Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beautiful Sunday!

We went to 11:10 service at church today.  Had the 2nd pastor today..  I really liked the sermon, but his voice is so quiet that he's hard to hear.  After church we went to Jimmy Guana's for lunch.  We sat right by the railing, so we were able to enjoy the intercoastal!

We ran some errands after lunch and then we came home.  This evening 12 ladies played 7s from Hell while the men watched their New England Patriots get beat on the big screen!  Fun evening!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

We're home!

We got in tonight about 9:30 and are we ever glad to be here.  It's been a long week!  It all started two weeks ago tomorrow when we took Dave's dad to the ER and found out that he had pneumonia.  On Friday he passed away with all of his children and their spouses, as well as his wife, by his side.  By Sunday, we were all back in Indiana to plan a funeral.  Visitation was Tuesday night, and the funeral was Wednesday.  Then the will was read yesterday and we flew out today!  What a whirlwind of a week!  We're exhausted and so glad to be back in warm Florida.   We about froze up there!  It was about 28 degrees most of the time and we had 7 full days of gray skies.  There was a bit of sunshine today, but by mid-afternoon, it was gray again.

Thank you all for your prayers and condolences.  We appreciate them all.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today, Dave, Don & Bev, plus Jami went to Roberta's to help her clean and clean out Maury's clothes.  They didn't get back until around 7:00.  I stayed here and cleaned our house.  I swept all of the floors, mopped Dave's bathroom, cleaned his sink, and even washed the windows on the inside of the house in the living room and kitchen.

I didn't hear a thing from Liz after Nancy showed our house today.  I wonder what the people thought  about it.  Wouldn't that be a kick in the seat if the house would sell while we're in Indiana?!  I'm ready to be here for a while!

It was a lovely day today.  They had Sanding Ovations at Treasure Island, but I didn't get to go.  We'll go next year, hopefully.  I sure hope someone posts pictures so I can see what was new this year!

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Friday, November 21, 2014


Today we lost a man who was the head of the Frushour family.  Maury (Dave's dad) passed today with all 4 of his children and their spouses, and his wife, around him.  He passed peacefully, but will be missed by all of us.  Now we are heading to Indiana for a funeral.  We'll not be back in sunny Florida until after Thanksgiving.

That's all I've got to say tonight - sorry.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wacky Wednesday and Thursday

This day started out pretty normally, but it went downhill pretty quickly.  Yesterday we found out that Dad's kidneys are not working properly, so today was more about the kidneys than it was about the lungs.  We sat in on a kidney ultrasound today.  That was interesting!  I enjoyed watching that gal work!  I learned lots.  I learned that adult kidneys are about 13 centimeters long or about 4".  I also learned that Maury's nurse is an extremely knowledgeable and extremely helpful young lady!  She is from Indiana just about an hour away from where Maury lives - it's such a small world.  Dad still needs our prayers - big time!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B & B Day

Dave went to Sarasota this morning to sit with his dad.  Maury was doing pretty well, then in Dave's words, "he just crashed."  He started breathing really fast and had a hard time getting a breath.  He's now in the ICU and resting comfortably.  Dave is staying there with him and if all is well, will come home in the morning.  The doctors think he should improve.  His blood work is good now.  Say a prayer for him.

I went to bowling - there were only 15 of us today.  I bowled awful, as did just about everyone else.  Lunch was good, though.  We went to Acropol - there were actually 20 of us there!  I think everyone enjoyed their lunch.

This afternoon, I attended a budget meeting with the Board of Directors and other committee chairpersons.  Then this evening, it was bingo as usual.  I actually won tonight.  I won one of the special games all by myself, so I got $36.50!!  I've been going for 3 weeks - I've spent $8.50/week which is $25.50 and I've won $36.50 + $5.00!  So I'm $16 to the good!  I can play again next week!!

