Saturday, July 2, 2016


Yesterday, we went to O-town to pick up our new (used) camper truck.  I'll have to take a picture of it - I haven't done that yet.  For lunch, we met Bob & Ann at the Country Club.  That was fun - it was their 22nd anniversary.  Then we took off for Williamsburg where we shopped for an hour or so and then went to watch Allison's ballgame.  They won 16-0 in 5 innings!  She pitched a great game - something like 8 strikeouts!  She also had a double and was on base every at bat.

Today Dave had to go to Cedar Rapids to pick up Bryan at the airport.  He lost his wallet the first day in France (on the train) so he had no cash or credit card to rent a car.  Poor kid.  He spent a week in France & Germany with no money or credit card!  Plus he caught a cold or has sinusitis and feels miserable.  I'll bet he's really glad to get home!

More later...

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