Saturday, November 12, 2016


This was a different day.  We started our fun shuffleboard today.  It was a gorgeous day for being outside!  I didn't get off to a real good start, but it was fun anyway.  I beat Bobbi by 20 or so, then Fred beat me 7 to -4!  Then Coreen really beat me.  Oh well...better luck next time!

I got to watch the Cyclone football game this afternoon.  It was a good one to watch because we won!  Then this evening we went to Post Corner for pizza and to celebrate Ann's birthday.  The Heckarts, the Allisons, the Kozaks also were there.  Fun evening, but the pizza wasn't as good as usual.  Something about the crust wasn't right.  For one thing it was too done! 

More later...

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