to the plate."  So it happened again and again we groaned and Bob said, "Blue??"  The umpire turned around, walked to the fence and told Bob that was enough out of him!  Bob was going to get thrown out of a 12U game if he said it again!  After that we joked a lot about it and whispered if a strike was called that wasn't close to the plate!  I guess it was funnier in person  that it is in black and white here.  Sorry!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and that you got to enjoy your family and friends.  We had a productive day...not necessarily a fun one!  We did take time out of day to thank God for the men and women who fought for our freedom and to remember those who have gone on to their afterlife.

As for our day being productive, Jim came over and worked on the ceiling in the dining room today.  It looks almost 100% tonight.  There is still a place or two where Dave or Jim needs to sand and touch up the paint.  Evidently some of the plaster was still a little damp so we've got a bubble or two, but nothing like the hole we had!!

We even got the house cleaned up again.  With construction, it doesn't take long to get messy!  We're ready for showings now!!  Send in the potential buyers!

I was able to get some of my pix uploaded today.  I also went outside and took some flower pictures in between the raindrops.  Plus I had to share a picture of one of my hummingbirds.  He looks cold, doesn't he?  I took this several days ago on one of those rainy cold days.  He's all fluffed up against the cold!

 This is my red petunia.  I got this just to attract the hummers.  As soon as I put it out, I started seeing the little ones!
 My peonies started blooming today.  This is one of those wonderful, smelly ones!
This is an early peony, but it bloomed the same time as some of my pink ones!
 I love this iris.  My Aunt Wanda had beautiful iris and this is one from her gardens!  Looks like I should have dead-headed it before I took the picture!
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Sunday

At least we got 2 out of 3 nice days for Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure those that like to boat and camp had a wonderful couple of days.  Tomorrow isn't supposed to be very nice - rainy all day is what they're saying.  Today was gorgeous except for the little shower we had this morning on my way to church.  I had a few raindrops on me going into church, but it wasn't too bad.  Church was good as usual.  We found out at church that the lunch bunch were going to the Chinese restaurant for lunch.  I told Dave I didn't want to go, but then we found out that Keglers year long assignment here in O-town was up, so we went.  Yuck is all I can say...and it cost $22 for us to eat!  We found out at lunch that Keglers will be around thru June anyway, maybe even July, so we could have missed!

This afternoon, our handyman came back to work on the ceiling.  He was here this morning, too.  Tomorrow, he'll sand one more time and paint and then it'll be as good as new!  I can't wait.

We're watching the race, but I'm not into it tonight.  Don't know why, I just couldn't care less.  If Jeff were to win, I'd be happy!

More later...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cemetery day

Bob, Ann, and I went to the cemeteries today.  We had exactly the right number of flowers.  We must have thrown away some last year.  We need to do that again this year to replace some of our older ones.  That's one of those things you don't remember from year to year, so if we don't do it right away after this weekend, we won't remember next year that we need to replace flowers.  We decorate a lot of graves.  Besides Mom & Dad, we do aunts and uncles on both sides of the family plus Mom's half brothers, three cousins, both sets of grandparents, and also four sets of great grandparents and even one set of great, great grandparents!  Oh, we also do Bob's former in-laws graves.

After the cemetery at Libertyville, we stopped at Don Brobston's (Bob's friend from Libertyville HS) and we went down to the acreage where we grew up and talked with Jon M for a while.  Then we went to the back of the property and reminisced about where the property line was and the good times we had growing up.  All of this before noon!

Dave and I had leftovers for lunch and late this afternoon drove the '56 to Albia for hot fudge sundaes!  It's the first we'd been there this year!  We'll try to go back one more time before we go south.  They have the BEST hot fudge anywhere!!

More later...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Busy day

I didn't get home until about 11 last night after being in Lone Tree for Allison's ballgame.  Her team won 15-0...pretty boring.  We were all hungry after her game, so we went to Riverside to Murphy's Bar for sandwiches.  That's why we were so late!  I didn't even think about blogging.

