Friday, August 19, 2016

LONG Week!!

It's been so long since I've posted...

Sunday we went to Gilbert for 9:30 AM church with Cindy & Joel.  Then we had lunch with the entire family (except for Kayla and her family who were at the Fair).  Fun times!  After a tour around Gilbert and a look at all the new housing developments around there, we took off for Adventureland campground.  We got all set up and had a good night's rest.  Monday we spent the day at the State Fair.  Then Monday night Dave's brother and wife (Don & Bev) drove over from Indiana.  We had a great supper at Jethro's BBQ.  The rest of the evening we played Farkle and Dominoes!

Tuesday the four of us spent the day at the Fair.  Lunch was a pork chop on a stick eaten while sitting on the wall outside the first aid station.  Saw Pat Burch and after talking with her for a while, we continued exploring the Fair.  We even went in to rest for a few minutes and watch whatever horse show we could see.  The class that was in the arena was the pony roadster class - my dad's/brother's  class - I shed a couple of tears.  Supper was very light - we played dominoes.

Wednesday we loaded up and drove to Main Amana for a day there.  Are you tired yet?  I am!  We had a late lunch at the Ox Yoke Inn and after several hours of shopping we came home.  We were all too tired to play games, so we watched the Olympics!!!

Thursday was spent shopping at consignment stores and we bought a glider for our living room.  I've wanted one for quite a while and the davenport was hurting Don's back, so it was the impetus I needed to go get one.  That night we went to Bryan's for supper.  Aidan was so tired he fell asleep in his high chair.

Today we spent a few hours showing Don & Bev around Waterloo and Cedar Falls.  Then we shopped on Main Street in CF and ate lunch at Loss Cabos.  Got home around 1:45 and Don/Bev packed up and left.  I fell asleep in my chair and Dave took the camper back to the storage area.  Popcorn for supper and now bedtime.  We're not even going to watch the Cubs because they are just now starting (rain delay).  Whew!!

More later...

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