Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 2

We made it through the night, although Dave didn't like the was too hard!  I didn't mind it, but we went out and got a 3" foam pad to go on top of the bed.  We both took naps this afternoon and that went well.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by going to Los Cabos for lunch.  Then we went to Scratch Cupcakery to see if Sami was in AND to have a cupcake!  We got to see Sami and we had great cupcakes!  Dave had a salted chocolate brownie one and I had a lemon pie one...yummy!  Later today we got the bikes out and rode around the lake.  The hills kill me, but I'll get used to them again!  We cooked a roast today and had it and mixed veggies for supper.

More later...

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