Thursday, December 15, 2016


We had another beautiful day today!  It is just gorgeous in our little world!!  I guess it rained hard around 2:00 AM and we had sea fog, but by 6:30 it had all dried up.  Dave went to work at church so I got to lounge around! 

Dave got the doors painted today and sealed the door knobs.  He also took down the lights outside the doors and painted them.  Since it's so humid, he's letting them dry over night.  Then he'll put them on tomorrow.  Then all that's left is touchups!!  Oh, the front awning is also not done yet because it's decorated for Christmas.  So that won't get done until January.

Tonight, Ann and I joined the "Golden Girls" for trivia night at the Fat Cat Tavern.  We got 5th, before the final question.  We should have stopped there because we missed it.  Grrr............
Oh well, there's always next week!

More later...

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