Friday, June 10, 2016


Dave surprised me by asking me if I wanted to go to the Wild Carrot in Waverly for lunch.  Of course, I said yes and hurried to get ready.  You see, my great niece, Kaylee, waits tables there as a part-time the food is wonderful.  So off we went!  It was really hot here today - at one time it was 94 with lots of humidity.  Tonight a brief thunderstorm went through, but it's supposed to be 97  tomorrow so it didn't cool down any.

I went to have a shingles shot today, but didn't get one.  It was going to cost $140 at Walgreens.  I had called them earlier and they said with insurance it's usually $70-80...aat Walmart they're $125.  So I'm all for saving $15, plus I didn't want to have the shot very bad.

More later...

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