Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No wifi

We're at Marr Park in Washington Co. and they lied...there's no internet most of the time unless you go over to the Co Conservation Center.  Once in a while it'll come on like now.

We came over yesterday - I made it okay, but the wind blew us around something awful.  We determined with experts' help that we needed heavier tires on the truck...so now we have them.  I'll let you know when we leave here if that helped!

Allison's game last night was great.  They won 13-1.  That was her first JV game and she threw a no-hitter and only walked 2 batters.  She also walked each time in 3 at-bats and the 4th time she had a nice single.  She also scored 2 times and was called out at 2nd once.  Overall she had a great night!  The varsity didn't fare so well.  Tonight we go to Mt Pleasant.

As for me, as long as I take a meclizine, I do pretty well.

More later...

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