Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We had another hot, humid day here.  I think they said it hit 92.  This morning was especially oppressing.  By the afternoon, we had a little breeze so it wasn't so bad.  Dave and I got our Florida car insurance this morning and afterwards we stopped by Beall's.  Dave's sister gave me $80 in Beall's Bucks and I had another $20 so I needed to spend $100!  We got Dave 2 shirts, me a shirt and a nightgown, and a couple of things for the kitchen!  Pretty good shopping.

I sat out and talked to Bob for a while this afternoon, cause Dave had a dental appointment.  He was having a tooth pulled and two teeth prepared for a bridge.  The tooth fell apart into at least 14 pieces, so tomorrow morning we take Dave to an oral surgeon to get the rest of the tooth out.  Yuck!  They did the crown preps anyway, so now he'll have 8 weeks of no chewing anything hard!  The worst part is that his surgeon appointment is at 8:30 AM!!  That means I have to get up early, too!

More later...

PS:  I'm 6-2 in cards and I was the big winner at bingo last night.

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