First thing this morning (8:00 AM) we had both a plumber and a handyman here ready to work on our  leak.  Right now we have a 2 ft square hole in our dining room ceiling...BUT the leak is fixed!  Tomorrow morning the handyman is returning to fix the hole!  Then he'll mud and tape it, plus paint the ceiling...and no one will be able to tell that we've had a problem!  YAY!

I had a card class this morning where we made two really neat cards.  I also got paperwork for the new mobile home and Dave and I went to Osky to try out different Tempurpedic mattresses.  We decided which one we liked the best and then we ate at Mi Ranchito before we came home.  Dave's asleep in his chair and I'm about ready for bed!

Tomorrow Bob, Ann, and I will go to the cemetery while Dave lets the handyman in and gets the oil changed in his truck...or maybe it's my car.  I  know my car is due.

More later...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beautiful day!!

It was another spectacular day!  I went to bed happy last night...Maks and Meryl won DWTS and they deserved it.  I even watched the 4 semi-finalists and their partners on GMA this morning and I'm still smiling!  As the day went on, though, my smile turned upside down.

I got really, really bored today.  Dave left early and didn't get home until about 5:15.  We had pizza tonight for supper and after he ate, Dave went out to the garage to work.  So, I was alone all day and all evening!  Tomorrow I've got errands to run and a ballgame to attend, so I won't be as bored!

More later...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beautiful day!

It was in the 80's today - you've got to love that!  I had the windows and doors open and filled the house with that beautiful air.  I got all of the utilities in Florida changed over today and only have the insurance left to do.  Hopefully we'll get the title for the new place tomorrow and then we can get all of that paperwork done.  I get pretty irritated when I can't do something by phone - it's usually because Dave is the primary person on the account and I'm not allowed to do something with the account until after they've talked to him.  I probably set up the account in the first time I'm going to put things in my name 'cause I'm the one who deals with all of this stuff!

I'm watching DWTS finale.  It is fantastic.  I think Candace & Mark will be 3rd, Max & Meryl 2nd and Amy & Derek will win it.  That's not how I want it, but I think that's how it will be.  I think Amy's "handicap" will get her the vote.  She has done a wonderful job, but Meryl is spectacular!

More later...

Monday, May 19, 2014


It was nice enough today that I was able to open my windows!  Maybe I'll get this house warmed up without having to turn on the furnace.  I hate having to run the furnace in May, but we certainly have had to this spring.  Hopefully we've turned the corner and will have more seasonable weather now.

I had a good day.  Dave worked and I went to Bible Reading Time.  Then, after taking one of the ladies home, I ran some errands.  I got more of my "stuff" done today...I was even able to download some pictures from my phone to my computer without finding the cord!  I have no idea what happened to it in our "clean sweep"!  I'll find it one of these days!

This afternoon, I went upstairs and read until my Kindle hit me in the nose.  So I put it to the side and went to sleep!  I took a nice nap.  Dave's now asleep in his chair.  I'll have to wake him just so he can go to bed - heehee!  Silly guy!

More later...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday at home

We had a good day here.  It was actually a nice day, weather-wise!  It was 68 when I looked, which meant it was warmer outside than it was inside.  When I was inside I covered up with a blanket!  I didn't want to turn on the furnace today!!

Church this morning was good as usual.  Pastor talked about patience and always trusting God.  It was a very meaningful sermon because we both tend to be a little impatient and want things to happen on our time schedule, not God's.  After church we went to Bubba Q's for lunch - there were 11 of us!  It was fun - we're going to miss Kagels when they leave!  Then it was nap-thirty and on to the things we needed to accomplish for today.  I wanted to go for a ride in the '56, but some gasket around the oil thingy broke - I guess it didn't like sitting for 6 months!  Must have dried out.  Dave aired up the tires on my bike and I rode around the driveway a few times.  I didn't feel like a long ride since I haven't ridden since I left Florida.

