Monday, October 3, 2016


What a fun weekend!  We went to Fairfield on Thursday and after we got the camper set up we took off for Cantril.  We got 4 big bags of popcorn and 2 small bags.  Hope that's enough for the winter!  We eat a lot of popcorn!!  Of course, we also got some chocolate and some noodles!  Then we went back to Fairfield in time to have dinner with Sudi, Howard, Melanie and Tom.  Friday found us having lunch at the Pizza Ranch with about 20 high school friends (maybe more).  Friday night was wonderful.  The FHS class of '66 got together at the Elks for a social.  It was packed!  I think there were about 60 classmates and significant others.

Saturday was a volleyball tournament where Allison played.  She and McKenna (our cousin 3 times removed) are now on the same team so in the crowd were lots of relatives!  That was fun - plus Fairfield HS won the tournament!  I was even able to get in on part of the school tour.  Wow, has the high school ever changed!  After lunch at Taco John's (my choice) we had our showers and waited for Bob & Ann to get there to change clothes.  We played some dominoes with Ann and then got ready for the reunion.  50 years out of high school - so hard to believe.  It was sure fun seeing everyone.  I think I got to actually visit with everyone in attendance at some time during the weekend.  The entertainment was a hoot!!  Pictures are still in the camera!

We left the camper in Fairfield because we go down again next weekend for Thanksgiving at Bob's.  Since we're all gone for the REAL Thanksgiving, they're having it this next Sunday.  We'll pick up the camper and move it to O-town next weekend!

More later...

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