Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hotter Yet

I didn't think I could get any hotter, but I was lots hotter today!  We went to Lone Tree to watch Allison's team play in the Y Tournament at the end of their season.  Their first game was originally scheduled to start at 10:00, but was moved back to 11:00 and then got moved back to 12:30...the heat of the day.  I drove so I had my tent and thank goodness for that!  At least we didn't sit in the boiling sun this afternoon.  Unfortunately it wasn't a good day for the Tigers.  They lost their first game to Lone Tree.  That was their first loss of the season.  Allison pitched well, but one of the girls made a couple of throwing errors and that didn't help anything.  Plus all season long, no pitcher could pitch more than 3 innings...Lone Tree's #1 pitcher came out to pitch the 4th inning.  When our coaches protested, they said our coaches needed to read their emails about the tournament.  Well, funny thing, none of our coaches got the emails.  Lone Tree's 2nd pitcher was really bad, whereas their first pitcher was very good.

We then had to play again immediately following our first game for 3rd place.  This time we played Riverside and we beat them.  After the game, Riverside protested saying that we played someone who hadn't been on our roster all year.  We didn't and they had to back down.  I guess hot weather brings out hot tempers!  It really wasn't a pleasant experience.  Regardless our girls got 3rd and that's pretty good!

More later...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot, hot, hot!!

It was so hot today....... (I don't have a punch line..I was just thinking about Johnny Carson.)  He's say that and the audience would yell, "How hot was it?"  and then he'd deliver the punch line!  He had to be one of the best comedians of all time.  The looks he'd give the camera were just priceless!!  I can get the giggles watching clips of Johnny when he had animals on his show!!  Bryan gave me a set of tapes, "The Best of Johnny Carson", and I could just watch them every day - they are that funny!!

I went to Juliene's today to plan our next Stampin' Up event.  She's going to be gone for a while in July, so we actually had to plan two events while we were at it.  While I was out, I needed to go to the Post Office, to Bookins, and to WalMart or K-Mart.  I did all my errands and could hardly wait to get back home where it was cool.  

Tomorrow we're going to Lone Tree to watch the final four of Allison's Y-Team tournament.  Her first game is at 11:00 and then they'll have to play one more if they win and two more if they lose.  I'm hoping there's some shade at this ball field, but if not, I've got our car awning in the trunk so we'll make our own shade!!  

More later...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


You know, when you do something like this - writing a blog - you realize just how fast time goes flying by.  You also realize that you don't do much!!!!  (I'm sitting here giggling at myself and my inane chatter!)

Today was a really hot one!  I went outside to put fresh water in the bird bath and to water my plants and it was all I could do to get my breath!  Right now it's 87 here in the tropics of Iowa and only 79 in Clearwater (82 in Fort Lauderdale).  There's something just not right about that!  Oh well, we'll take it!  The corn loves this hot, muggy weather!  The old adage says that corn should be "knee high by the 4th of July."  This year, the corn is above our heads and tasseled by the 28th of June!!  It's just amazing.  I would say that over 50% of the corn we see (driving back and forth to Washington and points east) is already tasseled.  The rest is about knee high!  That would be the corn they had to replant!

I made some cards today, but I can't show them to you because we'll probably be doing one of them at our stamping class on July 9th.  I'm very happy with them.  I did one, and then I did another one basically like it, but I stepped it up...added ribbon and texture.  I liked the first one, but I really like the second one!!

I forgot to tell you yesterday, that I heard the first locust.  While I was out watering today, the locust shell was on one of my iris leaves.  Yuck!  I have horrific memories of Bob chasing me with those locust (cicada) and with their shells.  No wonder I've never liked creepy-crawlies!  I was traumatized as a child!!

More later...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The drain is working again!

Yay!!  The Roto Rooter guy came this morning and got our drains working again!!  Now we can do laundry again and not worry about flooding the basement.  He came mighty early this morning - we must have been his very first appointment!!  Regardless, it's good to get that fixed and not have to worry about it any more!

