Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Day!

That was such a happy, uplifting day, despite the fact that Dave wasn't there to share it with. Church service was great. Pastor David talked about Jeremiah this morning. He just brings the Bible to life! It's pretty amazing. We sang a beautiful song this morning too - it was a different version of Amazing Grace. We even got applause!! The bell choir rang a wonderful song! Then this afternoon we had the Installation Service for Pastor David. It was a beautiful service. Lots of ministers were featured in the service. The sermon was given by the Phil Barrett of the Des Moines Presbytery of which we are apart. Pastor Sara gave a great charge to the congregation and Pastor Brian gave a great charge to David. We sang two different anthems, both of which were wonderful. PraiSing, which is a group of young ladies in our congregation (ages 14-17) sang too - they have the most beautiful voices! Again it was so uplifting and it's wonderful having Pastor David with us.

I came home after the Installation service and crashed! We sang about 10 songs and that wore me out! Plus, it was so hot in the church that I struggled. I was glad to get home and change clothes! I read for about an hour and then I was refreshed!!

Now I'm watching Desperate Housewives - I wonder how these writers think up some of this dialogue? I can't imagine having an imagination like this. Dave's already gone to bed. He has to be at work at 6:30 in the morning!

More later...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Lost

I don't have a clue what to do with my day now that I'm not playing Zoo World. I've got all this extra time!!

I did get Kelly's birthday card done. I hope you think it looks like Eeyore! He's CASE'd from Splitcoast Stampers. I didn't have all the punches I needed though, so I had to improvise. I think he's pretty cute and I hope Kelly will too. The papers I used for him are just scraps. I used some chalk at his joints to make it look like shadows. Pastor's wife, Liz, tied the little bow for me. There was no way I could do that!! The sentiment inside is simply "Happy Birthday" in a wonky typeface! I won't be making another one of these - they are rather intensive to make!!
Actually, I didn't really have any problem filling in my "extra" time today. The Iowa State football team played at 1:00, so I ran out at halftime to get groceries. Now that Dave's taking his lunches again, we need more food! Then I listened to the second half of the game, hooting and hollerin' all by myself! That pretty much wore me out, so I read for a while before the little ghosts and goblins came tonight.

For the longest time, I didn't think we'd have any trick-or-treaters, but we ended up with 9. The popular costume this year was a skeleton costume..of the 9 kids who came to our door, 3 of them were skeletons. We also had Bob the Builder, a mime, a cat, a dragon, and 4 kids that were as tall as I am or taller! I think maybe this should be their last year!! Anyway, we now have some candy in the house - Yeah!!! More later...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok, I Did It!!!

I finally quit Zoo World. I've wanted to for a long time, but when you're addicted to something it's really hard to give it up. I almost did it early this morning, but it took me until this afternoon to actually block the applications! I've worried about feeding my little zoo animals for so long, that this is really going to be different. Now I wonder if I can give up Farm Town or Mafia Wars. I probably will give up Mafia Wars before Farm Town - I think I'm really a "closet" farmer at heart! I like having all that acreage and growing those crops - all without getting dirty!

Dave worked Habitat today all day. The kids from Wartburg are here thru tomorrow, so he was with them all day today. Then tonight, we had dinner with some very dear friends. There were 9 of us and we had a great time! Great food, great laughs, great friends! Hope we can do it at our house sometime soon!

Tomorrow Dave goes back to work pulling tanks. I'm going to watch football...and if the Cyclones aren't on tv, I'll be listening to the radio. Go 'Clones! More later...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Uneventful Day

I had a very uneventful day. It was cold enough outside that I didn't want to go anywhere, so I just stayed home. I'm working on a birthday card for Kelly, my granddaughter. It's going to be an Eeyore, anyway that's what it's supposed to be!! I think he looks like Eeyore. I should finish it tomorrow, so I'll post it and see if you think it looks like Eeyore! The kids love Disney characters, so thought this would work for her. Danny's birthday is the 16th, so I'm also working on a Spiderman for him. Then Megan's is the 13th of December and I think I'll try to make her some kind of cat or a princess...she loves both! She's our fashionista and loves anything made with cheetah fabric!!

