Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fun Day

After Dave got home from working at church, we packed a lunch and went to Fort Desoto for a few hours of sun and birds.  We were hoping to see some different birds, but mid-day isn't the time to see birds.  We did, however, get some good shots of pelicans and snowy egrets!  Plus, it was absolutely gorgeous out there...80 degrees and very little wind so the water was really calm.  I was able to walk both piers and didn't have to use my scooter!!

Tonight we went with Bob & Ann and Gary & Barb to Fat Cat's for trivia night.  We had a good night - we got 24 out of 30 questions right and got the final bonus right!  We were pretty happy!!  Good food, good company, and a fun trivia game. 

More later...

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