Thursday, January 21, 2016


After Dave got home from working at church, we got ready for his call to OneExchange (Dupont's service for setting up your Medicare options).  Yes, Dave is finally ready to join us in Medicare.  We got him all signed up!  It took a while, but not even 1/2 of the time it took 3 years ago when I set up mine.  They've become much more efficient.

When we finally got off the phone, we took off for John's pass for a late lunch.  We ate at Scully's.  It was quite nice out - I thought I might be cold, but it was nice on the water.  No wind to speak of!  We were going to stop a couple of places on the way home, but decided our tummies were full and we didn't want to shop!  We'll do that another day!

More later...

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