Monday, April 11, 2016


Yesterday we went to church and found out that Tullian was no longer the minister at Coral Ridge.  The new guy was very good, though.  After we got home last night we looked up Tullian on the web.  Seems he's been a bad boy with some extra-curricular fact, more than one.  I feel bad for him - I don't condone his having affairs...but since he's Billy Graham's grandson, he has to feel like he let his family down and he may never be able to get over it.  Just my thoughts.

After church we went to Bru's room with the family and then Jami and the kids came over here and we spent the afternoon at either the pool or the beach.  It was gorgeous out!

Today Dave and I went out for breakfast at Lester's and then we went to Jami's.  Jami was working from home so we just went outside and sat around the pool.  This afternoon we went to Kelly's volleyball game.  She did a good job!  Then it was tenderloin night at the Mahon house.  The kids love them!

Finally got hold of Ann.  They got home about 3:00 today.

More later...

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