On a totally different note, I'm waging war with a squirrel!  Dave hasn't greased the birdfeeder pole for a while, so Mr. Squirrel climbs the pole and helps himself to the sunflower seeds!  Well, this morning the sunflower seeds were gone, so he tore a hole in the nyger seed bag and started eating that!  I caught him in the act and as he jumped down from there, the hole got bigger and seed started pouring out on the ground.  I did what any normal country girl would do - I grabbed the duct tape and taped up the hole!!  Looks kind of funny because the first duct tape I found was bright yellow!!

This evening, I went to Washington with Bob & Ann to watch Allison play ball.  They won again 10-0!  So now we go to Lone Tree on Saturday for a 10:00 AM game.

More later...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boring day!!!!!

I had to stay home today.  Dave scheduled the Roto Rooter man for today.  So, I got up early, took my shower, and started waiting...and waiting...and waiting!!  At 4:24, they called me to tell me that they wouldn't be here until in the morning!  So, tomorrow morning, I've got to get up early, take my shower, get dressed...and wait some more!  Hopefully he'll come first thing so I can get on with my day.

While I was waiting today, I was able to upload a bunch of pictures to and I even ordered my 2011-2012 Florida picture book.  It took me a while because I probably had around 1200 or more pictures to go through and decide which ones I wanted in my book.  While I was uploading pictures, I got some scans done of our latest cards, too.

This first one was one of the Christmas cards we did.  All of the cards are made entirely with Stampin' Up products.  I really like tree and the combination of pink and green!  The tree is made from 1 scalloped circle!!

This is a pinwheel or card-trick card.  I like to call it a card trick card, because to me it's a quilt pattern.  I made this one with some retired SU paper in Rich Razzleberry!  Love that color!!  See that cute dahlia in the middle - those are new!!
Here is one done in Baja Breeze with a brad from the Summer Smooch collection!
This is one that Juliene demo'd.  Cool technique using just an acrylic block and ink for the pink part!
I did this one for Dave for Father's Day.  I used retired papers again.  Pretty cool.  (The tie tack is not Stampin' Up, but something I had on hand.)
I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations.  I'm working on some others...maybe I'll get them done while I'm waiting tomorrow!!  More later...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Softball Tournament

This will be short, but sweet!  First night of tournament and we won!!  Allison did a great job pitching and hitting.  She also made a great throw to first to get a runner out!  Now we play one of the Wellman teams on Wednesday night.  If we can win that, then we're in the final four and play on Saturday.  I drove tonight and I want you to know that it was really hard to see - we just got home about 10 minutes til 10:00.  I'm glad we made it home without a deer jumping out in front of us!!

More later...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Sunday!

I love Sundays!!  We went to church this morning, as usual.  Pastor David finished up his series on Esther and I loved this story.  It's all about the choices we are given and the results of our actions.  After church we came home for a little while and then met some of our church friends at Roe's for lunch.  Good food and good conversation!  We didn't get home until about 1:30 and both of us expected to just sit in our chairs and enjoy the NASCAR race.  Well, it wasn't exactly like that!  We both fell asleep and I woke up in time to watch the last 3 laps...Dave missed the whole thing!  I guess we needed naps more than we needed to watch the race!!

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.  We've got Bible Reading Time in the morning and a ballgame in the evening.  I've got to work on cards in between!

More later...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Softball and Superman!

This morning I got up way early (for me) and went to Burlington to watch Allison play ball.   She pitched really well.  Her mom said, "One bad pitch," after the game.  They got beat 2-0.  Their pitcher was all of 5'10" and she's on a 10 & under team...hmmmm???  She can actually be 11, but no older than that.  She's the one that got a hit off of Allison.  That was probably the best this team had played.  They just couldn't any of them hit.  It wasn't that this tall girl was such a good pitcher, cause she wasn't...I think they were intimidated because she was so tall.

After the game, it was 10:30 and we had to go eat.  That's not an easy task if you don't want to eat fast food.  The girls had to be back at noon and most restaurants weren't open until 11:00.  We ended up going to Perkins, where everyone was!!  (There was a soccer tournament in town also.)  This place was packed!  It took us until 5 minutes til 12:00 to get seated, get our food, and get it eaten!!  I got them back to the ballpark just in time!!  Then I came home.

This evening Dave and I had popcorn for supper and watched part of the first season of Lois & Clark.  Great series...too bad there's not something fun like that now.  It was also really nice that we got some rain tonight!  We need it badly!

