Thursday, April 27, 2017


Dave had a doctor's appointment this morning.  While he was gone, I went to the pool for the first time this season.  I'm not much of a pool person, but I had the pool all to myself this morning!  I thought the water was way too cold!

When Dave got home, we ran to Walmart for a couple of things and we picked up lunch at Subway.  You see, old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is pretty bare!  We've got some noodles, a can of chili beans, some canned chicken, and a can of green beans left...but we packed them yesterday.  This weekend we're going to have to unpack them!  All of the stuff in our freezer is gone except for some ice we've got dessert!  Tonight we used our one large potato to make hash browns and we used our last eggs to make scrambled eggs for supper.  That was good! 

I had a pedicure today.  I was past-due needing it.  Something that makes me ponder is when I have my brows waxed, I always start coughing.  What do you suppose causes that?  Unfortunately tonight I'm still coughing and feel like my bronchitis is back.  I just used my inhaler and I'm going to take some cough syrup before I go to bed.  If I still feel like this in the morning, I'll go visit my doctor for some more antibiotics.  Yuck! 

More later...

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