Saturday, June 25, 2016


This morning I was lazy!  I didn't get out of bed until about 8:30 and then I didn't even take my shower until noon.  Dave had gone to Bryan's to work in their's weedy!  Then he came home and cooked us burgers on the grill.  It was too hot to eat outside - it's very hot and humid.  At one time it was 87 but felt like 95.

This afternoon, Dave had some things to do down in the store room, so I went to the basement and walked all around it.  It took me 300 steps just to get around it!  At least I was up and moving!  When we came back upstairs, we started watching the Cubs game.  When it got out of hand, Dave suggested we go to 4 Queens and get a chocolate shake.  Tonight was going to be a popcorn and shake night.

We're about to give up on our teams!  We not only watched the Cubs get beat, we watched the Sox AND the Royals.  Sudi thinks I'm a jinx, but the Cubs have been winning all year and I've been watching them!  Hopefully this "June Swoon" won't last too long!

More later...

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