Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good day

We had another good day today.  The weather was nice...but it's cold in our house.  I don't want to turn on the furnace when it's in the 70's outside.  So I put on a jacket instead!  I refuse to wear long pants!!

Dave worked on the yard again today.  He's got it looking much better...the dirt pile is sort of flat, but squishy still.  He said he's going to work tomorrow so he'll leave the dirt pile for another day.  I get to play cards tomorrow...that should be fun.  I got my desk cleaned up and even had time to read quite a bit too.

More later...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another gorgeous day

I wonder how many of these beautiful spring days we'll have.  I sure hope it's bunches!  It was almost perfect today.  Dave and I both accomplished a bunch today.  He's been working on the pile of dirt where they put in the outside sewer line clean-out.  Unfortunately since they told us to dig in one spot and the pipe was actually 15' away from where they told us to dig, we've got a huge pile of dirt!  So Dave has reduced it immensely and today he worked on rolling it.  He also sprayed for weeds!  He was busy!!

I continued to work at putting things away.  I have gotten all of the filing done...finally.  I also got to Target to get Kaylee's shower gift and I got it wrapped.  So now we're ready to go this weekend.  We'll see Bryan, Erin & Aidan, plus getting to see Kaylee, Linda, Cassie, and Blaise!  Should be a fun day.

More later...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Busy day

I had a few projects I wanted to get done today, so I basically worked all day - yuck...and I still didn't get done!  I wanted to get the filing done for all of the paperwork I'd accumulated over the winter and I wanted to get all of my stamping stuff put away.  I did get the stamping stuff put away, but then Dave brought me the 3rd class mail so I went through it, piece by piece, putting things into a recycle pile or a shred pile.  Therefore, my filing got put aside and I've still got it to do tomorrow.  Goody, goody!

I also made crockpot lasagna for supper tonight - it was really good!  I went to a card making class, so I didn't eat until I got home from that, but it was wonderful!  Now I'm quitting for the night!  I'm having a hard time getting used to the time change.  I wake up at 6:45!  So far, though, I've been able to fall back to sleep for a half hour or so.  Dave's been going to bed around 9:30 and I'm just not sleepy yet.  Grrrr!

More later...

Monday, April 27, 2015

First day at home

It was a busy first day at home today!  I went to Bible study at 10:30 and then I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted.  I plan to feel much more flexible tomorrow!!  This afternoon, Ann & Bob picked me up to go to watch Allison in a track meet in Fairfield.  It was a beautiful evening to sit out and watch these kids run.  Allison runs hurdles and in relays.  I thought she did a good job - she's only in 7th grade, but she's grown so much over the winter.  I was proud of her!  Her team won the 7th grade title.  The 8th grade team got 2nd with Fairfield winning that.

After the track meet, Vicki & Allison came to the Pizza Hut with us.  That was fun.  Allison reminded us that in 7 months she would get her school permit to drive - yikes!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 1

Our first day of driving north was a real challenge!  Dave drove the first 3 hours - he had sunshine and dry roads.  I took over at the Alabama line...I had torrential rains, BIG lightning, and wind!  We called it quits in Pelham, AL - south side of Birmingham.  Tomorrow shows good weather thru Nashville anyway, so that should be much better!

We're planning to get up very early in the morning to make up for our later start today.

More later...

Friday, April 24, 2015


We had a fabulous day yesterday.  It rained big time, so we got lots done toward packing.  Plus, we watched the last episodes of Downton Abbey.  So now we're all caught up and can watch Season 6 when it comes on this fall!  What a great story...too bad it's going to end this year.  I shall miss the Grantham family!

Last evening we were invited to dinner at Sandy & Rich's - for spaghetti and sausage.  Oh my was that really good!  I came home and put on my jammies - I was stuffed!!

Today, we've already got almost everything ready to pack into the car.  We'll do that this afternoon and evening.  I'll play cards tonight and then we're off on Sat. morning.

More later...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's been suggested to me that I backup as many of my files as I can, so that's what I was doing last  night.  Then we watched some Downton Abbey after I got  home from bingo.  Speaking of bingo, I won $10!!  So I was a winner instead of a loser - yeah!!

