Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I fixed tenderloins for the family on Monday night...they are always a big hit!  The kids love them the way Grandma Peg makes them!  We had picked up Danny at school at 2:00 and then picked up Megan because she needed to go to the orthodontist for some repair on her braces.  By the time Jami got home about 5:45 the tenderloins were cooking and dinner was about ready to serve.  The kids then went kind of bonkers!  You'd have thought there was a full moon out!

Today we got up early and headed across Alligator Alley to go to Sanibel Island and to Captiva Island.  What a beautiful area.  We went to the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuse and drove around the islands just seeing the sights.  We bought $1,96 gas on the way out of Ft Myers and then got on the road to Clearwater.  It was not to be a quick trip, however, as there was congestion before we got to Sarasota and just after Sarasota.  Both incidences caused us to be stopped for several minutes and slowed down immensely.  Then when we got on 19 at Ulmerton, we were stopped again!  This congestion caused us to do stop-and-go traffic for a long time.  It took us an hour to go what normally takes 15 minutes!  Our traffic didn't get better until we got to The Ranch!  It's been a long day!

More later...

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