Thursday, December 22, 2016


Dave and I both slept in this morning...well, one of us slept later than the other!  Dave actually slept until 6:15 - that's almost unheard of for him!  I slept until 8:15!  Much better!

I sorted more Christmas cards - our couch is full, but I have almost all of them sorted by lot #.  I got another stack tonight - it's about 4" tall, but that'll sort easily tomorrow.  We actually went to Scully's for lunch today.  The dolphins entertained us.  We saw what we assumed were 15 different dolphins just swimming around enjoying the day.  It was a gorgeous day on the water. 

This evening we went out to Lake Road to see the Christmas lights.  They were beautiful, but a whole bunch of people had the same idea.  It was packed with cars!

Tomorrow starts our busy days!

More later...

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