Today was coffee and then I finished my backup of my computer and then went to play cards.  Unfortunately, I was back in my losing ways tonight.  Now we're trying to watch Downton Abbey, but Dave's phone is ringing!

More later...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big Day

Big day today.  After church I was driving home and stopped at Indian Rocks Road & West Bay - no right turn on red.  When the light turned green, I turned and saw that a little gray car was coming out onto W Bay from Publix (turning right or East).  I scooted over to the left lane to give him room, but he kept coming and I stopped.  Since he was still moving, he hit my right front bumper with his gray BMW.  My new car isn't so pretty right now.  I hope they can fix it so that I won't know that it was damaged!

This afternoon we had massages and then we took Sandy & Rich out for dinner and drinks.  Yes, I even had a margarita - and it was delicious!!

More later...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beautiful Day

We had a great day today.  It was very relaxing!  This morning we started out at the last breakfast of the season.  We've decided to go back to Iowa this next weekend...actually a week from today...if the weather between here and there cooperates.  So with that in mind, we started cleaning out the pantry and getting things ready to go.

Tonight we're watching episodes 8 & 9 of season 4 of Downton Abbey!  If we're lucky, we'll get season 5 done before we leave here.

More later...

Friday, April 17, 2015

We're home!

We left Ft Lauderdale this morning around 8:00 - fought some traffic, but not too much at all.  Today we decided we were going to go around the east side of Okeechobee to see if we could actually see some water.  In all the years we've been travelling cross state to Jami's, we've tried to see Lake O, but to no avail.  I've taken to calling it the phantom lake!  Well, no we saw it!  Some fishermen who were there told us it was 42 x 44 miles!  We think that might be wrong, but it is definitely a big lake!!

We're excited to be sleeping in our own bed tonight.

More later...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh my!

We are ready to get back home to our own bed!  The Sea Gardens is a wonderful place to stay, but both of us are having sciatica problems now after sleeping in these beds!

Today we went to Deerfield Beach to a Bealls - Dave got a couple of shirts and a pair of shoes and I got a couple of shirts.  Then we went to Hillsborough Beach and ate a lunch we packed.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day here!  The water was so blue!  Back here for a short nap and then to Jami's for when she got home from work!  After Danny's cub scout meeting, we all met up at Sweet Tomato's for dinner!  Seems we all love that place!  Then we said goodbye to the family and headed back here to get ready to leave in the morning.

It's been a great week, but we're ready to get back to The Ranch!  Then before we know it, we'll be heading to Iowa!

More later...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fun day

Dave and I started our day at Butterfly World.  It was really hot, but the butterflies were very active and so were the birds!  It was wonderful.  I took a ton of pix, but I'm too tired to upload them tonight.  We then went to Bru's Room for a late lunch and then over to Jami's to work on organizing the garage.

I sat outside for about an hour watching Danny swim, dive, do cannonballs, etc.  He's like a little fish.  He's been in the pool every day since we've been here.  He has his room all fixed up so neatly and he gets his homework done in after school club.  He's a cool kid and only 7.  Kelly (13) has her room all done, too.  It's very pretty and she keeps it near.  Megan, though, hasn't put anything away in her closet yet!  So tomorrow after school, we're going to help her get motivated!

More later...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dave's birthday

Dave had a great birthday!  This morning, we went down to Shooters to ride the Water Taxi.  It was a gorgeous day here!  We got off at the 15th St Fisheries and ate lunch, then back on the Water Taxi for the rest of the loop!  Fun time and beautiful sights!

This evening we went to Jami's where I fixed tenderloins for supper.  Jami had baked a yellow cake, so we had cake and rum raisin ice cream (Breyers!) while the kids sang to him!  Now we're back at Sea Gardens and we're both tired!

More later...

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I don't have the best internet connection here at Sea Gardens, so bear with me.  If I miss a day of blogging, that's the reason.

Friday night, yesterday, and today we've been working at Jami's new home - unloading boxes and furniture, washing clothes, washing dishes, and corralling kids!  Megan and Danny both have coughs so we're hoping not to get whatever they've got.  The house is coming along great.  We're about to the point that the only things left to unpack are Tom's boxes and he's out of town until Tuesday night.