More later...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Softball and Beauty!

Dave actually went with me tonight to Allison's last regular season ballgame.  Her Y League starts tournament play on Monday evening in Washington.  Hopefully we'll be going to games Monday, Wednesday and then Saturday.  Tomorrow I'm heading to Burlington to watch her ASA team at 9:00 AM.  Yuck!  That's pretty early in the morning.  I didn't really want to go, but Bob & Ann can't go, so I feel like I need to be there!!  Here's Allison and Vicki in their traditional Mom-Daughter picture!

 This is what we watched all the way home from Washington.  The sunset tonight was just beautiful.
 Red sky at night, sailors' delight!!
I guess the rain that was originally forecast for tomorrow is gone!

More later...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boring Thursday!

I got bored today.  I was so bored that I cleaned off my desk.  I have to be in dire straights to do that!!  Dave said he'd be home early today, so I was excited about that.  When he says early, he means something before 5:00 - I think it means somewhere around lunch!  Silly me!!  He actually got home about 3:30 and then went down to the church where we have a sump pump problem.  So, in reality, he didn't get home until about 6:00!  I was thinking we could go out to eat tonight...silly me, again!  He had eated a "hog-down special" at Pizza Ranch today for lunch so he wasn't hungry!  I had a peanut butter and pickle sandwich...I WAS hungry.  Now he's sleeping in his chair and has been since about 8:15.  I'm trying to be quiet so I don't disturb him!   Boring!!!

Tomorrow I think the guy is coming to finish removing the tree - that'll really be nice!  I've got stamping club in the morning!

More later...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bees and Ballgames!

Tonight I went to Keota to watch Allison play ball.  They won again.  This is her undefeated team!  They play again Friday night in Washington.  Then next week tournament begins!  Then there's this weekend.  They play in Burlington all weekend.  I'm not sure I'm going...I'll decide later.  Allison really threw well tonight.  I think she only threw 3 pitches that weren't strikes!  She was really throwing hard, too.  She also had a hit and scored, plus she was part of at least 2 put-outs!

Now, for the bees part of my blog!  While I was gone, a man came to get the hive of bees out of our downed tree.  It looks like a real interesting process.  He's pretty sure they were his bees, because they were friendly!  Dave stood right by them taking pictures - didn't need netting or anything!  The honey from the honeycombs is really, really sweet!

Enjoy the pictures!

I'd have enjoyed watching this process!!  The Courier had a photographer here - hopefully we made the news!!  More later...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was bored's too hot to go outside and I can't have the windows open, so I was bored!  I finished a book last night, so I didn't even want to read!

Dave couldn't sleep...he got up at 4:00, went outside and started loading twigs and branches onto a trailer.  About 7:30 he started using the chainsaw and sawed up some more of the tree.  He said he heard other chainsaws in the neighborhood so felt it was okay for him to saw, too.  He's about done with what he can do and he's got a call into a couple of guys.  A beekeeper is coming to get the bees tomorrow, I think.  Then someone might really want to work on the rest of the tree!  I don't think it would be fun to rile up a bunch of bees!

Our front yard looks lots better.  I don't know how many loads Dave has made to get rid of branches!  Bless him!

More later...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

My computer said it was 94 degrees here today.  It was only 89 in Fort Lauderdale at the time.  Right now it's 82 degrees in Ft Lauderdale, Clearwater, AND Ottumwa...and it's 9:30 PM.  Now, that's hot!  Thank goodness we had a stiff breeze!

Dave came home from work and started cutting up the little branches.  I've been calling him Paul Bunyon!  Except when you see the pictures, he's little and the tree is big!

He's planning to cut up the little stuff to save us some $$!  He's assuming that it won't cost so much if whoever we hire only has to do the big stuff!!  I hope he's right.  I think there are some vultures in town, getting BIG bucks for cutting up the trees.  I hope most people are smart enough to get a second opinion.  We heard of one lady who paid $3,000 to have a downed tree removed...that's highway robbery.  This tree was supposed to be somewhere between $650 and $900 to take down when it was still standing....It should be less now, I'd think!  After all, it's already down!

More later...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back to a war zone!

