Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I had a good day today!  Dave went to church to work and because I have had so much sleep in the past few days, I was up at 6:00 - yuck!  At least I got to see him off today!  I continue to feel a bit better and am not coughing so much.  My sinuses are still pretty full though.  So far I still believe it's all allergies and I continue to take my Zyrtec D.

My Cyclones won today in the NCAA Tournament - they again made me a little nervous before they won.  Because of that, my stomach has hurt pretty bad all evening.  I went to the potato bake tonight, but I left right after I ate.  I was so hot and had this pain in my tummy.  It feels better when I'm lying down so I guess I'll just go lie down!

We were also able to find the Cubs game on TV this evening and they won, too.  Great day.  Tomorrow sounds like another beautiful day.  We're planning to go to the Legion and enjoy the sun and water.

More later...

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