Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I woke up with a purpose in mind.  I knew I wanted to accomplish several things and I got them all done!  On Saturday I started taking all my curtains down and ironing them.  Since I didn't get done, I finished that project before I even  took my shower.  Then after my shower, I dusted everything in the house.  I also ran the electric broom, sent the rugs outside for Dave to shake, and I even ran the wet Swiffer over the floors!  Dave usually does the floors for me because it just makes my back spasm, but I got it all done!  I also went with Dave to pick up paint for the outside of our home and last night at cards I finished organizing the books in the library!  I've now got to go through the books and take out the old ones, getting them ready to take to the veterans for resale.

More later...

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