We got back this afternoon to what looked like a war zone.  The largest tree on our property got blown over in the storm they had here last night.  It's a very large tree and we thank God that it didn't hit either our house or the house across the street.  The wind blew such that the tree went down from SW to NE across our yard, in between two other trees.  This tree was pretty much hollow inside, and we were just talking that we'd have to have it cut down soon.  Now we don't have to do that.  I think since it's so big, we're going to hire it cleaned up.  We've got branches, sticks, twigs, and leaves all over our yard.  What fun.

Speaking of fun, we had fun this weekend.  We left yesterday afternoon for Waterloo, where we went out to dinner with Bryan and Erin.  We went to the Brown Bottle...used to be one of my favorite places in Ames!  We had a great meal.  Erin had baked Dave a Father's Day cake, but I was way to full to eat it!  After all of that, we went to Linda & Al's where we stayed all night in preparation for today's shower for Cassie.  It was lots of fun being around most of my family.  The shower was a good one.  We played games and watched Cassie open gifts and recipes.  She got lots of nice things!  Once the shower was over and the car was packed, we took off because we wanted to see the storm damage.  Ottumwa is a mess!  Even the Chief Wapello statue on top of the Courthouse blew down in the wind!  I hope they fix him and put him back up...the courthouse just looks funny without him standing up there looking out at the river. 

More later...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Interesting Day!

This morning I had PEO here at my house because Ann had to be in Iowa City for an appointment.  So 17 ladies were here awaiting Mary's arrival - Mary is our VP and was running the meeting today because our President is out of town.  Finally Mary arrived.  She came to me and asked me to do the meeting because she wasn't prepared...I said I would.  As long as she gave me the President's book, it's a piece of cake to run a meeting.  That's when the fun began...she didn't have the book.  It seems the Prez had gone out of town and didn't get around to getting the book to any one!  Now, we had a couple of choices...we could just consider this a social meeting or we could wing it!  I chose to wing it.  We had the best meeting!!  I pretty much remembered the order of everything, just not the exact wording of each part of the meeting.  It was very relaxed and everyone felt comfortable contributing.  It was nice if I do say so myself!!  Maybe we should just throw away that book!!!  Oh, but there's more!  The Prez also was to give her Convention Report today and we didn't have that either!  So we called her and she emailed it to me...I was able to read it off my computer!  Isn't technology grand!!

After PEO, Kathy, Juliene and I went to The Vine for lunch and then we came back here for an afternoon of stamping.  It was really a fun afternoon.  Kathy is such a joy to be around!!

Another nice thing happened.  Dave came home early and went to Washington with me to watch Allison play ball.  She pitched the first two girl got on base.  Then she pitched the fifth inning and she only threw good pitches.  It was 3 up and 3 down.  I was glad that Dave got to see her pitch like that - wow!  We stayed and went to supper with Allison & Vicki.  Al was sick.  Marilyn, Don, and Bev were also there (some of Allison's grandparents).  Unc & Neph's was packed tonight...I guess since it is Friday night, everyone in Washington was ready to party!!

There was another good the time we got home, we'd had an inch of rain!!  Praise the Lord!  We really need it!!  I hope we have another inch overnight!

More later...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Day

Dave woke up at 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep...I guess that's why he's been asleep in his chair for so long!!  Hopefully I don't wake him by typing right next to him.  It's nice having a laptop - I can sit in my recliner and play my games!!  Usually though, when I go to blog, I go into the office and use the keyboard.  I'm not doing too badly typing on the laptop...I guess I've gotten used to it! 

I cleaned house today.  I got everything done but dusting and Dave did that for me this evening.  I have PEO here tomorrow morning.  I've heard from 20 so I should have a full house!!   Then in the afternoon I'm stamping, and about 4:30 I'll take off for Washington to watch Allison play ball.  I'll be going by myself because Bob & Ann have other plans. 

I want to share some more of my Florida pictures.  These were all taken at the Sunken Gardens in St. Pete.  Beautiful place!!
I like this picture.  I can't figure out, though, where all that gray hair came from!!

Just a cool shot of a huge plant leaf!
 My favorite birds!! 

That's all for tonight!  More later...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beautiful Day!

