Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gorgeous Sunday

What a wonderful day today was.  The humidity was lower, so it felt wonderful outside.  We went to the 9:30 service of church.  Our praise music today was very uplifting.  It was communion today as well as a sermon about the "begats".  Pastor Jack said that almost everyone reads over the begats in Chronicles and in Matthew.  He said to just think of them as a list of names - sort of like a family tree.  He compared our lives to hour glasses.  The begats are the ones at the top of the hour glass pouring into us - we're the neck of the hour glass.  What is below the hour glass is what we pour into others.  Great analogy.

This afternoon, we had our massages.  Tonight Dave is sound asleep in his chair and I am fighting to stay awake!

More later...

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