Friday, July 22, 2016


I've been pretty bored the last couple of days.  Dave mowed here at the condos yesterday and then today he went  out to Bryan's to work.  I guess I was getting tired of being here alone with nothing that has to be done.  Anyway, I got through it without snacking or sleeping!

It is really, really hot here.  We've been in a heat advisory - feel like temperatures over 102!  Right now it's 8:30 and it still feels like 98 outside.  The heat is supposed to break tonight, but I sure don't see any clouds in the sky for a thunderstorm.

Tomorrow we're going to the war museum here in Waterloo.  I think it looks very interesting, plus they have a Victorian home that is open on Saturdays, too.  We'll at least be in a/c.

More later...

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