I didn't do much today.  I guess I just wanted to be lazy!!  As I like to say, I fiddledy-farted the day away!  I found a wonder bunch of pins for cards and paper projects on Pinterest, so I checked out a bunch of new techniques for our stamping classes.  I also went outside a couple of different times today.  Once I went out to check out the flowers and pull some grass out of the flower beds.  The second time I went out, a bird was really scolding the squirrel and I wanted to see why.  Unfortunately when I went out the door the bird stopped yelling at the squirrel, so I never did find out why!  Instead I sat down and enjoyed the sun!!

Later this afternoon, I had a massage - that was WONDERFUL!  I didn't get done with that until 5:00; came home and waited for Dave to get home.  I finally gave up on him coming very early and fixed my supper.  By the time he got home and fed the little piggies, he didn't want to eat anything!  I'm glad I didn't wait for him.

Sorry I'm boring today!  More later...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful day in the 'hood!

It was a nearly perfect day in O-town today...low 70's and a brisk breeze from the northwest!  I was able to open the house and leave the air conditioner off.

Juliene and I had a stamp class tonight and we had a wonderful time.  We had 8 stampers - one was new!!  Five beautiful cards.  I'm not going to post them tonight because I just got home!  I don't have any clue how some demonstrators do 10 cards in 3 hours.  We can't get 5 done in 3 hours!!!  Tonight our cards were a little more complicated than time we'll need to make only 1 difficult card and the rest pretty simple.  We got the first card done in 30 minutes and it might have been the hardest.  We'll figure it out.  Next month we're planning to do 3 cards for $5...shouldn't take 3 hours!!!

More later...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, what a day!!

When I woke up this morning (at 6-something) Dave was already up and ready to leave the house.  He'd gotten a phone call at 6:00 that the church had been hit by a lightning strike and there was damage.  That was an understatement!  One of the parapets or decorations on our bell tower had been hit and it exploded down onto the roof and onto the sidewalk and yard.  You can see from the picture that the second one also was moved and it's sitting there rather precariously at this moment.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of the roof.  There's a huge boulder of concrete that fell onto the roof (and INTO the ceiling) over the little room between Pastor's office and the secretary's office.  

This is just a portion of the rubble.  It is scattered even 10-15 feet past the windows on the right of this picture!
That big stone put quite a dent into the sidewalk.  The other big one (about that size) is in the roof!!!

Meanwhile, this is what was going on at OUR house!  A water main broke just east of our yard (in the road) on Friday.  The water guy who looked at it Friday thought it could wait until Monday to get fixed!  So, when I woke up these machines were making a bunch of noise!!

Thank goodness they didn't have to dig in our yard.  Dave takes great pride in our lawn and that could have been a horrible mess!  Such excitement!!

More later...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot Show in Farmington!

We got up and got around this morning so that we could go to the Strawberry Festival in Farmington.  Along with the Festival was the annual Kenny Hamberg car show, which we hadn't attended for several years.  We took the '56 Chevy down.  Craig & Sue followed us in their '69 Roadrunner.  We stayed the whole day...C&S were smarter.  They left about 1:30 or so.  Thank goodness for a wonderful breeze, because it was hot in the southern tier of counties.  The strawberries and ice cream were very good - probably because it was so hot.  We had a huge class with the "Best of Show" in our class!  It was a '57 chevy that was painted with holographic paint (paint that changes color as you look at it).  It was a beautiful car!!!  So we came home empty-handed!  Actually that's good - we've been giving away our trophies from past shows!!

When I got home, I came into my computer here in the office.  A bluebird was sitting looking in at me.  I wonder if he's the same one that kept flying up to the window last year?

I just looked at my calendar.  I've got a very busy week and weekend coming up!!  Tomorrow is Bible Reading Time, plus tomorrow night is our June Evangelism meeting.  Tuesday night is our stamp class and Weds. I have a massage.  Thursday I'll be cleaning house because Friday I have PEO here.  Friday night is a ballgame in Washington and Saturday we go to Waverly for a bridal shower on Sunday!  No rest for the wicked, huh?!!!

More later...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tropical Heat Wave!!