It's pretty cold here this evening - right now it's 50.  Our house got down to 63 before I turned on the furnace.  I've got the furnace set on 69 and the little heater set on 78.  It's a whole lot warmer in here now.  Hope I sleep warm!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wet Day

It absolutely poured here today!  Several bands of heavy rain came through with a cold front, unfortunately.  It's supposed to be cold for the next couple of days!  Dave went to Sarasota to stay with his dad at the hospital.  He said he was breathing a little better today.  He walked a little bit, but not much...he got too tired.  He was also really, really confused.  I suppose that's the IV antibiotics and the lack of oxygen.  Hopefully he'll be more improved tomorrow.

I stayed here and sorted through some paperwork, etc.  I got that all done, plus the Brighthouse tech came and gave us a new modem.  My computer is working fine, but Dave deleted a Wajam virus off of his and now he can't get hooked up to the wireless network. I don't know how to fix it, but I'll fiddle with it tomorrow afternoon.

Best news of the day - my brother got out of  the hospital this afternoon.  He is still dizzy and they don't know what is causing that.  I guess we'll be dizzy together!!

We played cards tonight and my team won big.  We didn't even have to count the last hand.  Now I'm watching my Cyclones play basketball on ESPNU.  So I won't be going to bed very early tonight!  The game just started at 9:00!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


We went to Sarasota today.  Thought we'd go down after church, have lunch with Dad & Roberta, visit a while, and then come home.  We went to church at a different church today.  We tried Anona UMC on Indian Rocks Road.  It was a great service.  Made us feel right at home!  The minister was good - not as good as Pastor David, but good.  We'll be going back there.  After church we went to see Dad & Roberta.  Well, Dad didn't feel well - couldn't breathe.  So we ate a quick bite of lunch and then took him to the ER.  He has a large pneumonia in his left lung and his blood oxygen is low, so they admitted him and started giving him IV antibiotics and oxygen right away.  We were in the ER for about 4 hours before they admitted him, but they did chest xrays and numerous blood tests, etc.  We're sure glad we went there today!  He told Roberta he felt better tonight!

My brother is still in the hospital here.  They will be running an MRA tomorrow.  They still can't figure out what's going on with him.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014


This was a very nerve wracking day.  My brother had a dizzy spell and Ann took him to the ER.  They treated him as if he had a stroke, but the neurologist said he didn't.  His CT scan was negative, but he's still being dizzy.  The doctor wants to run an MRI, but told Bob he was puzzled with what was going on with him.  So keep him in your prayers.  He was dizzy several times when we were there visiting with him tonight.

We had our monthly breakfast at the rec hall this morning.  Good as usual, Marv and the guys at the Ranch!  After that Dave and I went to the old house and brought back some of the little things we'd not gotten yet.  We went thru every drawer and cupboard in the master bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.  All we have left down there is the add-on room, so hopefully we're about done moving things.  Then we'll clean up #134 and be finished with it.  We've still got a few things to put away here, but we've still got room to put things so all is well!

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Friday, November 14, 2014


It's a chilly Friday.  Even though the sun was shining brightly, it was still a bit chilly.  I sat outside to read, but had to come back in and put on a jacket!  Dave and I worked hard today.  I took some clothes out of my closet - clothes I don't want to wear any more.  I figure if I don't get rid of some of my clothes, Dave won't want me to buy any new ones!  (Method to my madness!!)

I also worked sorting through all of the yard decorations that were left here.  I combined our decorations from home with our decorations from #134.  They're all put away until Thanksgiving when we'll start putting up Christmas decorations around our mobile.  Dave worked outside condensing his tools down to a manageable quantity!  He's pretty organized out there now.

Tonight I played cards.  Ann and I were partners again, only this time we lost - by only 435 points :(.  We had three tables of 4 and there were 12 people playing Texas Hold 'Em, too.  Lots of fun at The Ranch!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Dave and I got lots done this morning, and then we took the afternoon off.  We went to the water!  We have only been there once so far, so we needed a break!  We've got everything pretty well put away now.  Today we cleaned out all of the drawers and put dishes in the hutch.  That was a huge accomplishment in itself!