Dave worked at the Habitat house all day today. The kids from Wartburg College got here, so he worked with them. He'll also work there tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday he's going to be hauling anhydrous!! We were going to have Bryan come down and help insulate the attic, but that got put on hold until after anhydrous season now! This evening I went down to the church and ate supper with the Wartburg contingent. This year they were all science majors - at least 3 were looking into medicine, 1 into nutrition and the others were undecided at this point. Very interesting group...3 girls and 4 guys.

I was called by the Nielsen Company and asked if I'd participate in a week of writing down what tv shows we watch. I'd done this before and thought it was kind of fun, so I'm doing it again. It started today and so far I haven't turned a tv on. Dave, however, is watching a very educational show on TLC called Police Women of Dallas!! I almost hate to write that down!!! Since I'm not watching tv, I'm going to go upstairs to read. More later...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild and Windy Day

This was a really windy day! In fact, I think I just saw a guy from Missouri fly by!!! He was trying to hold on, but the wind just took him flying away!! Tomorrow is supposed to be windy again whatever pretty leaves we had will be gone after tomorrow!

Tonight I had choir practice. We're singing about 8 songs on Sunday morning and then another 7 Sunday afternoon! My voice is shot! We had a really long practice.

I'm reading a GREAT book. It's about 1,000 pages so it's not a quick read, but it's wonderful! It's Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I can't believe that I hate to put it down, but I do. In fact, I have to force myself to go to sleep at night - it's that good!!

I guess I've rambled enough, but this is "Ponderings by Peg"!! More later...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Len said it right tonight - this is ludicrous! I can't believe that Audrina and Tony are going home tonight. It's a travesty. Bristol Palin is still there. I think they need to change the rules to where the judges can overrule the public vote sometimes. For Bristol & Mark and Kyle & Lacey to still be there and Audrina & Tony going home is awful!! Totally ridiculous!

Dave and I went to vote today. After we left the courthouse, we talked about our votes. We canceled each other's votes several times. It was funny because sometimes I didn't want to vote for either candidate just because of their negative campaign ads. Since I'm on a soapbox tonight, I'm going on record as saying campaign reform is needed. I know that negative ads are part of the campaign reform, but if we had limits on the amount of $$ being spent in campaign ads, perhaps we would have to subject ourselves to so many negative ones!!

Let's see...what else can I spout off about? I guess I can't think of anything, so I'll just say more later...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to the Dentist

I had a dental appointment today to prepare for a bridge. This was going to require prep for two crowns and then a 3rd tooth bridge. However, Dr. W. decided to do a cantilever procedure instead, which means only a 1 tooth prep - the other one already has a crown so he didn't really want to mess with it. That also means a savings of about $900! Thank goodness for little favors!

I also made a card today. I needed one more Halloween card for the kids, so this is what I did: This card is made from SU's very vanilla cardstock, distressed with Close to Cocoa. Then I used the label dye and cut it out. I also used a circle punch, an oval punch and a tab punch for the various features of the mummy's face. Then I added a bow becausee I wanted this to be a girl mummy!! I saw these done on Splitcoast Stampers and thought it would be fun to do for one of the grandchildren!

That's all I have for tonight. I just finished watching Dancing with the Stars. I was very disappointed that Jennifer & Derek didn't do well tonight. Again I thought the judges gave Kyle & Lacey and Bristol & Mark scores that were way too high. I thought the judges were a little unfair with Kurt & Anna and Audrina & Tony. It'll be interesting to see who goes home tomorrow night. I think it should be Bristol, but tonight she had pretty high scores...two 9's and an 8. You just never know! I don't have anything on for tomorrow night, so I guess I'll watch and see! More later...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is what fell out of the tree into our yard this morning! It's a huge hornets' nest! There were still a few hornets around it, so I was a little leery about getting too close. These are really works of wonder when you consider that they are made from saliva and chewed wood fiber! Look at the swirls in the paper-like exterior of this nest. It's beautiful!!

Here's a close-up. I used my zoom to get close to the entrance of the nest. I think it shows the swirls really well. Why, they are even different colors! We had one of these on a corner of our house a few years ago. We paid an exterminator to come remove it. He didn't get stung, but there were tons of hornets around the nest.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this up close and personal! More later...