Boy, was it hot today!!  It's still 82 degrees and it's 9:30 PM!!  Feels like late July outside!  I had to go out two different times today.  The first time I was out, I was delivering Stampin' Up orders.  The second time I was out, I had a meeting at church about our website.  When I got home from that at 4:00, I went out and watered my hanging baskets.  Plus, I changed water in the bird bath!  My birdies really appreciate that!  A blue jay sat on top of the hummingbird feeder today after I changed the water.  He'd been bathing - his feathers were all fluffy and he was soaked!!  I wish I would have taken a picture of him, but the sun was in the wrong spot so all you would have seen would have been a dirty window!!

Tomorrow we're going to miss church.  I'm sure glad that in a couple of days I'll be able to view the YouTube sermon.  We're going to have these on our website soon.  As to why we're missing church, we're going to drive the '56 to Farmington for the Strawberry Festival.  Should be a nice, hot day to sit out at a car show!!  I'm afraid the ice cream will melt before we get it eaten!!  So, if you have nothing else to do tomorrow, come on down to the river and sit a spell with us!!  The ice cream and strawberries are free from 2:00-4:00!!

More later...

Friday, June 8, 2012


We had some chaos at our house this beautiful day!  We had to call in Roto seems some roots had blocked our drains and the drains were backing up!  Thank goodness they got here before noon!  We had to take baths today almost like we did before we had indoor plumbing, except we were missing the gas stove to warm up the room!!!  Regardless, it's now fixed.  He was able to get a huge ball of roots out of the pipes and we didn't have to dig up the basement floor to replace pipes - yippee!!

Dave's computer also finally died, so he had to get a new one.  Hopefully we'll get the new one tomorrow.  Right now they're moving info from the old one to the new one!  I also got my Stampin' Up order today, so now tomorrow I can work on finishing up my cards for Tuesday night's class!

This evening after Dave got home, we went to Bridge View for the BBQ smokeout or whatever it's called!  We had some wonderful brisket and some even better homemade raspberry ice cream for dessert!  We listened to some good music, talked to lots of people, and then came home for a leisurely evening.  We got up at 5:45 this morning, so Dave's asleep in his chair already.  I'll be ready to go to bed soon too.

More later...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back on Schedule!

Boy was it a beautiful day again today!  I'm starting to really like this kind of weather!  It's been near 80 but hardly any favorite kind of day!  We've also had plentiful sunshine!  We do, however, need rain really badly!  Maybe later in the weekend is what they're saying!

I was back on track today.  I felt like I could run errands and whatnot.  I met with Juliene and we've got our cards for next Tuesday all planned.  We've also got our plans in place for July to find cards to go with those ideas!  I guess I'd better get online and see what I can find!

I had a good day watching my birds (or piggies, as Dave calls them)!  I even had to fill up the bird bath - they're very messy bathers!

More later...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lost Day!

I lost a whole day yesterday AND today!  Yesterday I had to be at work at Precinct 2's polls at 6:00 AM!  That is really, really early and I don't do early very well.  I did, however, make it on time!  We had only 212 or so voters all day and all evening.  This is a very small percentage as we have somewhere around 1700 registered voters in our precinct.  I really don't blame anyone for not voting, though.  Almost all of the positions were unopposed.  I think maybe the Republicans had 2 on their ballot and the Democrats had 1.  So, all in all, it was a boring election!  We, however, had a good time!!  Six of us were working in our precinct and it was a fun group.  So our day went rather quickly.  The last hour really dragged, but that's all.  We only had one voter from 8:00-9:00 PM.  We had the best turnout in the city, so we're the #1 precinct!!!

Anyway, I didn't get home until about 9:45 PM and I was exhausted.  I hadn't slept but 3 hours the night before and last night my legs kept jumping because I had sat all very little sleep last night, too.  Today, I sat in my chair and dozed off and on all day.  In fact, I missed a meeting with Juliene and I didn't go to Allison's ball game.  I am just too tired today!

I did hear a good joke yesterday!  It seems that Donald Duck and Daisy Duck had decided to go on a date.  Things got rather amorous and Daisy said, "Donald, you know I only practice safe sex."  Since there was a drugstore nearby, Donald went in to buy some protection.  When the druggist rang up his purchase, he asked Donald if he could put it on his bill.  Donald said, "Heck no, I wouldn't be able to breathe!!""  I thought that was a lol joke!!  Maybe it was because the lady told us at 8:15 last night and we were starting to get a little punchy.

