Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Big day!

This morning, after coffee, we had our annual cookie exchange.  Anyone who wants to can make cookies then you pay $3/pound to buy's a great way to get a variety of cookies for the holidays.  This afternoon we shuffled two games.  It was really hot.  I had sweat going down my face into my eyes, but I won my game!  In the first set of games, the bluebirds won all but one game and in the second set, the redbirds won all of the games.  Redbirds made up 2 games, but we're still behind.

Also this afternoon, a funny thing happened.  A tree frog had decided to sit on my bike, so I tried to get him to move.  He moved all right, to another place on my bike.  In fact, he just kept jumping from one place to another.  So Dave came to help me get rid of him.  Dave tried to grab him and he peed on Dave...twice!!  So Dave had to go wash his hands before we could take our bike ride!

Tonight Lorraine and I beat Marilyn and Pat at cards.

More later...

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