You know that I love Mack Brown, the head coach at the University of Texas. I worked with him for four years at Iowa State. That being said, I didn't mind at all that my Cyclones beat his Longhorns today!!! In fact, I was so excited that I could hardly stand it!! Those kids played so hard...and after having two horrible games ahead of this one. I'm proud to call myself a Cyclone!

Saturdays are my day! I love football, so I'm perfectly content to sit here and watch football all day. On New Year's Day, I would like to do what my neighbors and I used to do. We would set up three televisions on their fireplace hearth, and watch all three networks of football at the same time! We are definitely football fans! Dave is usually at the Habitat house all day so I get to indulge myself and watch all the football I want. Why, I even watched the Hawks today!!

I got to watch a lot of the first half of the Cyclone game before I had to go to church for the memorial service. When I got out of the service, I hurried to the car. There was still about 3:00 left in our game, so I rushed right home and turned on the tv. I got to watch the emotional ending!!

Tomorrow is church and then the NASCAR race...and probably a nap too! We'll see how the day goes! More later...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday the 22nd of October

I didn't start out too well today. I was just lolligagging around about 9:30 this morning, not worrying about getting my shower taken, when the phone rang. I knew it would be Dave because he went to work this morning and I had called him at 7:40 and again at 8:15 and he didn't answer. Wrong! It was Juliene and she wanted to know if my ears burned. I said no and asked if she was talking about me. She asked if I wasn't coming to card club at the church (which started at 9:30!). I said shirt-without-the-r and said I'd be right there. So I went upstairs, washed my face, threw on some clothes and went to card club! I am glad I went because we were making backgrounds using shaving cream and inks. It's a really fun project, but really messy. My hands are still stained from the inks. Hopefully the stains will go away soon!! Here is a sample of some of the backgrounds I made today. This card is one I made this afternoon, using one of the backgrounds that we made today. See all the beautiful colors in the focus paper? It is really pretty...actually it's one that Mary made and gave to me. This is also a stamp that Mary brought with her. But the frames are from papers I had here at home.

I just had to share this picture with you. I have seen pictures of the moon that other people have taken, so I decided to see how good of a picture my camera would take. This was taken last night after I returned from Fairfield (about 10:00 PM). I took my camera and tripod outside and took this shot. I think it's pretty good for a relatively cheap camera!!

Dave finally got home about 6:45 tonight and since the cleaning lady had been here all afternoon and I hadn't cooked anything, we ordered a pizza. We haven't had a Breadeaux pizza for a long time - it was really, really good! I really like Breadeaux because they don't put a ton of tomato sauce on their pizzas!!

That's it for tonight. Dave is working Habitat tomorrow - I guess I'll check my calendar before I go to bed to see if I need to get up and around...I just looked. I have to sing with the choir at a memorial tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. Hope I don't forget!! More later...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Thursday

Another Thursday and another beautiful fall day. I pretty much had the house to myself today - Dave went to work and I stayed home. We got the house all cleaned up this morning because we thought the kids from Wartburg were coming in today to work on the Habitat house, which meant they would be eating dinner here tonight. I even had the garlic bread all made and the pop was on ice. Guess what - it's next week they're coming. Poor Dave. He had his weeks mixed up! So we had to call and change dates with various people around town and had to freeze the garlic bread and ice! What a riot!!

Tonight I went to Fairfield for my first ever reunion planning meeting. There were 16 of us classmates there and after voting, etc., I think we got lots accomplished. Unfortunately, though, by the time I got gas in my car and got back home, it was close to 10:00 and I pretty much turn into a pumpkin at 10:00!! Good night and more later...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Know If This Will Work...

I'm having lots of troubles with my computer tonight. I'm even running a scan to see if I have a virus or just is sooooooo slow!! I can't get any of the games on Facebook to load, so I'm not on there either! I'm having to resort to playing Mahjongg just from my computer games - not online! Aarrgghh!

Dave and I went out to Sylvesters this morning. It was fun to see Alyssa and Brooke again - Sue too!! (Sorry, Sue!) Both little girls eventually warmed up to us, but it had been a long time since we'd seen them, so they were pretty shy! We went to the Club for lunch when we got back into town. We haven't eaten there for a month, probably! We both had salads and mine just isn't setting well in my tummy. I ate crackers for supper tonight and that's all! I love salads so I sure hope this isn't something that's going to happen every time I eat one. I didn't even feel well enough to go to choir practice tonight.