More later...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Short but Sweet!

Tonight's post is going to be short, but sweet!  I just got home from Allison's ballgame in's 10:10 and I have to be at the polls at 6:00 AM - so I'm headed for dreamland, I hope!  Allison's Y Team is still undefeated.  They won 13-1 or something like that.  You lose track after a while!  She did a decent job of pitching.  She was tired so her arm hurt and she didn't have as much control as usual.  She still threw a lot of good pitches!  She also got a hit and a run or maybe two.

Now I've got to pack my lunch and my activity bag!!  More later...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!

I know I sound like a broken was another beautiful day!!  Any day the windows are open and the air conditioner or heater are off is a great day!  This one was just about perfect!  Of course, it started with us going to church this morning.  Pastor David gave a very moving sermon based on Jeremiah 31:31-34, where God said the new covenant was written on our hearts and in our minds.  PD also talked about how the Bible was full of wild and wacky contradictions and that some of the "rules/laws" are obsolete.  He even talked about God's loving homosexuals...  I was a little concerned how our congregation would take this, but I heard no dissension at all!  I wish you ould have been there for his sermon was very thought-provoking!

After church, we came home and ate lunch.  We had leftovers, so it didn't take long to prepare!!  Then I decided to tackle my studio.  I have trouble working in there because it's so crowded and cluttered.  So, I did a bit of a clean sweep.  Here are the before pictures:  No wonder that my creativity gets blocked - look at my work surface!

 Even my sewing cabinet is completely covered with "stuff"!
As is the dresser that holds the stereo.  You even had to be careful coming in the door or you'd knock something off!
 Now, this is after about 4 hours of working!!  This is much better - I can actually work on this surface!
 The mending is done and put away, as is the rest of the "stuff"!
 Now I can even see the stereo and not worry about knocking anything off when I come into the room!

That was a BIG job, but I listened to the race while I was working up there so the afternoon went fast.  Dave worked outside all afternoon, and together we also got the laundry done for the week!

More later...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a day!

Dave went to work today and I had planned to go to Mt Pleasant to watch Allison play ball.  However, I looked at my calendar yesterday and saw that I had election training this morning at 10:30.  Now, I'd rather do almost anything than sit through election training...and today was no exception.  It was B-O-R-I-N-G.  The only thing I heard today that I didn't know was that you won't get called to jury duty by voting in a primary.  Jury names are drawn from lists from the DMV!  I'd always heard that if you voted in a primary, you'd be sent a jury summons...but evidently that isn't true!  So, everyone get out and vote in your primary on Tuesday.

I decided after sitting through two hours of boredom, I deserved a special lunch.  I treated myself to the Lucky Rooster.  While I was there, I bought a quart of soup - Cajun Chicken & Rice.  I thought I'd surprise Dave with a bowl of soup for supper.  The surprise was on me, though.  Dave came home early and said he was going to Des Moines to pick something up for work and wanted me to ride along!  While he was at Harbor Freight, I got to go to Hobby Lobby.  It's always fun to "shop" at HL - even though I didn't buy anything but a storage container for my 12x12 papers and a pink Sharpie!  They have some cool stuff!

While we were in Des Moines, we ate supper at 5 & Diner (actually in Pleasant Hill).  Even though I only ate half my sandwich and fries, I'm still stuffed!!  I wish we'd waited and eaten a bowl of soup.  I'd have felt better!!

More later...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June Day??

There's a May Day, why isn't there a June Day?  Since there isn't one, I'm making it "official"!  Happy June 1st!  It was back to sunshine and warmer temps today, and I'm sure glad.

I worked on cards today...and I went to the chiropractor.  I feel so much better this afternoon.  I think it's amazing how when your spine is in alignment, you feel good!  I should have gone to the chiropractor before I went to the doctor!

Dave is working tomorrow and I've got some election official training...yuck!  Unfortunately, you are expected to attend and it's the most boring time ever.  You hear the same thing every election.  Maybe when I get older, I'll appreciate redundant training!

More later...