Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Phew - what a day we had today!  After we got up and before we took showers, we went out to Bryan's to pick raspberries.  We picked 5 cups - enough for a pie.  By that time we were cooked - it was hot and humid today and we were wearing long-sleeved shirts.  Dave even had on long pants...but not me.  I'm hoping I didn't get any poison ivy this time since I wore long sleeves.  Last time we picked I got about 5 spots of some kind of poison spots.  I saw both poison ivy and poison oak, but there was no way to avoid it...It's everywhere in the bushes.

We then came home, took showers and took off for Carlos O'Kelley's for lunch.  Then it was off to grocery shop for next week.  Walmart loved us today!!

More later...

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