More later...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Oct. 19th

I had to turn on the furnace for a bit was really cold in here!! I did lots of "office" work today, so I wasn't up and running around the house. I was able to go through all of our investments and file the latest updates. I also filed all of our receipts from the last few months. All the time I worked, I hated filing. Guess what - I still do!! But at least it's done now until the end of the year probably. I may have to do a few before we go South, but not a lot, now that I'm caught up!

I tried to be creative today. I tried a new technique for making backgrounds. I don't know how successful it was. I'll let you know tomorrow when I iron the backgrounds to make them lie flat! This technique was supposed to use Tim Holtz' distress inks, but since I don't have any of them, I tried using SU ink pads instead. Like I said, I'll see tomorrow.

Tonight I had a Beta Sigma Phi meeting. We went to the Merrill cabin in Memorial park for hot dogs and s'mores. It was a fun evening!!

Well, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed! More later...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Creativity Abounds!

I was creative today!! I actually got into my studio and made some "original" cards!! This first one I actually got the idea from the website, racingtowardscreativity. I, however, brayered the background with three different blue SU inks and sponged the green/black behind the pumpkin. Both the bat and the ghost are made from the owl punch and the bat wings and the pumpkin are made from the oval punch. I think my grandkids will like it!!! Inside I'm just going to write "BOO"!!

This card is sort of like the ones I made in the Michelle Zindorf brayering class, but I put my own spin on it. I wanted a moon behind my tree and I didn't want the "wind" blowing, so I left out the swirly stamp. I also put it on a card that will fit in a regular #10 business envelope. All products for both cards are from Stampin' Up. Tonight Dave and I went over to Pastor Dave and Liz's home for dinner. They have the most beautiful home. It's an old home with tons of built-ins and windows! All of the woodwork except in the kitchen is painted white and just pops throughout the house! We had a lovely evening, including sitting outside by a fire having dessert!

More later...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gorgeous Day

What a beautiful day we had today. This is what fall weather is supposed to be like!! We went to church this morning and were enthralled by the sermon. Pastor David came in dressed as Bartimaeus - in fact he was shouting out in the foyer that he could see! The whole sermon was a drama about Bartimaeus and his faith that he would get healed from his blindness! It was quite interesting. Prior to that Liz (Pastor's wife) came in dressed as a homeless person who had just visited the church and left her bag in the pew. Someone had written a note on her bag saying "I love you." She was excited that someone, anyone, loved her!! She left the sanctuary singing, "Jesus loves me." I'm sure that everyone in the congregation will remember today and will remember Bartimaeus. I've said all along that Pastor David is going to bring the Bible to life and that's what he's doing!

After lunch, Dave and I went outside and worked on the gardens and yard. We were able to get all of the ceramic decorations, bird baths, and flower pots put away for the winter. Then Dave cut back all the perennials while I drove the tractor and wagon picking up all of the debris. It was a great day to be outside. Now I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" and in a few minutes "Brothers & Sisters". Dave's going to work both Monday and Tuesday this week, so tomorrow I've got some errands to run. More later...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Depressed!

I can't handle these horrible football games! I was really excited today when Texas beat Nebraska, but then our game started - :(! Right now it's 52-0...hopefully it's over. I understand (since I can't see the game) that OU went for it on 4th down when the score was something like 35-0. I think a punt should have been in order...but then Oklahoma's always been known to run up the score whenever they possibly can! The Iowa-Michigan game as a good one, as was the Texas-Nebraska one.

I've been watching the race and that doesn't do anything to help my mood! Jeff's battery died, so he had to switch to his 2nd battery. Now instead of being in 2nd he's in 20th and Jimmie is in 3rd - yuck! I think I'm going to quit watching sports!! (I'm sure I'll change my mind on this tomorrow!) Dave is listening to the Gaither marathon - wonderful music! I should be watching it instead of this stupid race. Actually, I think I'll just go to bed and read. I finished the newest Tess Gerritsen book last night - great book!! I have to be at church early anyway! More later...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday at the Frushours

I was really busy this morning! For some reason (could it be the good book that I'm reading??) I stayed up too late last night, so I didn't wake up until 8:30!! That made me have to rush around a bit - I had things I had to do around here before I went to my PEO lunch at the Club.

