Thursday, October 20, 2016


I stayed up pretty late last night watching the Cubs.  It was a good night - the Cubs got their bats going, finally!  Now if they can just do it again tonight.  I sure hope they can win.  Before watching the game, I watched the final debate.  I just can't imagine how anyone could vote for that bully!  Yet, probably the nicest lady down here told me last night that she voted for Trump.  Another lady said she did too, because she didn't like the fact that Hillary didn't divorce Bill for his indiscretions.  Hmmm...

I went for two bike rides today - one around 4:00 (about the hottest part of the day).  My muscles are a little lax - I can sure tell that I didn't ride much this summer. 

We got the curtains up today and I finally got all the cupboards in the kitchen washed.  Tomorrow we're going to the Legion.  They have some new rules, so hope we can get served. 

More later...

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