Wednesday, July 27, 2016


There is so much hate in our world right now.  Politically speaking, it seems to me that at least 90% of the hate is from the conservative side against the liberal side.  Why is that?  By definition, conservatives don't like change.  I understand that.  It's hard to change...but that doesn't mean you have to hate the person(s) who want to change things.  I'm so sick and tired of biting my tongue - I so want to tell some of these people who are spewing hate to check the accuracy of the hate that they're spouting.  So many of the posts I'm referring to are purely fiction!!  I see all this hate being leveled at Hillary, Bill, and especially Chelsea.  What has Chelsea ever done to deserve such hate?  OK, enough of that!

Yesterday, Dave and I actually made it to the museum.  We got through the Civil War, World War I, and the Spanish-American War.  Then we went to a program about the planetarium.  The show was good - they helped identify several constellations and stars.  Then they also told legends/myths about the stars/constellations.  It was good!

Last night Dave worked with Bryan while I watched the Cubs get beat.  Then I watched Bill Clinton speak.  He's a good speaker!  I wish I had heard Michelle Obama today, but I didn't.

Today Dave mowed here at the condo and went shopping for Bryan's flooring project.  I went downstairs to walk around the garage and then took a short nap.  Tonight we're watching the far we're ahead!

More later...

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