Sunday, February 21, 2016

Super Sunday

We had an absolutely gorgeous day today!  The weather was perfect again!  Church was great - the sermon was awesome!  The music was great!!

After church, we came home and changed clothes and off we went on an adventure!  This week is going to be about adventures!  We took off to find some parks in St Pete.  The first one was Weedon Island.  Unfortunately we didn't do enough exploring because we didn't find the trails there...and there are bunches of them.  So we'll have to go back there and explore a bit more.  The second place we hit was Coffee Pot Blvd...not a park, but a beautiful walk around the water.  We saw manatees up by the sea wall and beautiful homes with big gorgeous gates!  Then we went to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and did the 5k trail.  It was a great day for it!  Beautiful place!!

It's time for Downton Abbey.

More later...

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