Saturday, November 21, 2015


Today was one of the most boring days I've spent here in Florida!  It was rainy, drizzly, cloudy - generally yucky!  Yesterday we had a good day, though.  We went to the Legion and met Bob & Ann there.  It was cloudy when we first arrived, but it turned beautiful within about 30 minutes.  We didn't see any dolphins, darn it!  After eating, we dropped by Sudi & Howard's place.  Dave is putting their car top carrier on Craiglist for them.  So he took some pictures and got some information.  We chatted a bit and then came back home.  Won at cards last night and ate B&M brown bread from a can...interesting.

This morning was our monthly breakfast - that was good again as usual.  Then the boring started...and stayed!  We watched my Cyclones lost another one at the end of the game...grrrrr.  So now, I'm not only bored, I'm also sad and frustrated!

More later...

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