Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Bowling had a good crowd this morning!  We had 19 bowlers.  There were some good scores and some bad scores!  My brother had 2 good games...we won't mention the third game, though.  He bowled a 165 his first game and a 137 his second game!  Good job, Bob!  After bowling, we went to Rumba's for lunch.  It's a wonderful restaurant where you sit outside.  It's a little more upscale than the restaurants we usually go to, but it's good to go there once in a while.

At bingo tonight, I won $5.00 - whoopee!  At least I won!  I split with another lady or I'd have won $10, which would have paid for my bingo (because I spend $9.50 to play).  One lady won over $150 - she won both of the big games - one for $87 and one for $34.50, plus at least 2 other games!  She was really hot tonight.

More later...

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