Today I want you to see Maggie Mae...I don't know if she's named after me or not.  She sure is a cutie!

She's Linda and Al's pup, a chocolate lab.  From the looks of her feet, she's going to be huge!  She'll have to be to keep up with Kyle's dogs, Kovu and Bandit (pitbull and pitbull/boxer mix).  Bandit is ornery, so I hope she picks up Kovu's behavior instead of Bandit's!  Little Baby Blaise is doing well,  but Cassie had to go back into the hospital today.  She can't get rid of the pre-eclampsia.  She's hoping it'll be gone by tomorrow.  So she and Blaise are spending the night together in the hospital tonight.  I think B is just sleeping through most of it!  I can't wait to see him in person!

More later...

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm beginning to wonder if realtors are even working in O-town.  We haven't had a single call for a showing, other than the first two which were before the house was even listed.  I guess I'll leave our bed unmade and underwear lying around and then leave for the day - maybe that'll bring potential buyers to town - haha!!

I didn't do much today - I just didn't feel well.  I was going to go to Allison's game this evening and I didn't feel well enough to do that even. I think the stress of the two homes in Florida (which should all be finalized next week) and this one being on the market, plus the lack of warm weather, is getting to me.  I have at least gotten almost all of my paperwork done...I still have to file and as you know, I hate doing that.

I did get some of our cards uploaded.  Here are the three that Juliene and I demo'd this past week.  They are all made entirely with Stampin' Up products.  This first one is a new stamp set called Works of Art.  I think it's going to be very popular!  I used Crushed Curry, Strawberry Slush, Pistachio Pudding and Baked Brown Sugar inks on Whisper White paper, backed with Crushed Curry cardstock.

 Our graduation card was made with the Pennants Bigz die and lots of scraps of Real Red and Whisper White.

 This is a simple card using Everything Eleanor and Petite Pairs stamps...just an easy peasy card!
 Hope you enjoyed them.  I've got more to show you!  Maybe tomorrow!  Have a great Sunday.

More later...

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I got up at 6:20 this morning - fool!  I didn't really get up, I just woke up!  I finally got up and around about 7:30.  I haven't stopped since.  I did, however, get to have a massage today!  That was wonderful - I needed it badly...I haven't been sleeping so well after working on the house.  Last night I slept clear thru until 6:20 - no potty breaks or anything!  Yay!

Tonight Juliene and I went to Sigourney to a card class.  We made 6 beautiful cards.  I'll try to get them uploaded so you can see them - they are really nice.  On the way home, we got lost in the vicinity of Highland Center, where we were sent because 149 was closed.  It was very nerve-wracking because it was very dark and rainy and we had no idea which way we should go.  The detour signs sucked big time!  I finally turned on the GPS and even it took us a long way around on gravel.  So I turned around, came back to Highland Center and then found our way home - basically by following the lights of O-town!

More later...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nice day!

I had a very busy day today, but it was a good one.  I got up early this morning so Dave could help me make the bed up nice and pretty.  Then I worked on cleaning up the kitchen, scrubbing the sink, etc., in anticipation of the MLS realtors coming to our home for lunch.  Liz hosted them and thought they all liked the house and felt that it would sell with no problem.  That was nice to hear.  We have a debate going whether or not we should remove the wallpaper in two rooms.  It's in good shape, so we're going to wait a while.  If it seems to be an issue with potential buyers, we'll remove it and paint.

My massage for today got postponed until tomorrow.  But the best news of all is that baby Benning has arrived and we are now great,great aunt & uncle to Blaise Bradley Benning.  He looks like a cutie from the picture I've seen.  I hope Grandma Linda takes a few more!!

More later...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm cold!

It got all the way up to 49 today!  That's ridiculous!  At this rate, it'll freeze tonight and this is May 13th!  It's time for some warm weather!