We went to Hooters for lunch today and saw 4 dolphins go by in a group.  The Hubbard fishing boat also came in while we were sitting there - they sure caught a bunch of fish!  It was a gorgeous day here today - hope it is again tomorrow!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh my!

Our house sure looks good!  I wish you all could see it...oh, maybe you can if I just take pictures!!  I'll get that done soon, I promise!  I should have an open house for our friends, but that means I'd have to make cookies or something!

I shuffled this morning after coffee AND after our November home owners' meeting.  I lost my first game, but I won my second game.

This evening at cards I didn't have such a good night.  I got terrible cards tonight!  My partners and the ladies we played were all wound up tonight.  So it was really chaotic - loud and boisterous!  After cards, Ann & I got on the back seat of Betty's golf cart and we drove all of the streets of the park, telling everyone hello...and it's 9:00!  I hope we don't get complaints!!  Oh well!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We've got a home!

We got our furniture today - thanks to some of the guys in the park!  Fred, Roger & Ron came over and helped Dave load up most of our furniture and bring it back here.  While I was at bingo, Dave put the house together.  I helped him do the bed before I went.  That was the most important!  We actually get to sleep in the same room tonight!!  The couch and end tables look really good in our living room.  The bedroom looks good, too.

I didn't bowl today.  Only Bob & Dave did.  I won $5 at bingo tonight - whoopee!  Tomorrow we shuffle and then we can maybe go see Dave's dad on either Thursday or Friday!  I'm ready to stop working and just enjoy the winter!!

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Monday, November 10, 2014


We got all of the floor down and everything is trimmed out except for the two bathrooms...and that's another day!  The floor is beautiful!  Bob & Dave put on all of the doors while Ann & I played cards tonight.  Tomorrow after bowling, we're going to get our furniture from the other place.  Finally then it will feel like home!  I'm so tired tonight - I know that Dave, Bob & Ron are exhausted.  My sciatic nerve hurts so bad, I'm afraid I won't be able to bowl tomorrow!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sorry I didn't blog last night.  Dave unhooked our internet and tv so that the guys could work putting the floor down in the living room today.  So I had no computer access until this evening.  We now have floors in the master bedroom, the spare bedroom, both closets, and the living room.  We've even got trim in the spare bedroom and over half of the living room!  Tomorrow they're going to start with the trim in the master bedroom and finish the rest of the floors!  It is really, really pretty.  I can hardly wait to see the furniture in here, but that's another day!

In order for me to stay out of the way, and to have a place to sit, I went to the clubhouse and worked on the library.  We had gotten 3 huge totes full of books, so they all needed marked with the date and alphabetized.  I put an equal number of old books back in the totes to donate to the library for their book sale!  I got that project done - it took me several hours, but I'm done until someone brings me more books.

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Friday, November 7, 2014


Fridays at The Ranch mean going to the Legion and today was no exception.  It was a beautiful day today so being at the Legion was a great thing to do today!  We took Marilyn and Barb with us.  That was fun because we don't often get to visit with either one of those ladies.  I always say a day at the Legion is successful if we see any dolphins.  Today was successful!  There were 2 or 3 that went by shortly before we were ready to leave for the day.  I think there were 18 of us from The Ranch there for lunch.  It was a fun time!

This morning I worked on sorting out library books up at the hall.  I got all of the books sorted and most of them put away before Zumba.  Zumba about killed me.  I have never sweat so much!!  I sure hope I'm able to get out of bed in the morning.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Off Day

Thursday is an off day here at The Ranch.  There are no activities on Thursdays except for water aerobics at 2:00...and I was sleeping when 2:00 came!  I took a nap and didn't wake up until about 3:00!  Dave did several little projects today, but nothing major.  We were both tired and just needed to chill out.