Tomorrow is Dave's birthday, so we're planning to go for a water taxi trip on the Inter coastal and enjoy being  out and about.  We won't go back to Jami's until tomorrow night.

More later...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ft Lauderdale

Here we are in the Fort for a few days.  It is gorgeous here!  Still 80 at 9:00 PM!  Love Jami's new house.  It's going to be lots of work tomorrow, but they'll start early and hopefully get all of the pods and storage sheds unloaded.  Then they can do one box at a time when they have a chance!

They are picking up the U-Haul at 7 am, so we're heading to bed.

More later...

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Sandy asked us to come for dinner tonight, along with Dave J and  Rosemarie.   What a wonderful evening!  The dinner was to die for - pork roast on the grill, potato wedges, broccoli, coleslaw, stuffing, corn, key lime pie and cannoli for dessert!!  We laughed and laughed at the Jerry T. stories!!  Thank you so much, Sandy and Rich

I'm  all packed and ready to take off tomorrow.  Rosemarie wants us to stop by because she has a pie she wants to send with us!  I hope she has some extra cannoli, too!!

More later...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We started our day at coffee this morning, where we said goodbye to Bob & Ann, Millers, and the Woodcocks.  They will all be leaving before next week's coffee.

At 11:30 we picked up Bob & Steve and went to the Legion for lunch.  Ron & Marcia were there and Ann joined us later.  It was really hot sitting in the sun, but it was a beautiful day to be on the water.  I was glad we got Steve to the Legion.  As it ends up he has to fly home tomorrow because of a death, so Bob & Ann will go home Saturday without his driving help.  We go to Ft Lauderdale on Friday to help Jami set up their new house!

More later...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Sure was a pretty day today.  Too bad I didn't have something that needed done outside...or that I didn't go to the pool!  Instead, I did dishes, washed clothes, cleaned up the house, worked on the upcoming May newsletter, and sent a letter out to some of my "guys" about a reunion in October.  Fun, fun!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get out and about!

More later...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen!

We had a beautiful day here - Bob's thermometer said it was 90!  We went to Easter Son-Rise Service at our church - it was beautiful!  In a rose garden overlooking a lake, and facing East.  Awe inspiring service!  Then we went to Howard Park in Tarpon Springs to enjoy Easter dinner with 50 friends from The Ranch!

Tonight we've been watching episodes of Season 4 of Downton Abbey!  

More later...

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Eve

Tomorrow bright and early, we'll be at Son-Rise services by a lake on Indian Rocks Road.  That means that I need to go to bed early.

I didn't feel as well today, but I was able to eat a couple of things with a little more texture.  I'm hoping I'll be able to eat tomorrow - we're celebrating Easter at the beach!

More later...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Day after

My jaw feels good - can't believe it but I have no pain and no swelling.  The surgeon himself called me this morning just to see how I was getting along.  I was impressed with that!  I'm taking my antibiotics, but no pain pills!

Our company left today and I ended up taking a nice nap.  Then I even felt good enough to go play cards tonight.  Unfortunately, Ann and I got clobbered.

More later...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oral Surgeon Day

First of all, Mark & Diane are still here so I am having a hard time keeping up with my blog.  Last night, Diane stayed with their daughter at the beach and their 11 year old grandson came here with Mark.  We played Trivia Crack until time for bed...I didn't get to blog.

Tonight I'm blogging at 7:00 PM.  I had my tooth extracted today, so I can't do much anyway.  Dave went deep sea fishing yesterday and tonight is the fish fry.  I can't eat solid food for a couple of days, so I'm missing out.  It's not that I'm sorry about missing eating the fish, but my mouth is still numb and my socket is still bleeding, so I'd rather be there!!  I'm glad that's over!  I was going to have the lesion on my tongue removed today, but it was going to be another $800+ out of our pocket (they're not a medicare provider) so I elected not to do that!  I'm trying to figure out how to hold this ice pack on my lower jaw and still "play" on the computer.  That's not working so well.

Mark & Diane will be back later and then they'll leave tomorrow sometime.

More later...