When I got to the Club, I saw my brother waiting to tee off on #1. I haven't seen him for about three weeks! It's terrible that we're both so busy we don't see each other, but between his traveling to watch Kaylee play soccer and us with all the traveling we've done in the last month, we just haven't been in town at the same time! We had 33 at the luncheon today, including 4 guests - not many, but it was a good group. I didn't especially like the way they had us sitting, but the meal was wonderful and the ladies I sat around were good conversationalists!! Our speaker today was Dr./Rev. Judith Bunyi from the Phillipines. She is a past-IPS recipient and a PEO from Ames who also happens to be the pastor of the First Methodist Church here in Ottumwa. She was very interesting to listen to!

After the lunch I had errands to run and didn't get home until about 3:00! When Dave got home, he wanted to take a nap, so I went upstairs to read some more of that wonderful book I'm reading and after several chapters, I too fell asleep! Tonight Dave is going through his old magazines and paperwork he had on his desk (he hates doing this so it doesn't get done as often as it should!!). He'll be making a run to the library to recycle the magazines! He's working Habitat tomorrow and I am going to do some more catching up! I might even make some cards tomorrow!!!

More later...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Oct. 14th

I've been so cold today - I sure hope I'm not coming down with something! I sat in my chair to watch Oprah today and I had two blankets on, along with the heater in the chair. There's definitely something wrong with that picture!

I did, however, manage to get my desk cleaned off today. Other than that, I went to Nan's while the repairman was there working on her alarm system. That took about an hour out of my day. I was also able to hook her laptop up to the internet, but I didn't know how to get her email hooked up. She has Mediacom, so I think she'll have to call them for help. I also got my assignment from Pastor David done, as well as some other church business! Dave did some work for Habitat today and he also worked on the bike path bridge, so he was Mr. Volunteer today! It must have been a hard day, cause now he's sleeping in his chair!!

Tomorrow we are having a PEO luncheon at the Club. This is a luncheon with the other chapters in town. We had so much fun at last year's Reciprocity luncheon that we decided to do it again. More later...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le

Hallelujah! All 33 miners are out of the hole! As I'm writing, there are still 3 rescue workers in the mine. The world will rest easier when all three of them are out! What a wonderful story so far anyway! Thirty three men who were given up for dead are still alive and back in the real world all because of a world effort to get them out.

Today I went to Fairfield to have lunch with some members of the FHS class of '66. I think there were about 18 of us there. Tonight I had choir practice and tomorrow I'm housesitting for Nan while workers come in to change the code on her alarm system. I guess I'll take my book with me because she was afraid it might take a long time.

I really don't have much to say tonight, except thank you God!! More later...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday October 11th

My thoughts and prayers are with the Chilean miners who are about to be rescued. I sure hope all goes well. This is quite an operation. All news channels are on the mine operations. I can't imagine how small these guys must be to make it into that tube...God please be with the rescuers and the miners.

Today was another day of doing odds and ends. I'm uploading pictures to snapfish as I'm typing this. I am uploading 123 pictures and it's taking forever. It's been uploading for almost two hours so far! It appears to be almost done so I'll get to cross another thing off my to-do list! I got my evangelism minutes done and distributed, my bills paid, and the laundry done. So it was a good day!

OMG, there goes the first rescuer. This is almost a half mile down in the earth. Talk about a panic attack! I'm about to have one just watching!! I can't even get into an MRI tube and it's only about 6 feet long - not 2300 feet!!

More later...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

I slept in this morning! I woke up when Dave left for work, just to tell him good bye, but I went back to sleep and woke up at 8:54 AM!! I took a nap this afternoon, too! I was really tired. I did call Sudi today to ask her if it was quiet in her house - it had been quite noisy all weekend, so the quiet was definitely appreciated! I am working on all the pictures I took. I always upload all pictures to my computer, then I upload each one to Photoshop just so I can change the brightness or contrast or even crop them. After I've culled through all of the pictures in this manner, then I will upload them to both Facebook and Snapfish. This process takes quite a bit of time, so hopefully everyone will be patient with me.

This evening I had an evangelism meeting at church. It was the first one I've been to since Pastor David came on board. As with everything he's involved in so far, it was very energizing!! I hope we can continue with the transformation we've started. I came home from the meeting and watched "Dancing...", but I had missed Kurt Warner's dance. I hope he did well.