Now he's asleep in his chair and has been for about 1.5 hours!  He left the tv on a channel that has "Wild Alaska" on it.  At least it's about animals and not people!  It's actually been very entertaining!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I hurt!!

Boy, do I hurt!  My buns and my right shoulder hurt from bowling!  Today was not a rest day either!  We played shuffleboard today, which uses a totally different set of muscles, so I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow!  I probably won't be able to move at all!  Good thing tomorrow is an off day!

Speaking of shuffling, we played 3 games today - two this morning and 1 this afternoon.  We had about 26 people there for the morning sessions, but by afternoon we only had 13!  So we elected to only play 1 game this afternoon.  I played twice and won twice.  I shuffled pretty well!

This afternoon, after shuffleboard, Dave & Laurie got the vinyl in both bathrooms.  All that's left in them is to put down the trim.  So we're 1/3 of the way through with our flooring!!  Unfortunately, the two rooms were itty-bitty rooms compared with the rest of the rooms here!

Tonight at 7s, I finally was on a losing team.  We were 6,000+ points ahead of our opponents going into the last hand.  They skunked us in that hand.  We didn't even get on the board!  So we ended up losing by over 2,000 points!  That was really mean of them!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

B & B

Gee, this year started out much the same as last year ended!  I didn't bowl so well, and I didn't win at bingo.  I don't know why I expect any different results!  It was still a fun day.  We had 22 bowlers - 9 women and 13 men.  Unfortunately the men ruled today!  Roger had high series and a 233 game.  The high woman was Donna, but her high game was only a 170!

At bingo, there were maybe 25 people.  Donna won 3x, Connie won 4x, Maggie won 3x, Nettie won 2x, Phyllis won 2x - same old, same old!  Again, it was still fun!

More later...

Monday, November 3, 2014


We had a beautiful day here today!  We finally got to take our first bicycle's been too cold up until now.  Then we finished all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  We also went shopping and got the vinyl for the bathrooms as well as the rest of the laminate.  Ron came over and told us how we were going to tackle this project!  I can hardly wait - we should be started before the weekend - yay!

This evening we played cards and my team won again!  So far, I'm 2 for 2.  Tomorrow all of the fun starts for real.  It'll be the first B & B - bowling and bingo and Wednesday we start shuffling.  Should be a fun week!

More later...

Sunday, November 2, 2014


We didn't go to church today.  We actually slept a little later than usual this morning, then we got up and started working on cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen.  When you clean them out, you also wash all the dishes in them, wash the inside of the cupboards as well as the outside, put in new shelf liner, and then re-load the cupboards with all the dishes you've washed.  I think we have all the cupboards done now, but we haven't cleaned out the drawers, so that's next.  I'll be glad when the kitchen is done!  I'd really like to paint the cabinets, but that's another hill to climb!

We watched the end of the NASCAR race.  When we were watching, it looked pretty obvious that Jeff was going to win it because his car was really good.  Then Jeff got wrecked by Brad Keselowski who seems to wreck everyone.  Needless to say, there was an all-out brawl at the end of the race - Jeff and his crew against Brad and his crew.  Both drivers were sporting bloody mouths!  Brad was on probation, so it'll be interesting to see what Nascar does about him this time.

We had a late lunch with Sudi and Howard at JB's.  It was great to see them!  It was pretty cold down here last night and tonight, but then it's to be back in the 70-80 degree range!  Yay!

More later...

Saturday, November 1, 2014


This sure doesn't feel like Saturday, but then I'm just confused.  Dave and I went out and got some groceries today and then came home to start working on kitchen cabinets.  So Dave washed dishes and I dried.  That's a fun part of moving into a place!  We're putting in shelf liner after we take out what she had in there.  It'll look nicer when we're done!

I also played cards tonight, so now I'll really be confused!  We usually play on M, W, and F...not Saturday!

More later...