Sunday, July 17, 2016


It rained most of the night last night - Dave said we got about .8 of an inch of rain.  The crops are absolutely beautiful around here.  We've had plenty of rain, humidity, and heat and the crops love that!  They are green and lush.

After church we came home and Dave cooked burgers on the grill.  Then we went up to Linda and Al's to take back the bike we borrowed.  Guess who was there?  Blaise!  I asked him what my name was and he said, "Peg".  I sat down on the floor with him to build castles out of blocks.  I'd ask him what letter was on the block and he'd tell me.  Then he'd tell  me what started with M (for instance), like mittens.  He even said xylophone!  He also knew what the numbers were.  He's just too smart!  The only thing he gets wrong is that he calls Dave Papa Bob.  I think we got him convinced that he should say Uncle Dave!  When we got ready to leave he came running to give us hugs!

 He's making sure I can crab walk, too!  Grandma sure can!  And grandma makes a good horsey!

This afternoon we went back to church for Pastor Amy's installation.  Great service!

More later...

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