Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday before Easter

It was another gorgeous day here and must have been a nice one in Iowa too.  Kyle put a video on facebook showing Blaise jumping in puddles in shorts no less. 

We didn't do much today.   Dave took a long nap, but I didn't take one at all.  I actually slept really well last night.  This evening we had our last massages of the season.  The next ones we have will be in Waterloo.  When we got home, Dave helped me make up a hash brown casserole to take to the beach tomorrow for Easter on the Beach.  We'll go to regular church and use the oven's time bake feature to cook the potatoes while we're gone.  Then when church is over, we'll come home, change clothes and head to Sand Key for fun in the sun with our friends and neighbors!

More later..

PS:  That darn baby giraffe finally got here this morning.  He's a cutie!

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