Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gray Day

This is the 3rd day in a row of GRAY!  It is gray and drizzly today...not quite as cold (49 degrees), but damp and miserable!  Nevertheless, we got several things done today.  We went to the chiropractor (YAY) and then stopped at Vision 4 Less to get my prescription sunglasses put back together.  When  that chore was finished, we went to Mediacom to get some help with out TV & Internet.  We also ate at Carlos O'Kelly's to get our Mexican food fix!  Then we came home to work on the internet and on the TV.  We had a technician coming later this afternoon, but in the meantime, the help desk was able to help me get Dave's computer working.  We got the TV working, too, but not correctly, so the technician got us hooked up.  He reprogrammed our TiVo and our remote and now we're in business!  We even got to watch the Cubs game this afternoon.

Everything is pretty much put away and we're back to normal!  Last night we went out to Bryan's where Erin had fixed supper for us...that was, we got to play with Aidan!  We also got to see the camper.  It's too cold to want to camp, but we're going to like it!

More later...

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