Saturday, January 28, 2017

Busy Saturday

I got up early this morning because we had a lot to accomplish!  I had to make a crockpot full of chili and a dessert for tonight's annual Soup & Sandwich Dinner.  I got the chili done and cooking, plus a 9x13 graham cracker crust before I took my shower.  Then around noon I made the pudding for my banana pie in a big dish.  Oops, I forgot the bananas!  So Dave sliced bananas and I pushed them down in the pudding.  It worked, but had I not forgotten them, I would have put at least 1 more banana in it.  Oh well.  Sometimes Mom made it with just vanilla pudding, so I guess I could have also.

We had 55 or so people at dinner.  We had 19 soups to sample along with PB&J, ham/pickle, tuna salad, and egg salad sandwiches and numerous desserts!  Wonderful!!

More later...

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