Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yesterday & Today

I didn't feel like writing last night - maybe I had a bit of writer's block...just couldn't think of anything I wanted to say.  Vicki and her family went home yesterday afternoon.  We had coffee at the clubhouse and then Dave & I went to JD's for salad.  We sat outside - it was gorgeous!  Then last night, I went to play cards.  Ann and I were partners and we won!

Today I got to sleep in a bit.  When Dave got home this morning, we went to the doc's office to get my stitches out.  Wow!  Did that ever hurt!  The doc ties the stitches really snug so the skin had grown over them.  It took the 3rd person before they were able to get them out!  He wants to see me again before we go home, but he didn't mention physical therapy!  Yay!  He said I could ride my bike, so this afternoon we rode for a short bit.  It was a little difficult because I hadn't ridden for a while.  So we cut it short and I came home and iced my knee which felt really good!  We'll try again tomorrow.  I still can't get my knee wet for a couple of days...bummer.  I had Dave put the Saran Wrap away this morning because I knew I was getting rid of all bandages...NOT!

More later...

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