Saturday, February 18, 2017


Breakfast this morning at the clubhouse - everything was delicious as usual!  Then we played shuffleboard starting at 10:00.  I lost one and won one, then I kept score on the 3rd game instead of playing.  Something I noticed today - mostly it's us Iowans who keep score.  There are some people who play all 3 games each week, never keeping score.  We Iowans are the first ones to volunteer to let others play in our place.  Way to go, guys!

It started sprinkling on us as I walked home from shuffleboard.  Ron & Bob came over to put down the flooring where the cabinets will be, so that part's now done.  Tomorrow afternoon, Dave will paint the walls where he  patched them.  Then we'll be ready for the cabinets on Wednesday.  Somewhere in there, though, he's got to get some help to install a new light in the kitchen because ours quit working the first day of demo!

We watched the Cyclones tonight - good job!

More later...

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