Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yesterday was one of those days!  We were supposed to have 10 windows replaced starting at 8 AM.  So we were ready and waiting.  They got here at 8:30, but they only had 6 of our windows...we won't get the other 4 until next fall...grrrrrr!  That wasn't all - yesterday was also tax deadline day.  We didn't hear anything from our tax guy until about 6:00 our time.  He apologized that he didn't get them done....so had to file an extension but also had to send a check in for an estimated amount.  Post offices are closed around here, of course.  Hopefully it got postmarked in time.  Oh well, again nothing we can do about it.

Today we finished covering the windows that didn't get replaced.  Dave had taken all of the mini blinds down, so we were wide open for every one to see in!  I also finished the May newsletter and sent it to the office.

I played cards last night (lost again) and played bingo tonight (didn't bingo)...bummer!

More later...

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