Thursday, January 14, 2016

Darn Prednisone!

I had a really bad night last night...I was up until 6:30 AM.  I finally went to bed and read for about 30 minutes.  I fell asleep around 7:00 AM.  I slept until 9:30 and then I've been up all day.  I'm tired, so hope I can sleep tonight.  My knee feels good, though!

Dave's sister Pat & her husband Milt came here today.  They hadn't seen this place so they did a tour and then we went to the Columbia Restaurant and a short tour of Clearwater Beach.  They took off about 3:00.  Dave took a nap and I worked on the newsletter for next month.  I've got a long ways to go to get it done, but I will!

No word on Linda, yet.  Cindy said she'd call when she heard of her passing.

More later...

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