We got our sewer issues fixed this morning.  Finally could take a shower today - whew!  We've got the house pretty well presentable for tomorrow.  Tonight I had a card class.  We had 9 attendees - pretty cards!  Everyone liked them.  We've reverted to some simpler cards.  Sometimes simple is better.

More later...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bad day

It was a dismal day today.  It rained most of the day.  When I got up this morning - at 8:20 - it was still dark in the room.  I've been tired all day and I'm sure that's part of it.  No sunshine today.  Plus, we've got another sewer blockage and I didn't get to take a shower today.  The RotoRooter guy is coming first thing in the morning - yay!  Hopefully he won't make too big of a mess because we're having a realtors' open house at noon on Wednesday.  No stress in our lives - neither one of us is sleeping worth a darn!

More later...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Boring Saturday

Since Dave worked all day, I kind of got bored.  I worked upstairs in my studio some, but it's hard to do much because I don't want to make a mess!  I read for a little bit, but I didn't want to nap so I had to stop doing that.  I worked on the computer, cleaning out old files and let the hummingbirds entertain me.  I love the little noise they make when they land on the feeder.  I had bunches of sightings today - they were very active.  I went to the church and bought some flowers which the Humane Society were selling.  Again, I didn't want to make a mess, so I bought a planter and a hanging basket.  The hanging basket is red petunias and as soon as I put it out the hummingbirds showed up.  Fun!

When Dave finally got home, he worked out in the garage and after supper we pulled some Creeping Charlie out of the peonies.  Now we're watching the race.

More later...

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's chilly outside!

I sure wish it would turn off warm and sunny.  It was sunny today, but we lacked the warmth.  This afternoon it got better but by then I didn't want to go outside.

I was able to get my cards cut for Tuesday night.  Now maybe I can help Juliene.  Tomorrow, though, I think I'll go to the Heartland Humane Society plant sale and buy a hanging planter or two.  I don't know why I buy them - I usually forget to water them and then they die.  I'll try to do better this year.

Dave is working again tomorrow and I thought I had a softball tournament, but they have the weekend off.  I guess I'll get some paperwork done.

Today is my favorite football player's birthday - he turned 50 today.  He's going through some tough times.  Please say a prayer for Randy tonight.  Thanks!

More later...

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Beautiful day here...I hope it was wherever you are!  Ok, we had a few raindrops, but that didn't keep it from being beautiful!  I got up this morning and just took my time getting out of bed...I read the paper, ate breakfast, and then several chapters of my book.  Dave came home and caught me still in bed :(.  He asked me if I wanted to, he'd appreciate it if I mowed the yard.  So I got up, threw on some clothes and went out to mow before the rain got here.  I'd no sooner gotten a good start when the raindrops hit.  It never got bad - just sprinkles, so I just kept on mowing.  We mow our neighbors' yard, too, so it took me a while to get done.  I suppose I was about an hour and a half!  It looks nice.

I also ran errands, got some groceries so now there's no more excuses that there's nothing to eat in the house.  I bought a hanging basket to entice my hummingbirds and it must have done the trick because I saw my first one today.  Several people around have seen hummers this week!  I was so excited that there was one on the feeder that I forget to take his picture!  By the time I got my camera and came back, he was gone.  Maybe next time!

Dave's at a church meeting and I'm sitting here in my jammies, just enjoying my evening.

More later...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It just can't be Wednesday already, can it?  After the busyness of the last week or so, I finally got to relax a little today.  The guy from Heaven's Best came today to clean our steps and landing.  Boy, does it look nice!  He did a great job.  He is a very lonely individual, though - must be related to the Maytag repairman.  He talked and talked and talked!  I learned his whole history and all about his family.

This afternoon I made deviled eggs to take to a pot luck this evening.  We had a wonderful evening.  In fact, we just got home and the pot luck started at 6:00!!  It's hot and sticky this evening.  Dave just turned on the A/C just to take the humidity out of the house.