Tomorrow I have to pay a couple of bills, type up the minutes from tonight's meeting, finish the pictures from the weekend, and do the assignments Pastor David gave us tonight. More later...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Back from Galena

These past four days rank as some of the best days I've experienced ever! Twenty-four graduates of the Fairfield HS class of 1966 (the Girls of '66) came together in Galena, Illinois for a few days of reminiscing and getting reacquainted! We laughed and laughed and laughed! Last night we even played a game of trivia from the year 1966. We sang the school song, sang other songs from the era, drank some wine, and laughed some more!! All in all, it was truly an amazing experience!! I'll try to post some other pictures in the next few days. Right now, I've got a pile of mail to go through and organize AND I've got laundry to do!!

More later...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ready, Set, ......

I think I'm all ready to leave for Galena in the morning. In case you don't know, 22 of us girls from the Fairfield High School class of 1966 are meeting in Galena for the third annual "Girls of '66 trip". We have rented two 5-bedroom homes at Eagle Ridge and are planning to have lots of fun! This is the first time there have been this many of us. The last two trips were long distance trips - one in Tahoe and one in North Carolina. It should be a riot to have all of us in two houses close together!! I've got my grape salad made. The gorp is made too. The cards are packed. All I have left to do is put my clothes into a suitcase and I'm ready to head out.

Stay tuned for details!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday the 5th of October

Today was my grandpa's birthday - don't ask me how I remember that, but I do! He lived to be 91 years old, but I can't remember what year he died, so I don't know how old he'd be. I've got all that information in a file, but for the life of me, I can't remember where it is right now. It must be TMOA - too much old age! I am having a hard time remembering a lot of things lately!

I got to have a massage today - I love that! I would give up my housekeeper long before I'd give up my massage day! I think it's a wonderful way to spend one hour a month! Tonight I had sorority and our program was hearing about the trip to Europe that 8 of our ladies made just recently. They must have had a wonderful time! One of them printed out 321 pictures and another had over 200 photos! Why one of the ladies got her butt pinched in Paris and she pinched right back!!

That's all for tonight. Tomorrow's a busy day and I stayed up a little late reading last night - I wanted to finish the book I was reading, so I turned out my light at midnight! Unfortunately I still woke up at 7:00 this morning even though I stayed up late! More later...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Again

Here we are at Monday again. You know, even though I don't work anymore, I still don't like Mondays! This morning, however, both of us slept in and got a rather late start on our day. That didn't deter us though, because with Dave's help, I made 16 apple cream pies and was able to freeze 15 of them for later this winter. I love this pie - my mom made it quite frequently. The reason we made so many pies is that Dave's brother Don gave us two grocery bags full of yellow apples from his trees. There was absolutely no way that we could eat that many apples, so making pies was the way we chose to use up the apples. Dave had to go to the grocery store and stock up on pie crusts, evaporated milk, sugar, and nutmeg!! We've still got a few apples left, but no more pie crusts. Maybe we'll have baked apples one of these nights!

We had a really good time in Indiana. It was such a beautiful day for driving - we even opened the sun roof and enjoyed the sun and warm breeze coming in on us!! We got there about 2:30 and went out to Dave's sisters for dinner. All of Dave's siblings and their spouses were there, along with his dad and step-mom. We sat out around a gas fireplace, ate hors doeuvres, and drank some wine before dinner. Then after dinner, and after we'd discussed the Alaskan cruise, I drove us all home!! The next day (Saturday) it rained, but we went to Flora for their fall festival anyway. We got to have lunch at Bev's bakery and then Saturday night, Don and Bev came in to play cards. Then about 8:30 we went out to the campground to visit briefly with Don's camping club and some old friends of Maury & Roberta. Lots of fun!! We came home early Sunday morning and enjoyed another beautiful day for driving! We were exhausted though, because we neither one sleep well while we're there. We are used to a king-sized Tempurpedic bed and there we sleep in a full-sized bed that is hard, hard, hard!!

Tomorrow I have a massage and Dave has an eye appointment. Hopefully I can get through some of the mail on my desk too. I sort of neglected it today! More later...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We're Home

I'll write more later - I'm tired and don't feel like writing tonight. Sorry!! More later...