More later...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We got through today with no problems.  About 10 realtors came this morning.  I had a window for when they were to be here - somewhere between 9:30 and 11:00.  I left the house about 9:15 and didn't get back until about 10:50.  We had them each write down what they thought the house would sell for.  We felt like our price is just spot on.  Now we just have to find a buyer!  One of the realtors thought we needed to take down the wallpaper - we've still got two rooms with wallpaper.  We're just going to wait, though.  We'll see how it goes.  It wouldn't be so bad to do those two rooms, but if she meant the rooms with the bamboo grass wallpaper, that would be awful.  This house was built in 1937 so it has the old fashioned plaster walls.  If you remove the grass wallpaper, you remove the plaster - yuck!

Tonight I had a church meeting and Dave had a Habitat meeting.

More later...

Monday, May 5, 2014

We're ready, I think!

The signs went up in the lawn today, so it's official.  Our house is on the market.  Tomorrow morning the realtors from Coldwell Banker come for a walk-through and then in a week, our realtor will host a lunch here for the MLS realtors.  I guess I have to keep the house clean every day now!  That's the worst part of this whole process...not that our house is ever very dirty, but sometimes you just want to leave something out and not always put it away.

More later...

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Pastor David had a very good message today.  The past two Sundays he's been hinting about the leadership in our church and today, he really hit the nail on the head.  I hope those that have been causing a stir took some notes today.  He challenges us all!

After church we went to 2nd Street Cafe for lunch with 14 others from our church.  There were some different ones at the table today, so that was fun.  When we got home, Dave declared that it was nap-thirty, so I went upstairs to read while he slept in his chair.  He got up before I did, so he went to the garage to clean it out.  Other than touching up some paint, we're about ready for the walk-through by the realtors on Tuesday.

More later...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Great day

Dave and I are quite a team!  We teamed up today and got lots done here.  We washed all of the windows on the sun porch and in the dining room...these are windows that don't lean in to be cleaned.  You have to take them apart.  There were 9 double windows in the sun porch, a big window and two little ones in the dining room.  We've still got the bay window to wash and all of the windows in this HUGE house will be done.  Dave also worked on the walls and the floor in the sun porch.  It looks so good that we ate supper out there!

I took about 45 minutes and went to the lagoons to see if I could get pix of the egrets that are migrating through on their way to somewhere.  They're big white ones - just like George.  Unfortunately there were a long ways away so I didn't get good pix of them.

More later...

Friday, May 2, 2014


Another eventful day!  Yesterday we took a day off and went to the Villages of Van Buren County by way of Drakesville.  We had some posters showing the treadle sewing machine and the sewing machine case we had.  Dave specifically wanted the Amish to buy them because that's all they use.  So we took posters to Hershbergers Grocery and then we stopped at Ernest & Naomi Yoder's home to see if she wanted the large partial roll of batting for her church group.  She did AND she said she'd buy both the sewing machine and the cabinet!  So that was a very worthwhile trip.

After that, we went to Cantril to the Dutchman's Store for some popcorn and miscellaneous things we only buy there.  For lunch we stopped at Misty's in Keosauqua!  Jim was working on  painting doors at our house while we were gone!

Today first thing Cathy came to clean house, but since it was clean, I put her to washing windows.  We, meanwhile, went back to Drakesville to deliver the two cabinets to Naomi.  On our way to Yoders, we saw several hayracks loaded with hanging planters going to the auction site.  I don't know if they were having an auction today or what, but it was fun seeing hayracks loaded with brightly colored flowers, pulled by horses, going down the road.

When we got home, I started washing windows downstairs and together, Cathy and I got all of the windows washed except for the ones in the sunroom!  That's another day!  Dave worked on the yard so it looks beautiful and we listed the house officially starting Monday!

More later...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun day

We had a fun day today, even though it was cold and rainy.  I'll write more tomorrow.  Tonight I'm tired and going to bed early.

More later...